Despite Palestinians slaughtering Gay Palestinians, this is a group of uninformed radicals, with their one or two “self hating Jew” friend at their side, who are even more deluded than “Queers Against Israeli Apartheit”.

I wonder, have they ever even been to Gay Pride in Israel? Do they even have a map of the region?

Well, in my world, actions speak louder than words, so stop hijacking Pride Celebrations with your outright LIES about Israel, the country with the most Gay Rights of any nation in the Middle East & which is up there with other major Western Democracies that HONOR & even ENCOURAGE you to be WHO YOU ARE.

Israel is a society that is so liberal, advanced & socialist that it is ISRAEL that Gay Palestinians escape to & it is Israel who protects them, takes them in from the streets and gives them a chance, at a life being who they were born to be, not what some fanatical “cleric” dictates.

Make no mistake, Palestinian Gays are escaping DEATH everyday, there is no “Pride Parade” for them in Judea & Samaria or as THEY call it, the West Bank, or as I call it, stolen Jewish Lands! –

They may have a March alright…But up to a wall with men and guns, unlike Tel Aviv & Israel with it’s advanced and liberal Gay Laws which is a model to the world! Yet & ironically, it is Israel which is demonized as the “oppressive” & “ruthless”!

We are said to “corrupt” Palestinian Gays with our horrible progressive rights plus “Israeli Brutality”


Those arguments are as dead as Hebrew was, before it was resurrected from being a Dead Language; In 63 short years Israel has taught 70 different nationalities to speak Hebrew. Israel has two official languages; Hebrew & Arabic & English can be found almost everywhere as well! Alos EVERYTHING is in all 3 languages & that is only one example of the thoughtful nature & determination of the Israeli people to want to accommodate ALL religions & languages of the region & the wider Middle East as a whole.

What Queers Against “Israeli Apartheid” omit & distort is how Israel integrates them all into Israeli society, with equal rights for all.

They also don’t like to tell you that some 20% of Israeli’s are Arab & are the only Arabs to enjoy TRUE democracy, in the only emocracy in the whole of the Middle East, but hey, who’s counting right? They can vote, they ARE Israeli Citizens & they are proud to call themselves Israeli Arabs & I have watched first hand as they live in peace with Israelis. They are also entitled to land and the list goes on and on.

Israel has countless Arab Politicians that sit in the Knesset & an Arab on the Supreme Court, to name only two prominent positions Arabs enjoy, but have nowhere else in their tyranny run & Swiss Bank Account owning Dictatorships which they live under, but are revolting against, who also enjoy shooting them down like dogs, simply for protesting for reforms!

When did Israel do this last? 

Oh that’s right, NEVER.

But that narrative doesn’t fit with the “so-called” “Palestinian Suffering” + “Oppression” + the “occupation” of lands that were NEVER Palestinian in the first place.

Just look at the map and show ME where Palestine is!

Not that the Western Media would point that out either, or the fact that Israeli-Arab’s live in the only REAL democracy in the world & the only nation that will accept them is Israel & if they are so “lucky” to be in an Arab land (Arab lands are 600 times the size of the ONLY Jewish State & Homeland for the Jews) work for 100’s of times less than Palestinians are paid by the State of Israel for FAR less pay! Yet another narrative which has been perverted!

When was the last time you heard of Israeli’s launching rockets into civilian populations or when was the last time you seen a Jihadist Israeli, full stop!?

Most people ALSO don’t like to admit that the actual word Palestine, is Roman given name, which was created by the Romans when they destroyed Israel and exiled all it’s people & renamed the land & Jewish people Palestinian, to separate them from their Jewish History; It’s called ethnic cleansing these days. 

Ever wonder why the terrorist Palestinian Authority, with their new bosom buddies, Hamas and Fatah are ONLY NOW asking for official statehood? In 48 they were offered a proper 2 state solution that would have seen painful Jewish lands parted with, to make way for yet another Arab nation, of how many versus one Jewish State? But the “Palestinians” rejected the peace deal without even reading it & prior to that they were being funded & courting Hitler himself, the Mufti was, on behalf of the “Palestinians”. 

So why are these people doing all this?

Because they are trying to commit the biggest fraud ever, which is to deceive the world & avoid at all costs telling the truth. The people who claim to be “Palestinians” are ACTUALLY Jordanian and were expelled and/or killed off by King Hussein after they, the “so-called” “Palestinians” would not end terror attacks against Jordan & the King. 

Sound Familiar?

In 67, Israel took back control of the West Bank which was ALWAYS Judea & Samaria, not the West Bank, Palestinian Territory or anything else – Israel offered the West bank, called Jordanland by Germany, back to Jordan & the King quickly dismissed this act of peace & said “they are your problem now” – Recall, the Sinai Peninsula was also always part of the Holy Land, well, little do holiday makers know when they land at Sharm elSheikh that they are setting foot on what was always the Holy Land of the Jews. Israel gave it to Egypt for peace, which they got but which is now threatened by the emergence of a Egyptian Nazi Party & the omni present threat of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Inconvenient truths for the “Palestinian Movement” indeed, I get it! I really do!

But reality & truth still outweigh fraud & lies. These impostor/terrorists hijacked MY LAND, my country for thousands of years, now they use terror to do what the Jordanians exiled & killed them for, only now their target is not Jordan, but Israel, with the primary targets being schools with Israeli children in, as they of course, are the spawn of the devil & deserve to die by rockets showering down on them! 

Pro-Palestinian groups rarely like to answer why so often these cowardly terrorists fire their rockets from civilian apartments inside the Palestinian/Hamas administered lands or  WHY they use their own people as human shields!! Can ANY fake “Palestinian” please stand up & explain THAT to me? I guess I missed that memo!

No wonder 80% of Arabs want Jerusalem to be under the full sovereignty of Israel, AGAIN, it is her rightful capital & history is no liar, nor are geography maps & YEAH, they are easy to read & quite clear, even in the West! No “Palestine” or “Palestinians” anywhere. The closest thing were a tribe called Philistines who were so small in number that they were slaughtered by one of the invading armies along with their Jewish neighbors. Israel has always respected all the holy sights, for all religions, a level of respect observed by Israelis and Jews alike. Holy sights formed in the times of the Kingdom of David & later Zion. 

What of the the Romans, Ottomans & the British? They desecrated Temples, raped the woman and burned those in Synagogue’s for Shabbat, alive, in a building they themselves sealed off & held shut!

Hitler did the same thing, except en mass.


You be the judge!



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