Here is the NDP Socialist Caucus Resolution on Israel for 2011

Reminder, they ARE the Official Opposition Government of Canada

Socialist Caucus Resolutions for the Federal NDP Convention in 2011

The following resolutions were approved by the Socialist Caucus Federal Conference in preparation for the NDP Convention in Vancouver, June 17-19, 2011.  


Please widely circulate these resolutions

Oh don’t WORRY, we WILL


Please let us know when any of our resolutions are adopted, in whole or in part, by any organization.

So let me get this right, you want US to tell YOU when your Anti-Israel, Antisemitic & Anti-Zionist Agenda is adopted? With respect, your statements & resolutions against Israel ARE Antisemitic, Anti-Israel, act to smear ALL Israelis & Jews alike!)


Resolution #10. Justice for Palestinians, Boycott apartheid Israel


Whereas there can be no lasting peace in Palestine/Israel, or the surrounding region, without social justice;


Strange statement to be making really, considering Israel has a long standing reputation for being a LEADER by example in EVERY field of social justice & equality, if ANYTHING, Canada & the rest of the World would be wise to model itself around Israel.

This video is rare and chilling. Rare because people who film these types of State sponsored terror generally don’t live to hand the video to anyone! Their own people meet death head on & that’s considered “normal”.


Israel IS the Heartbeat of the Middle East. It is the only nation in the Middle East that is FULLY democratic (More democratic than Canada by MILES). Israel is NOT whats wrong about the Middle East, it’s what’s RIGHT about the Middle East! But alas she finds herself surrounded by nations that brutally repress their enslaved citizens, quash ANY & ALL protests; where freedom of speech or of the press are foreign or an afterthought! These are countries that routinely terrorize their own people, ruthlessly eliminating ANY & ALL decent, no matter how small the grievance maybe.

Hamas ruthlessly kill or attempt to kill their OWN FELLOW CITIZENS all the time, but the Flotilla doesn’t want to hear about any of that! But don’t take my word for it, just ask a Gay “Palestinian” – That is if you can find one, that is ALIVE, in what you call the “Israeli Occupied lands of Palestine” which clearly brings into focus your complete ignorance with respect to REAL & ESTABLISHED HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY.

That is VERY troubling!


Why don’t you all adopt a resolution celebrating the 10’s of thousands of Gay Palestinian’s that Israel has lovingly taken in and sheltered from DEATH for as long as I can remember?


If you can’t find any Gay Palestinians ALIVE in those “Occupied Territories” – Then perhaps you can READ about them at the following pages — or here

Now, lets compare “Gay Palestine” with “Gay Israel” — — — — – Apartheid? 

WHERE! BY WHOM!!?? If ANYTHING the Arabs are Apartheid like toward their own people!


PS…The lands you call “Occupied Territories of Palestine” are ACTUALLY THE lands of the Kingdom of Israel, Judea & Samaria – They were NEVER “Palestinian” lands. The have ALWAYS been Jewish lands!

It helps to KNOW history before you decide to target a nation, especially one who’s own Army, the IDF, are a Humanitarian Army first! Our army has for a decade, broken years of Peacekeeping, to being the US’s War Puppet! Who was on the ground for Sri Lanka, in Haiti & Japan? Normally that honour would go to Cuba’s almost constantly roving DR’s that help the places of the world, we DON’T CARE ENOUGH TO REPORT ON, never-mind help rebuild, yet BOTH Cuba & Israel are at the forefront WHENEVER there is a problem in the world & that speaks directly to the successes of both nations embrace of Socialism, the difference being that Israel’s Socialism is perfected by adding the best elements of Communism & Capitalism, under a Socialist model of their own creation – It has severed the nation & our people VERY well & we wouldn’t trade it for anything!


Here is a MAP, hopefully you’ll be able to READ it…Perhaps you can write a “resolution” about it! This is ORIGINAL Jewish Lands – This is a map of the Twelve Tribes of Israel


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