Here is yet another “American-Israeli” – Who should be tried for Treason, not rewarded with Citizenship of Israel – He who should be STRIPPED of any rights of return to Israel, for actively aiding & abetting a group, comprised of some humanitarians, but which is overwhelmingly comprised of Terrorists, at least it was LAST YEAR…so what makes THIS YEAR any different?

This group of “peace activists” – as they like to be called nowadays (It Just Sounds Nicer Than Terrorists) are willfully committed to running a Naval Blockade that the people of “Palestine” FORCE us to enforce, as when we didn’t, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of arms went right into the hands of Hamas and Fatah and Hezbollah & Iran have blood on their hands, as those ammunitions & all ammunitions they have brought into the Gaza Strip have went on to kill mostly Israeli Children, but no one cares to report about that, outside of Israel!

Remeber this?

Not too much to ask for, is it? The “peace activits” could have docked at Ashdot Port & supervised the delivery of their “Humanitarian AID” – But this was NEVER about Humanitarian AID for most of the participents, who were armed to the teeth when the IDF had to intercept & who chanted “Death to the Jews” and “Jews remember Kheibar” which is inciting Genocide & Hate! See last video below

Or this?

How about THIS?

Still think they are peace loving? What of this “Peace Activist” – And why would the woman at the end be speaking like a Suicide Bomber would? Wake UP people!

Let’s end on a BRIGHTER note! Watch this cute “Palestinian” child, who’s been indoctrinated with the same HATE that we seen from Hitler – But isn’t SHE CUTE??? AW! Bless Her!

And these are the People Pro-Palestinian Groups support and which the Flotilla wants to ARM

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