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A nerdy feud between Jonathan Goldsbie (@goldsbie), City Hall’s most prolific tweeter, and Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy (@SueAnnLevy) devolved into aggressive name-calling last week. Xtra! Revealed that Levy—who is Jewish and gay—had been campaigning to defund Pride because it allows the controversial group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid to march in the parade. We tuned in for the he-said/she-said.

It can’t be kosher for a full-time newspaper columnist to be campaigning for councillors’ votes on an item about which she often writes

Jesus, @SueAnnLevy, you couldn’t even be bothered to remove your Toronto Sun email signature?

@goldsbie Thanks Johnny for reinforcing the fact that I’m a) a fierce supporter of Israel and b) am proud of my Jewish identity. Unlike you

@SueAnnLevy Oh, come on, Sue-Ann, do you really want to go down this road? By that same logic, wouldn’t you be a “self-hating” queer?

@goldsbie Hit a raw nerve, didn’t I, Johnny Jew? Self-loathing lesbians don’t come out on front page of TorSun

Thx to Adm [sic] Vaughan for calling me influential in Xtra trash piece…And thx to leftist blowhard for showing his true anti-Semetic [sic] colours

@SueAnnLevy You know, I’m pretty sure labelling a public figure anti-Semitic is defamatory, even if you misspell it

A few hrs ago I referenced Adam Vaughan in a tweet. I apologize for my comments and regret any distress it caused

Of all the new followers I got as a result of the “Johnny Jew” thing, the strangest has to be @lickmyknish

Oy vey Sue-Ann! You even assault Jews who were “Born that way”

Your at it AGAIN!

Calling someone Antisemitic, for the sake of calling them something to be hurtful & simply because they disagree with you, is outlandish! 

When before mentioned act is executed by a Jewish person, against a Gentile (non-Jewish) person, who is in fact NOT Antisemitic, changes the optics of the severity further & changes the description from outlandish to an insult & a downright affront to our holiest of teachings & the way we Jews are MEANT to act, not selectively, but ALL the time, with consistency… 

A Jew SHOULD KNOW & the MAJORITY DO, that alleging a person is Antisemitic, when they are NOT is a VERY SERIOUS allegation (One which we combat & fight to expose DAILY) to be making & we agreed unanimously in our Board Meeting, that when the person levelling the accusation happens to be Jewish, we have a stronger duty or obligation if you will, to expose such on our own Israeli News Portal as he or she calls into question the maturity and/or ethics of themselves & since you decided to commit this offence VERY publicly, we decided it was only appropriate to provide a commentary & have it act as publicly as your insults were to the honourable Councillor.

Sue-Ann, you of all people should know better! How could you? We understand you are Far-Right, as Right-Wing is too Liberal when it comes to you, but to insult a City Councillor, Adam Vaughn, whilst on the clock as a “Journalist” was tantamount to attacking the taxpayers that put him there…An act you executed within the City Council Chamber, before all City Councillors, the Mayor & the general public in the Gallery. In doing so, you not only solidified the reputation you have gained for attacking people at your will, whenever they cross you (or someone you are close to) and I speak from experience, as evidenced by what you did for Rob Ford, now the Mayor of our City, to create a cover up for him, which ended up blowing up in your face, after the election when his blowhard staff decided to brag about how they had pulled off the epic misleading of the voting population & how it had been orchestrated & pure fantasy. 

You were exposed as a liar, not for the first time, but your credibility took a major hit that day, but alas the Toronto Sun keeps you! That speaks to its own judgement. Last I checked there is no shortage of capable writers!

It is plain unacceptable for you to have breached the decorum of the City of Toronto. As a representative of the “Media” you are held in higher esteem, but that is not automatic & goes both ways. You of ALL PEOPLE should have known better! It’s not as if you were unaware of the rules of decorum inside, and out, after all you have been there, reporting on Municipal Affairs, for how many centuries now?

Following the revelations from “Team Rob Ford for Mayor” to the Globe & Mail & Maclean’s about how they “used you” to create a cover story for him, one that would discredit me so much, that the actual facts of the matter would go out the window, in their place, the buzz words you used to slanderous us with. Calling someone a “drug addict” conjures up many things to different people & you knew there wasn’t a single thing you could call me, that could possibly be worse than a “drug addict” for it makes everyone think “Crime”. I brushed off your slanderous work, because you didn’t know me then or since (those who do & have for decades) knew better than to believe what you were trying to sell! 

They laughed at the very concept of my being a “drug addict” when I not only work in Harm Reduction, and have done for nearly half a decade, but on top of that in London, years ago, ran a charity to help Drug Addicts called Life or Meth & I came out publicly, at that time, to warn of the drugs abuse & how it would lead to epic harm, especially in the Gay Community it was already ravaging. At that time I had a choice before me; Do I disclose my status, IE, that I am Gay & also happen to live with HIV, which is controlled & really only an afterthought or do I NOT disclose, taking the risk that I won’t be taken as seriously as I would if I was simply entirely honest & left nothing out! I was well aware that the target audience of that Magazine was entirely two things, mostly Gay & written by & for anyone living with HIV/AIDS. I was well aware that being transparent to them would establish a level of trust, otherwise unattainable. I also wanted to convey to the reader that I understood them perfectly, because I too had been in their shoes! I decided to “be brave” so the editor at the time & I put all the cards on the table, something you seem unable or unwilling to do, EVER. 

