Canada’s first Prime Minister to have been charged with Contempt of Parliament & was effectively impeached because of it, then ran despite parliamentary law not allowing a charged criminal to do so : http://bit.ly/kJUiZa : & WON! Surprise! Hello Bilderberg Group! He is joined by what one long standing & respected member of the media called a “Fat Fuck” or as he likes to be called Rob “I’ll Lynch you, Send you to Iran/Iraq to be Raped or Just slander you” Ford – Toronto’s shameless Mayor.

Shalom Beautiful Readers,

Today we look at the terribly dark side to living in Canada & being either a Jew, Israeli or vocal ally of Israel. 


You would be forgiven to have thought Canada would be one of the LEAST Antisemitic nations in the world & I’m sure you might have thought that Canada is free of Antisemitism, with our large Jewish population? 





I’m a Jew & here is an example of the Antisemitsm I have to endure daily, which is encouraged, sponsored & ordered by the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, as per the Operative who is behind these attacks & who must clearly be getting paid to continue this Hate Campaign. It was all caused by the Toronto Sun’s Sue-Ann Levy who defamed me in order to create a cover for her best friend, liar & now Mayor & who herself proclaims to be Jewish, albeit, right wing, of course & Gay to boot! http://www.twitter.com/sueannlevy or better still – http://www.twitter.com/sueannheavy


The Mayors Police MugShot!


Oh come on! SMILE Rob!


I thought that Right-Wing Ultra Orthodox Jews had issues with Lesbians?


Maybe I’m wrong!


This is what Antisemitism in Canada looks like – But you thought all Canadians were so kind, didn’t you? NOT SO!


These are only a few examples of the EXTREME Antisemitism I have been faced with, again ordered by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford www.twitter.com/tomayorford, as per the attacker, who has an “oven” for me & those I associate with (Translation: I am being attacked for my STRONG stand with Israel, because I’m Pro-Israeli all the way & have wanted to convert since childhood) & am now in the process of doing JUST THAT!


We can ALL stamp OUT Antisemitism, where-ever you may find it and STAND UP for #Israel #Israelis and #Jews alike – My brothers & Sisters


Long live Zionism, Long live the Jewish Promised Land – Israel!



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