OY VEY Canada!!!


Upside Down & Inside Out Blame Canada!

It’s Canada DAY, July 1st & we are starting a series portraying HOW LITTLE the Canadian Governement CARES about Antisemitism & Jew Hatred! They just LET it happen!

We are famous for being the HOME of Hockey, HOME of the Stanley Cup, HOME of Mounties, Mountains & Maple Syrup!

We are also famous for being “polite” – Apparently we say “sorry” too much – We USED to be known for Peacekeeping, but today, we are part of wars instead…Unlike Israel which has had EVERY war against them launched by powers 600 times their size…We have won each war, but at GREAT cost, which you simply don’t respect with “resolutions” like the one’s below.

But there is another thing about us, brought on by Dictator Harper & that’s to “fool”…Ya know, fool others!

But Harper is an ally to Israel! Is he now? Well, you might think different after this article!


At party convention, New Democrats push anti-Israel line…

Hate Crime Pictures from Toronto! Lovely no?


Written by the Toronto STun David Akin Parliamentary Bureau Chief <—The same people that created the Rob Ford coverup OF HIS CAREER! http://bit.ly/RoBBerFordCoverUP

VANCOUVER  – On the first day of its annual convention, Canada’s New Democrats argued about policies on Israel, some calling it an apartheid state and others pushing to support the so-called Gaza-bound “freedom flotilla.”

The moderates among the party’s senior leadership downplayed the debates but, behind the scenes, were frantically trying to prevent any anti-Israel motions from being debated on the convention floor this weekend on live television.

Still, a group calling itself the NDP Socialist Caucus was to hold a public forum Friday afternoon here titled, “Security with Palestine and the Boycott of Israeli Apartheid.” No NDP MPs were scheduled to speak at this forum and party officials described the Socialist Caucus as an informal group that does not represent the views of mainstream New Democrats.

And, in a sign, perhaps, that the vast majority of New Democrats oppose the harsh anti-Israel language, only about 30 of the 1,500 delegates registered here showed up to the “Israel Apartheid” forum.

Meanwhile, in a closed-to-the-media policy workshop debating NDP foreign policy, NDP deputy leader Libby Davies was pushing to have the party declare its support for the “freedom flotilla” that intends to deliver aid this month to Palestinians in Gaza despite prohibitions from Israel to do so. The Government of Canada has also cautioned Canadians against participating in this “freedom flotilla” and instead has encouraged Canadians to go through the International Red Cross if they wish to help Palestinians in Gaza.

Sources inside the foreign policy workshop said NDP MP and foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar led a successful effort to prevent Davies’ motion of support for the freedom flotilla from reaching the convention floor where it would have been debated on live national television. Party leaders were said to be concerned that such a divisive debate would have dominated the narrative of a convention they want to use to show that the New Democratic Party is a more moderate party and one that, in four years, will be ready to supplant the Conservatives as the country’s government.

Last month, it emerged that two NDP MPs – Quebec’s Alexandre Boulerice and British Columbia’s Alex Atamanenko had put their names to a list of Canadian supporters of the freedom flotilla. Layton subsequently said it was not official NDP policy to support the initiative but said MPs were free to do as they wished on their own initiative. Boulerice later removed his support.

German Television anchor Reinhard Borgmann SLAMS the Gaza Flotilla & praises Israel for “having been as patient & diplomatic as they could be, considering they were being provoked with intent” 

The DISTURBING Statistics of Hate Crimes in Canada

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Download this file


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