The Arab Hitler in the Israeli Knesset

If the “Kach” or “Kahane Chai” parties are considered by the state of Israel to be “far right,” “terrorist,” “a danger to the state,” and are barred from the Knesset, then why is Ibrahim Sarsur of the “Ra’am-Ta’al” party allowed to keep his seat?

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“Ra’am-Ta’al” is a seditious Arab political party that spouts more rhetoric then any other extremist group in Israel, however they are left unfettered by the Knesset since Arab Islamist parties are considered viable political parties in the country. Ibrahim Sarsur is an Israeli Arab politician and Knesset member, and is currently leader of the United Arab List.

In April 2008 he stirred controversy when, following an Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip which killed a woman and her four children, he compared the actions of Israel to those of the Nazis:

Israel’s killing of innocent people is reminiscent of some very dark times, including that of the Nazis.

This proved to be the least controversial thing to come from his mouth lately. The Walid Shoebat Foundation has uncovered damning evidence in a video. That which Ibrahim Sarsur says in English to a western audience is far different from that which he says in Arabic to his Arab constituents.

Sarsur, speaking in Arabic at Abdul Rahman’s club in Israel, openly praised Hezbollah for “defeating Israel.” He also said he awaits seeing Hezbollah’s planners and strategists (whom he claims have a local presence) to repeat their victory against his enemy Israel during the 2006 fiasco in Southern Lebanon:

There is a force [Hezbollah] in Southern Lebanon that proudly raised its head to challenge American and Israeli supremacy with a project that carries the seeds of dignity and is based on Islamic pillars and foundations and has a vision to manage the war with the enemy [Israel].

Its [Hezbollah] internal management is well designed to benefit the Umma [Islamic nation]. Then came the blow [the war in 2006] that ended in the humiliation [of Israel] through these fighters [Hezbollah] grinding their noses in the dirt (the number one power in the Middle East, that is Israel). This defeat [of Israel] caused an earthquake measured ten on the Richter scale and on the political scale in Israel. The aftershocks continue from this great earthquake of 2006 until today.

There was none left [without humiliation in the Israeli Government] from the Defence Minister and Interior Minister [all the way up to the] Prime Minister. … Keep in mind that there is [growing] strength, strategic insight and presence locally and regionally from Hezbollah beginning in 2006 until today. They are thinking on how to return this fear to Israel and how to destroy Israel’s [military] deterrence which is the pillar of Israel’s continuation and if this happens — this means — that the line will begin to point extremely downwards for Israel’s [military] deterrence.

In another instance, Sarsur even called for all Muslim nations to attack and annihilate Israel altogether:

Muslims from Jakarta [Indonesia] to Tangier [Morocco], if they knew the importance of the Kaa’ba, they would not await a single moment to move to Al-Aqsa [Jerusalem] in order to liberate it.

[The West] planted this foreign object [Israel] which does not fit in an eastern Islamic environment, planted it in its heart as to remain as a thorn in their side and a thorn in their throat in order to prevent their [Muslim] unity so as to stop this Islamic giant to take its [historic] position.

Sarsur’s vision for Israel is apocalyptic. He even called for an Islamic Caliphate to replace Israel and to be centred in Jerusalem:

In Mecca sprouted the faith and in Jerusalem the Caliphate will sprout, in Jerusalem, in the land of Palestine and in the end of days it will be the centre of the Caliphate and the land of resurrection and gathering.

Yet this is totally the opposite of everything that Sarsur claimed he is within the Israeli Government, and is evident of the typical “doublespeak” that is practiced by the majority Muslim apologists. He has stated in the past that “They [Israeli Jews] should be thinking about me not as a fifth column but as an integral part of the country who might contribute a lot for the building of this state and might contribute a certain bridge between Israeli Jews and the Arab and Muslim world.”

The “bridge building” Sarsur really intended is seen as he fought tooth and nail in order to ban the assimilation bills that included Israeli style education for Arab schools. The results of his resistance to integration can be seen on video in a school in Kufr Qra with the banner of the Islamic Movement which Sarsur heads is clearly visible. 

There one can see children from kindergarteners to elementary chanting apocalyptical slogans: “O Allah, slaughter them. O Allah, make widows of Jewish women, make orphans of their children, disburse their families, give a dark day for all the Arabs that collaborate with them, O Allah do not lift a banner for the Jews and do not fulfill their goals, do not permit their banner to rise”. 

Sarsur’s community service did not only encompass little children. He is seen in the front lines leading the entire community Jaljulia in ‘peaceful’ marches that set out in support of Gaza with shouts demanding the unity between Fatah and Hamas. 

In solidarity one can also see the community of Baqa Al-Ghrabiyeh as another convoy picks up some steam, the crowd could not help themselves but to switch gears for a more robust slogan that elevated the masses into the needed hyper-frenzy state. To do this, they turn the dial back to history when Arabia was ethnically cleansed from all Jews. 

The infamous “Khaybar” massacre was used to remind Jews next-door of an impending apocalypse in which the decapitation fest will repeat itself as it was during the glory days when Muslims triumphantly defeated the Jews of Khaybar. The video boasted one hundred thousand Arabs at Baqya Al-Gharbiyeh chanted: “Khaybar Khaybar O Jews, Muhammad’s army will return [for you]”. The vow to annihilate the Jews was not screamed in ‘Palestine’ proper, Tehran, Damascus or Cairo, but in the district of Haifa in the heartland of the Jewish State of Israel.

Sarsur has clearly reneged on his oath to defend Israel or be a bridge builder for peace.

How far will Israel go in allowing Islamists to help run the country? 

Might Khalid Mesha’al, Hamas’ leader, qualify to join the Knesset? 

Imagine such rhetoric from Keith Ellison, the only Muslim congressman serving in the U.S.: how quickly would he lose his seat? 

In pluralistic Israel, apparently even a Jihadist can be a public servant.

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