Since you didn’t know me when you put together your slanderous smear job of a front page story, you wouldn’t have know that I work to HELP addicts, which is far from being one! The link for that story can be found here: http://bit.ly/LifeOrMeth

What angered me was that you labelled me a “drug addict” & by extension you created yet MORE “stigma” & stirred the “HATE POT” – As evidenced in the comments your personal readers left behind, that is, those who read the story & then jumped onto a computer to vent their utter & whole contempt for my family & I, over a story you MADE UP entirely. Naturally, Mayor Ford would have told you, what we told him, which is that I am a young man who got a terrible disability, that because of that my family get’s by on a fixed Disability Pension & could never afford to take legal action against The Toronto Sun; You exploited that to the max, it was not a case of we couldn’t or wouldn’t, but a case of only the RICH see justice in Canada.

The comments left by your readers (which I WILL publish as soon as the Toronto Police Service clears me to do so, as an active investigation is ongoing into the Hate Campaign, you and Mayor Ford are singlehandedly responsible for) were nothing short of VILE, sickening & downright twisted. It made me wonder is THIS the Canada I was born & raised in? Because this is the kinda behaviour I was raised to believe is NEVER acceptable, no matter where we live on the planet. It’s also not very “Canadian” & to be frank, you made me feel as if I could no longer relate to my fellow Canadian peers, after such an epic assault on my very being, character & the truth of who I really am & how easy you found it to smear someone you don’t even know, with what you called “facts” at the time, which were anything but, they were lies & we all know that now! Shame it had to be revealed AFTER the election, because pollsters & pundits both agree that the scandal you both created led to an Almighty uptick of support for Rob Ford – AKA the sympathy effect/vote – After all, both of you made it sound as if I was a “baby killer” or worse! 

My extended family ALSO had to endure your attacks & the actions your comments sparked after the fact! They hold a level of disdain for you which I cannot put into words. What angered them the most is that I have helped MANY of my own friends, who have actually become addicted to drugs & who had no one else to turn to. They had no one who would NOT judge them & no one who WOULD love them unconditionally & cared enough to help them become sober & stay that way. I have done that very thing, so many times, I have lost track. Two of my personal interventions of them being A-List celebrities, one, which I dated when I was in my very early teens, and the other a world renowned TV News anchor in London & a fellow Jew.

Since all of this we all know to take your “yellow journalism” with a grain of salt; As in, not worth the paper it’s written on, when your Conflict of Interest is clear as day. Fact is you show a complete disregard for the idea of “Journalistic Integrity” & a blatant inability, wilfully or not, to separate WORK from your PRIVATE life & you mix the two, at your own will, which is not acceptable, no matter WHO you think you are! Then when you are challenged or asked about this conflict you retaliate with vengeance & descend into threats, insults & intimidation directed AT ANYONE who dares raise it, like the bully you are. My friends & family in Israel who have know me, in some cases for well over a decade, see every article I write, as each article posts to my Facebook & to my Twitter account & they have been “most insulted” by the fact that you openly call yourself a “Jew” yet you act in defiance of Elohim’s words & instruction to love thy neighbour, or how about the parts on human dignity & a Jew’s requirement to respect everyone equally? This is not a THEORY, it is a WAY OF LIFE, the best way of life & you bring shame to Judaism each time you act outside of what our religion asks of us.

Did you really think we wouldn’t raise Conflict of Interest questions of you & your close ties to the Mayor as you continue to write one glowing article after the next. 

You have been too close to the now Mayor, for years & last year when he asked for your help to create a diversionary coverup or “white noise” – You were not only willing, but were salivating, I am told, at the “privilege” of being asked by the “potential future Mayor of Toronto” to “help” him out of a mess he made & should he win, he’d naturally “owe” you! How convenient for you both, anyway…

A little less convenient for both your victims!

The very though of you being on the Mayors speed dial was your ultimate wet dream & he tested you to see if you’d “do anything” for him, as one of his closest friends & you proved to him, all of Toronto & the majority of Canada that you were willing to forgo your “career” to help this clearly corrupt man become Mayor. Friend or NOT!

You have proven you are NO friend of the truth! The truth is the most important thing we have in life. To have truth, is to be a man or woman of your word, someone who is morally & ethically bound to everything he or she does in life! You represent the opposite of that, sadly! Personally, I’d rather have the truth & stand alone with it, than have no truth, like you, and be surrounded by everyone & their brother, as you are, as the whole thing is superficial but that seems to be what you like most. 

 That’s what makes you & I so different from one another, because we do have two things in common; We are both Jewish & Gay, only it’s me, the one who chose to become Jewish, not born into it like you were, who is living life around the teachings in the Tanakh! 

It’s unfortunate that you don’t do the same & that fact should act to strip you of your self-proclaimed labels of “Gay” & “Orthodox Jewish” because you give both a BAD NAME. 

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