Yet another vile, vicious attack targeting my family & I, at Passover, knowing fully well that I am a converting Jew. @TOMayorFord is really pushing this attack & destroy the truth matter, hence why the attacks on us have only amplified since AFTER the election & soon we’ll be in the middle of summer again. When will this abuse be STOPPED or at least called into question?

I must have you all confused, TOPoliTico, 99% Rob Ford Watch geared because I was thrown into a political smear campaign I never suspected until Sue-Ann Levy called our home the night before, like a woman crazed, repeating OxyContin as if it were SHE who was needing the drug! Keeping Rob Ford Honest has been dedicated to bring you the truth, so you could vote and be informed when you do so, however, the image of a “drug addict” who is “threatening my young family, me, my brother, sister, my mum & He was transmitting threatening messages online, OUTSIDE my home” was sensational, but unfortunately, also all lies, proven over and over, links attached again for all to inform themselves fully. He stated that when e were threatening outside his home, with an iPhone, the only problem was, we had our iPhone disconnected weeks earlier, but who’s counting eh? So you would be forgiven for thinking that all this is Harper Tory hate and attack ads & related to the coming election! I WISH!

No, this person has been terrorizing my family for months, and months and more months, since MONTHS before the Election….My records go back to June/July/August & all combined it now amounts to SO MUCH physical evidence, that only an 8Gig Flash Drive will hold it. Its even stored at numerous locations for security reasons, that was a very good bit of advice from a good friend in the Toronto Police Service (TPS) who have the unenviable job of dealing with horror stories like this, with the reward being the arrest, charges & irrefutable evidence, all of which has been pre-screened & is ALL admissible. 

Huh! Who knew! 

It’s creepy, isn’t it, all this time has passed since Toronto’s Election day in October yet “Mayor” Rob Ford has to ensure, via his “Pay-For-Political-Smear&LiesOperative” that the Hate Crimes & all out Hate Campaign be strengthened (never-mind told to tone down the vitriol on) since I only started major action after the “oven” comment which was the biggest mistake this person made, to attack me & to attribute me as ONLY good enough for an “oven” because I have spent my LIFE being Pro-Israeli, started going to Synagogues at age 7-8 – I sought refuge in them from my mentally disturbed, Neo-Nazi ex-family, who started to brainwash me into becoming a Neo-Nazi and to “carry on their Reich of 1000 Years” for the next generation – The FULL truth (will be fully revealed in a book deal which will ALSO FEATURE the disturbing, yet candid statements Krista Ford made to us & which are supported by evidence. How about that one time Rob told us (because they were all proud that they had, for example, fooled Toronto into thinking a campaign worker was fired for sending an anti-Gay Tweet from Ford’s account) – No one was fired, as the media was promised repeatedly & I can reveal to you that the so-called “fired” homophobic campaign volunteer is none other than the excuse for human life that was behind QueensQuayKaren, Fraser MacDonald…Krista Ford made light of this, then used the same person they duped voters into thinking was fired, against us a few short weeks after she made that bombshell revelation. MacDonald now infamous for illegally obtaining by deception, fraud & manipulation, intellectual property of mine. Funny how Torontoist reported extensively at the time, MacDonald unleashed Homophobic attacks, long after they admit having obtained the recording, BUT operated the account to attack Voters, Candidates for Mayor, Candidates for Councillor … At the same time as having the recording, they lied and said we were “shopping” it around & “setting Ford up” for Smitherman. All lies & proven wrong.

The level of indecency that these two Ford Brothers & Co will lower themselves to is epic, not only unethical & criminal! IT MUST STOP. IT WILL STOP SOON!

This clearly unstable, deranged & calculated sicko is not satisfied! Still being paid to “destroy” decent or the truth from ever being fully revealed. 


This sick, violent & psychotic stalker DID NOT KNOW until I released my NAO Reference Letter (See Below for credibility + Secret Security Clearance from the Fed’s, which a “drug addict” wouldn’t have or be able to maintain active, as mine is) that other than being an IT Pro, I was a Specialist in a field that has barely a dozen such minds, in the entire world, myself included. The cyber exploiter might be attacking, mission accomplished they think! BUT there’s a fact they didn’t do their homework on…I am a career Fraud Detection Specialist & former Fraud Prevention & Counter Measures consultant to Her Majesties National Audit Office (NAO – Which is the equivalent of our Bank of Canada, Ministry of Finance, Taxation & the NAO’s reach went into the simplest of current accounts to detect real time fraud. “Mayor” Rob Ford doesn’t actually know me, despite his lies, and DID NOT know my background in preventing the very acts being committed here, by them! They didn’t expect that I would continue, fearlessly spreading the truth about “Mayor” Rob Ford. They bet I’d become afraid or “very sick” because of the brutality of the attacks. Better still, Mayor Ford has provided this very sick individual with our home address!

This person operates similarly to how Germans were once “ruthlessly dealt with” if they dared speak the truth, if they even thought decent in their mind, never-mind expressed. Germany was taken over by Hitler & his thugs; the mad man was Austrian, yet magically he became the “Dear Leader” minus the North Koreans, of Germany & ruthlessly tried to destroy a people, a race & religion in the name of Germany & Germans. Not this German!

TPS Hate Crimes & Cyber IS active in this case, BUT, the attacks continue. It’s a cat and mouse game, but my aim here, is to ensure that the 80,000 plus people who read word for word, my truths, what REALLY happened with then “Agent for the Corporation” as Councillor, who misrepresented himself as our Councillor, which he was not, is not & “Mayor” Rob Ford is now going to have to face Integrity Commission Janet Leiper & the wrath of an ANGRY Councillor, our real councillor, who is the only person from the whole corporation to have apologized for how horrifically we had been victimized, targeted, used as political pawns, a cover story cooked up of my being a “drug addict” thanks to the ever credible @SueAnnLevy

Your “Respect for Taxpayers” in ACTION folks! Acting with impunity & with any measure to keep the public misled!


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