Why did Rob Ford & Sue-Ann Levy feel the need to LIE as is CLEAR in the video above? Only 2 days after their slanderous fantasy was set in motion, the SAME paper that was used to slander me, the Toronto Sun (Reported in the smallest section they could find in the paper) that their Hero Rob Ford HAD in fact LIED & in doing so had wilfully misled the people, YET AGAIN, at least with respect to our MPP, that proof is below!


The public was intentionally KEPT from knowing that our MPP, Donna Cansfield came out and denied ever have met Ford to discuss us, nor had they ever experienced “a problem with us & would be pleased to help us, if we had any further matters they can be of assistance on” – I have proof of this, amongst other things, in a recorded call with Kelly Grant of the Globe and Mail who first told us that her research indicated he had lied, but she never felt the NEED to let the public know of such! Excellent journalism! Congrats!



For context: That call was being recorded because a “Ryan Feldman” who was “supposedly a documentary filmmaker” had presented himself to Kelly Grant wanting to “do a documentary” about this entire deception & Kelly Grant provided my email to him…He was present when that call was made & it was being recorded because Ryan asked that this be done for production reasons. It was also recorded in 1080p HD, the entire conversation! I own the rights to ALL that intellectual property (outright) – it was shot using MY HD Camera and in the end, Ryan was not granted ANY copies of those recordings because we suspected that he was yet another “Ford Operative” sent in to measure the temperature of our efforts to breakout the full & truthful story. He successfully delayed our abilities to reported the entire event to the Integrity Commisioner, who was provided a Sworn Affidavit at City Hall (also recorded by my own HD camera) of the complaint, which she then refused to do a thing about, sighting an obscure “moratorium” on reporting such violations during an election period.


The only problem is, she never told us that until the day before the Moratorium & Ryan made sure that the time in between, our so-called “production” was delayed BUT he insisted that I should NOT go into City Hall without him, as that “must be in the documentary” … All of it make me wonder!


Another thing that makes me wonder is WHY John Tory, former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (Radio Host of Newstalk 1010 in Toronto – Who, irony would have it had known & dealt with us in the past, TWICE, once in person at Pride in Toronto, and second on his private car phone, whilst still the Leader of the Party, long before these events – Tory personally & admirably helped solve a problem with Roger’s Staffing, one which they made, he solved but didn’t have to & did anyway) was the ONLY media personality to:



1 – Properly identify that it was Mayor Rob Ford, NOT ME, who suggested a “drug dealer” and “street drugs” in place of what he promised us, which was a DR – Frankly speaking, if I had wanted a “drug dealer” I’d have just gone down to the Gay Village, as it’s NOT hard to find drugs there by any stretch of the imagination & the Toronto Police Service will confirm that to anyone who asks…(As a resident you ARE entitled to have that question answered, even if it’s based on last years figures for the area)


2 – Properly identified that I was a case of “falling through the medical health cracks” of our failing Socialized medical system


My reply to 1 – As I said to John then & which holds true today, I didn’t know a “drug dealer” then & I don’t know one now! A decade ago, as a teenager still, I knew countless “dealers” as I experimented like many other young Gay Males do, with some recreational drugs. That is something I have ALWAYS been vocal & open about, in my Harm Reduction work & which was then used against me, to formulate & underline these lies.


My reply to 2 – I have a medical condition, which is defined & enshrined under the Ontario Disabilities Act, to confuse that, with a “drug addict” is not only ignorant, but worrisome, for all the people that must suffer life with a Pain ConditionJust ask the Canadian Pain Coalition! – The condition is called FMS, not MS, FMS is far worse in many aspects…Statistically it’s worse than MS which has only 70k afflicted in all of Canada, versus FMS that has over 400k inflicted alone in Ontario. So why do you never heard about it? It isn’t called the “invisible disorder” for nothing! It has had that classification for as long as some have suffered with it. To suggest getting my prescription medications from a “drug dealer” is not only insulting, but it’s a serious abuse by a then City Councillor and now, Mayor of Toronto!


Additionally, in August, the Province finally stepped in and got us to a Specialist who ACTUALLY is familiar with FMS! *Shock & AWE* – It only took ONE HUNDRED & FIFTY-FIVE DAYS WITHOUT MEDICATIONS & ONE EMS/911 call & ambulance to emergency, 4 days before the now infamous call was recorded, because I took a massive seizure as a result of being forced off medications you CANNOT simply stop, and the particular medication that caused the seizure was NOT “Oxycontin” as the media famously spun the story, it was the non-narcotic Diazepam that caused my seizure & toxicology screens from the ER were given to me then, confirming no other drugs, but the one’s I was meant to be on, were detected. The media felt again as if it had NO NEED to update the public.


That Specialist/DR is the same DR we have had since LAST august. The only thing that HAS changed is he’s increased ALL my narcotic based medications because he felt I was in too much pain to be comfortable & now I can happily report that the majority of my pain is dealt with! When we told him what had happened to us, all of it, he said that the previous DR’s and MEDIA were coping out to a very important matter & found it shameful that a person with a valid medical condition would be treated with such disrespect.


