This is easily the most SICKENING piece of Antisemitism we have come across this week.


Easily the most sickening BECAUSE it is yet another example of the hate out there by Jews, against other Jews/Israelis. I came across this piece just as I am about to release another article that highlights the torturous Antisemitism I have been faced with as a Convert to Judaism, from an Orthodox Jew in Toronto, Canada – Who is a member of the “PRESS” & who is the root cause of the Hate Crimes my family & I have been subjected to, including Antisemitism for over a year now & it still happens to this day. She is Jewish & the attackers claim to be Jewish as well! Perhaps the attackers are trying to mitigate the legal action the Toronto Police Service will take against them, after the fact, but with the “press” woman I know for a fact she is Jewish.


Now it should be expressed that this video is of a fringe group of Orthodox Jews who are “so far gone” in their religious beliefs, that they interpret the Torah as literal, meaning that Elohim was only intended to give Israel back to the Jewish people, as promise, upon his return as the Messiah. To interpret things that way, doesn’t take into consideration geo political situations & history!


For Me, it broke my Jewish Heart to see this shameful & normally labeled by my Israeli Brothers & Sister’s as examples of “Self Hating Jews” – It was REALLY hard for me to hear them speak the way they did about Israel & in the name of Judaism; It makes me physically ill.


These are individual people, yes, but unfortunately for all Israelis, Jews of sanity, Potential Converts to Judaism it is these kind of people who call Israel into question. Just as the press woman who’s clearly never heard of “Journalistic Integrity” & a bunch of Jews in the US that oppose the Jewish State of Israel…They ARE & WILL ALWAYS BE REAL traitors of Judaism, of Israel, of Israelis & of sane/fair minded Jews across the Diaspora.


The State should strip them of ANY & ALL association with the Jewish State of Israel for High Treason. 


Especially after going to meet the very man, the Tyrant & Fanatical “President” of Iran, who’s sworn to annihilate Israel & all Israelis in it!


Mind you, That’s only my humble view… =)

Make Love, NOT WAR!





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