The Toronto Sun’s Sue-Ann Levy and front-runner Rob Ford Do-Si-Do


Sue-Ann Levy’s failed MPP election campaign funding showing Councillor & Mayoral Wannabe Rob Ford, being the BIGGEST supporter financially

The Toronto Sun’s Sue-Ann Levy has been championing front-runner Rob Ford throughout the race.

Another of her favourite topics is the “sweetheart” deal the city awarded the Boardwalk Pub (owned by the Foulidis family) in the Eastern Beaches.

She has suspiciously pointed to the fact that the Foulidis family donated to local councillor Sandra Bussin’s past campaigns.

Someone who is admittedly not a fan of Levy’s passed this on asking: is she being a bit hypocritical?

Turns out, Ford was the largest contributor to Levy’s failed provincial campaign in 2009. The Etobicoke councillor gave the maximum $1000.

Councillor Doug Holyday and his wife contributed $250 each. The three were among 31 donors who gave more than $100.

DDH’s TakeThis doesn’t even TOUCH on how Sue-Ann Levy Defamed my Character by Slandering me HOURS ahead of Councillor Ford’s “Press Conference” to create a good coverup/message that would have

The media as usual in the Western World are salivating – Not for Social or Equal Justice, but rather anything scandalous, which is a big seller for them and they play that part well. 

BUT, their lies have NOW caught up with them. 

It is NO COINCIDENCE that Levy Slandered me so publicly, using the TorSun/Quebecor Media and TV outlets SunTV/Canoe and CP24, to spew further venom and pathological lies


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