Now I ask youIf I WAS the threat I was made out to be a year ago, why then have the Toronto Police Service not so much as called me about Ford’s claims of having filing “Criminal Harassment Charges” against us? Where are those charges? Had I been the threat Levy or Rob Ford made me out to be, which was a violent threat, surely such a person would have been fully investigated by now, if those actions were executed against the now Mayor of Toronto! Or not??!! To be clear I never said I haven’t spoken to the TPS, as I have, many times in the past year, but only because of the Mayor’s direct & ongoing financial support & encouragement of a seemingly endless hate campaign, which has descended into Hate Crimes against me for:


1 – Our being GayProven here & the TPS has plenty more such vile evidence which they are investigating — http://bit.ly/lAeBA9


2 – Our religious BeliefsI have had to endure Antisemitic slurs ever since converting to Judaism – Proven here & the TPS has plenty more vile evidence which they are investigating — http://bit.ly/lAeBA9


Whenever tragedy of any kind befalls us, most people turn to their faith. When we turned to our place of worship for refuge & spiritual support from the ongoing attacks (which were nearly daily, the worst example was 14 separate attacks in ONE DAY) – We were targeted even worse! We tried bravely to endure it all for a full year without any reprieve, but now suddenly we became even BIGGER targets with attacks becoming FAR worse, more twisted, sick & which constitute Hate Crimes in Canada; The acts committed Incite Hatred & Genocide. Had Sue-Ann Levy or Mayor Ford ACTUALLY know us or had they actually done their homework, they would have been able to establish what those who know us best have always known about us, which is that I turned to Judaism decades ago, when I was still a young boy!


What is even more shocking is that Sue-Ann Levy proclaims to be an Orthodox Jew & despite the Tanakh being VERY clear in how we are & are NOT to treat one another…None of it has stopped them from attacking us in the worst, most Antisemitic way I’ve ever seen, since I was a child & recall, I am a child of Neo-Nazi’s, so that’s saying something!


The fact that I spent a number of years not attending a Temple (of any religious affiliation) BUT carried on my religious beliefs & upholding my morals by continually practicing & learning Judaism in my heart, mind, soul & with daily prayers, should be entirely irrelevant. I shouldn’t be forced to justify or prove my religious beliefs, that is between me & my G_D & is frankly no one else’s business. I NEVER felt I had to goto Temple to have my belief in Judaism or G_D affirmed. Yet, since my husband & I started to become more vocal in our Standing Up for & Acting in support of Israel, Israelis & fellow Jews across the diaspora, the attacks have only become more vicious than the one’s I’m allowed to show you and have above at Point 1 & 2. Try & imagine worse, I know, it’s hard to do!


Instead of hating back, I turned my every effort to fighting the very hate I was being exposed to, relentlessly, including the founding of an Organization & which will become a charity, is a full time operation for me & which is guided by TWO explicit goals: Exposing Antisemitism wherever it maybe AND defending the “real” Israel that I know & love.


But it gets worse! The escalation turned yet another corner to becoming life threatening in May, when we were provided our private address, by the perpetrator, ahead of the threats to attack us. The perpetrator then spent WEEKS threatening to “See you soon” & “The Oven’s are on & ready for you both & anyone like you; Translation, other Jews of faith, who are proud to be Jewish & which many other’s choose to be as well as we do! They even went so far as to say they would “firebomb” our Temple, knowing that such a move would keep me going to my Temple for worship & by extension be blessed with healing & spiritual help under such trying & horrific times! That is exactly the effect it has had on us, that we can’t think of going to Temple out of fear we could endanger the lives of our fellow Brothers & Sisters!


For the perp that wasn’t enough HATE, so they escalated again & now with a new bravado, because the TPS has been quietly watching & listening “they” declared that they were acting on the direct pay & direct orders of Mayor Ford himself! They also admitted to being a fully operational “team” – Including an “SEO”… But it gets worse still! They then escalated to life threatening when the perp lived up to weeks worth of threats & actually showed up at our condo & attempted to run me down with their car as I was walking our dogs. I am grateful to Elohim for enabling things to happen as they did, for had they acted a minute sooner, I would have been unable to run & jump out of harms way, saving the life of my dogs & myself. Later, as if the incident itself was not troubling enough, they confirmed, after the fact, that it was in fact them & that “that was just a small taste of what’s to come”. Just today a fresh round of attacks has been received, again, confirming that they were behind the attempt on my life. The TPS now has that evidence too.


If I had to look for an upside to being so brutally treated & humiliated publicly, it seems it would have to be: …“Hey, at least their honest after having LIED & MISLED the people (Most politicians that lie & most are guilty of that in Canada NEVER admit to it, unless forced, so it was almost refresh (if it weren’t so twisted) to have Team Rob Ford for Mayor’s official campaign team bragging & admitting all they had done, before a stunned PRESS ONLY event after their election victory…They WANTED, NEEDED to BRAG, not because they were forced to, but because they feel untouchable, then & now). Jonathan Goldsbie, a local media personality was present at that media only event & could barely contain his disdain when the State Broadcaster, CBC, interviewed him.


