I was NOT put on this earth to OBSERVE the status quo, but to effect change & make things better… dare I “Imagine” it… A perfect World, for ALL ppl of the WORLD!

This site was set up for a number of reasons, but the foremost reason is my dedication to bring the truth about Israel to the mainstream, as the media does not, with the exception of Al-Jeezra English & to protect my new found religion from unfounded & at times, downright, made up lies or worse, complete denials to the Israeli’s who have been forced to suffer atrocity after atrocity for over 4,000 Years before they finally got their original lands back, MINUS a lot of their original lands! But the West doesn’t teach you about that nor that a Palestinian State has never exsisted on any historical map of the Middle East, there was only a Tribe of Philistines who had a parcel of land that is about where Gaza is today. There was also the Palestinian Mandate created by the European Super powers who were interested only in colonizing & taking over soverign lands for their own empires.

The 1st motivator or catalyst for me to make the shift I have is the fact that I was forced to grow up, until the age of 12, with a family of -Ex-Nazi’s on the paternal side & Neo-Nazi’s on the maternal side. The indoctrination to “continue Hitlers work”…I endured for 12 long years. It was utterly disturbing & started from before I can remember…Re-enforcing my view that we must ALWAYS be vigilant & remember, NEVER AGAIN.

I could have chosen a different path & I strongly suggest that with the right education & awareness that nobody should have to choose that path at all; Especially when they realize what Israel really stands for, what they have given to mankind…All of it from the most unique & beautiful people in all the world.

The 2nd catalyst was an attack on me in the new year of 2011 or 5771. I was confronted with Anti-Semitism 4 the first time in my adult life! I was viciously & cruelly attacked simply for my Pro-Israeli views. This attack is on WarOnHate for all to see. When this Hate Crime happened, I was floored that someone had the capacity to even mention the word “oven” – For Me or for “people like me” – AKA my Brother’s & Sister’s. I had not heard such hatred since Childhood — Consequently this event has been both horrific to endure, yet exception in its result & how it’s shaped my own destiny & once again, pushed me in the direction that G-d has chosen for me.

I chose to stand up & fight for what I believed in, to set the record straight & to do that I set about educating people, one at a time! One person CAN change the world, we’ve just watched it happen in Egypt, for example. We watched ordinary people who wanted & protested with their lives on the line, for nothing other than peace & good relations with their neighbours, not war, conflict and endless insufferable suffering!

Hamas might want that, Tehran may want that. But we will overcome & we will be victorious! G_D is on OUR side, that is something THEY DO NOT HAVE!

The only good memories I ever experienced as a child is when I was able to brake from my entire family, which thought this way in large number, acted this way & funded (in LARGE PART) Ernst Zundel & the Canadian Heritage Front, arguably Canada’s most notorious Neo-Nazi’s led by the German National & Lunatic.

This old-school mentality STILL exists, I was MEANT to carry it on, keep it alive; So I ask, how many others are out their & find themselves wrapped in Hatred, in the same position?

That unknown is what has prompted me to speak out, at any cost & defend Israel as fiercely as I always have, but with new zeal because that question must be answered with a “NO One”.

Only with the truth & love can we live truly pure lives.

For some more background before I could break from my family, I was beaten daily if I did not swear to abuse, beat and/or insult anyone I suspected of being a “Jew” or “Unter-Mensch” – I didn’t even know what an Israeli or a “Jew” was at 7 or 8 years of age, yet my own flesh & blood was trying to turn me into a monster, so I went in the opposite direction & made it well KNOWN to oppose all of their views & seek refuge in the truth & in my faith in the Almighty Father – They degraded Jews in the WORST, MOST CRUDE & inhumane ways, which at a VERY young age (before 10 years of age) resulted in my seeking out refuge at my neighbourhood Synagogue in Ottawa & those are the only good memories I have on the subject of Anti-Semitism.

They drove me in the opposite direction entirely!

As a 1st Generation Canadian born to German parents & who is a keeper of both Nationalities, I feel I have an obligation, a duty even, to do my part to RID our planet of Hatred, Inequality & to help ensure this be afforded for ALL, without exclusion or excuse.

I also have a DUTY to make sure people understand why it is so critically important to Respect & Defend Israel’s Right to Exsist.

It is all within our reach if only we’d realize how precious life is, respect everyone’s right to exist & therefore their right to dignity & compassion.

That is what this webpage represents! If you don’t like it, change the channel!

Long Live THE Promised Land, Israel – Zion 4 Ever

About IsraeliIDF - Israeli Internet Defense Force

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