Why not adopt a resolution condemning the slaughter going on to Israel’s north, in Syria?

What about to Israel’s south in Egypt?

Heard of Yemen?



How about Bahrain?


No “resolutions” about THEM! Israel is an easier target eh?!

Why not celebrate that Israel has absorbed over 70 different nationalities from across the globe (Something we call the Diaspora – After the thousands of years of being exiled & forced from our own lands, to foreign nations) and have settled them into the Israeli way of life, without ANY of the conflict or utter & blatant discrimination faced by ALL new Immigrants to Canada!!??

Why not celebrate the fact that Women and Gays & Lesbians were given equal rights LONG before it was “fashionable” over here in Canada?

Why not report that 20% of Israeli Nationals ARE ARAB and overwhelmingly want to remain Israeli because it is the only country in the world (including the 600 times larger Arab nations) that gives them rights, equal to anyone else in Israel, and Israel is the very definition of a modern, progressive, ultra-liberal and benevolent society! Let me guess, all that is not sexy enough? How about the Arab-Israeli on the Supreme Court?

Simply put; you have a misplaced, pathetic & sick hatred for Israel, Israelis, Jews in Israel & all other Jews across the Diaspora. You are buying into wholesale lies & execute slanderous lies in the process to mislead the people! The only knowledgable people you are tricking are yourselves; I say yourselves because one presumes that you have SOME knowledge if you are prepared to make such sweeping & falsely loaded slander against Israel, whilst standing behind the likes of Hugo Chavez! Get a GRIP!

Does anyone in this so called “Socialist Caucus” know that you are protesting against the MOST Socialist nation on the face of the planet?

That fact seems to either escape you and/or you choose to ignore it & that in of itself collides sharply with your position/mission statement of “Advancing Socialism”. How do you expect to “Advance Socialism” if you’re attacking other entities of Socialism? Especially, a perfected Socialism like Israel has, that grows & progressively becomes more perfect, not MORE DETESTED, like our government in Canada, which is a do nothing, no good for nothing, waste of BILLIONS!

See, until Harper the “Reformer” came to power, we used to have budget surpluses, huge one’s…

Gone are those days & NOW, with a self described Economist as our PM, we have amassed the largest DEBT Canada has EVER HELD (Now nearing closer & closer to 600 Billion Dollars debt – The official number today is $560,177,461,345.00 CDN or in simple terms, every man, woman & child in Canada currently owes $16,866.37 for their share of Canada’s public debt).

Not very Conservative! But then Stephen Harper wasn’t a Conservative UNTIL he hijacked the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, founded in 1942 & imploded it, with all the good it brought as well.

As a child I was taught to EDUCATE myself, THEN speak!
Is that concept a relic from the past or worse an afterthought these days?

Here is the REAL Gaza! Video doesn’t lie! The truth will ALWAYS prevail!

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