In the end THEY were bragging about the process they engineered to save themselves embarrassment & financial loss, at the cost of destroying the lives of TWO Toronto Residents, Taxpayers & Voters PLUS our friends & families lives, ALL to save a political career!!!


Where is the justice in that & doesn’t this injustice simply BEG FOR Mayor Rob Ford & his ilk to attempt to violate other’s, next time perhaps worse than he violated & continues to violate us? 


I guess it’s true, when there is so much money riding on a campaign, they will commit ANY act to protect that “asset” – In this case, their asset is & remains their “family business” who were so kind as to make ALL election related materials, FOR BOTH Mayor Ford & his equally responsible brother, Councillor Doug Ford…in what was a multi-million dollar investment in their own business! NICE ONE!


Naturally, neither Ford’s nor Levy would allow THAT to be destroyed by the truth! 


The truly troubling part, for me at least, is that all of these actions were executed against the very people they ran to represent! To have to try & count the total amount of combined lies, Levy for Ford & Vice Versa that have been uttered in total…Well, thats not as easy, as it sounds when its every second word or MORE! Their complete & utterly unethical manipulation of voters & the mainstream media is unprecedented in Canadian history.


More coverage of the unethical, duplicitous, vindictive, retaliatory acts can be found here http://bit.ly/ff0iQK & here http://bit.ly/hCoW73 & here http://bit.ly/eJkwjS & here http://bit.ly/gINXUE


EVEN Rob Ebert, known the world over for being the best film critic of our time, expressed his disdain & contempt for what Mayor Rob Ford did to my family & I …And he’s in Chicago! — http://bit.ly/iAwGpJ – For those international readers which I have, who are still unclear on what the “Toronto Sun” is…No…it’s nothing to do with the solar system over Toronto – IT IS THE VERY Right-Wing Tabloid, which the vast majority of (sane) Canadians coast-to-coast, view as the very definition of “Yellow Journalism or “Gutter Press” AND which has a proven, built upon, disgusting track record of wilfully targeting people for discrimination, especially the Gay Community, Muslims & other religious minorities & watch OUT if you DARE speak truth to power OR worse still if you TRY & GET RIGHT UP IN THEIR FACE with inconvenient facts! Damn those pesky facts!


To “Dumb & Dumber” – As my friend Patrick calls both Levy & Mayor Ford it seems the concept of truth is foreign, or up to debate, a debate THEY want to control, without the pesky public becoming too knowledgable! The TRUTH is clearly FAR TOO inconvenient for either side to consider, so instead of doing the RIGHT thing, they bully the vulnerable, threaten our lives over & over again, all in the hopes we will just shut up & be scared of them. They picked the WRONG guy to try that with!



Finally I ask you…Since when has targeting minorities & those who are already vulnerable, because of their disability – FMS – http://1.usa.gov/FAQonFMS — become acceptable treatment, which those who are NOT vulnerable inflict onto those who are?!? Last I checked, it wasn’t acceptable AT ALL, anywhere, BUT here in Canada it seems, only the RICH get justice. Additionally, the country I was born in & loved for so long, HAS OR IS shifting dramatically to Right-Wing Fundamentalist views, in which vulnerable individuals have no place, no voice & can be vilified “with the snap of a few fingers”. 


Those views & worse, the actions they support, are corrupting & tainting the delicate fabric of our morally, ethical & loving society, which is unsustainable. We cannot ALLOW the few to dictate to the many, who’s end game is one which collides with what we, ordinary Canadians seek & which acts to under mind & destroy what we once held as our most important values, as Canadians; being kind & compassionate people!


As if to hammer home my point Mayor Rob Ford JUST became the first Mayor in Modern Metro Toronto’s history to BREAK from an established routine for Mayors of Toronto, which dates all the way back to Mayor Barbara Hall, who was the first Toronto Mayor to walk in solidarity with the Gay & Lesbian Community. Now there is a Mench we can be proud of!


Former Mayor Mel Lastman, who is a very religious man & from a much older generation of Jewish Polish ancestry was at first reluctant when he became Mayor, his rationale was at least understandable, but when he was persuaded to go, he ended up LOVING it – Eating it UP! Late last night he called Mayor Ford’s decision “disgusting” — http://bit.ly/mRC0Lt


More here on Mayor Ford rubbing it in the Gay & Lesbians communities FACE that he HATES US – http://bit.ly/lZHdtU — http://natpo.st/iW3QPD — http://bit.ly/kInaIn — http://bit.ly/iqyBVt — http://bit.ly/mT7b4J — http://huff.to/mjDfGp — http://huff.to/kH6T1R


Finally I leave you with a few last pieces, my Facebook comments that caused Mayoral Candidate Smitherman to attack Ford at a debate & the Article that started it all — http://bit.ly/kEdhR9




And the one that ended it all — http://bit.ly/gINXUE




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