Video: Arabs Dump Drinking Water Offered by IDF Officer

A video shows an IDF officer offering water to Arab protesters on a sweltering day. An Arab woman dumped the water on the ground, and other protesters then threw rocks at the troops.

The protest took place during on an unusually hot and dry day near Bethlehem, immediately south of Jerusalem and adjacent to Efrat in Gush Etzion.

The video shows the deputy battalion commander of the Kfir Brigade offering water to the protesters, bit the Arab protest leader tells his supporters, “Don’t drink the water!” following which a woman dumps out a cup of water offered to her by the commander.

The soldiers stood next to a pile of rocks in order to ensure that the demonstrators would not hurl them at the soldiers. Nevertheless, rioters later attacked soldiers with rocks that had been stuffed in their pockets.

Demonstrators, encouraged and accompanied by left-wing activists, arrived at the Umm Salluman village every Friday to protest against the security fence that has decreased to almost zero the number of suicide bomb attacks, which killed and maimed hundreds of Israelis in the late1990s and in the Oslo War that broke out in September 2000.


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