Let’s look at ALL the different resolution points:

Insult # (1) – Therefore Be it Resolved that the NDP actively campaign for the Right of Return for all Palestinian refugees

Insult # (2) – An end to the Israeli settlements and Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands <—Palestinian WHAT?

Here are some “great” examples of how Hamas ruthlessly kills its own people!

Some more Hamas atrocities brought to you by an Arab brother who puts his life in incredible danger to defend Israel & speak the truth about the “Palestinian” lie!

Insult # (3) – A halt to the armed aggression by Israel 

What utter hypocrisy! Talk about acting & speaking BLINDLY! Are you guys THAT out of it on your POT cookies to know that a sovereign nation, ANY sovereign nation, has the RIGHT under the Geneva Convention to protect itself, if it finds itself attacked, which Israel is, DAILY!!?? Are you trying to claim the opposite? That’s even more disturbing if you are! Your position is FULLY unsustainable & I dare JUST ONE OF YOU to go & visit the many area’s Hamas launches its rockets into & speak to the survivors, BUT better still, you should be forced to stay there for a week, THEN SPEAK as a person who holds TRUE knowledge! Since you “resolution” targets only Israel, are we to presume you will NOT resolve to have Hamas end its unrelenting terror campaign against us? Are we Israelis “open season” like we were in Hitler’s Europe? Is this all about us laying down our arms & then being rounded up, ONLY THIS TIME ON OUR HOLY LAND & KILLED OFF MUCH LIKE WE WERE DURING THE HOLOCAUST THAT CLAIMED OVER 6 MILLION JEWISH LIVES ALONE? ADD TO THAT COUNT THE GAY & LESBIAN POPULATION & ANY OTHER “UNDESIRABLE” WITHIN HITLER’S WARPED, BANKRUPT BRAIN & IDEOLOGY!

I can tell you from experience on the subject that Hamas will NOT be “amused” if you happen to write a “resolution” calling on a halt to THEIR armed aggression along with us Israelis! I kid! It’s not a case of them being “amused” – They just don’t give a RATS ASS, in fact they openly declare they “don’t want AID or FOOD” – See Below; For them, its business as usual, with support from idiots who are ill-informed & forgettable characters, who give them the power they use against their own people, again & again, bringing nothing more than generations of misery, peoples lives that were ruined & which continue to be ruined as you read this. Those are fellow human-beings with a heart, soul, emotions, sensitivities BUT who NEVER got the chance to live a life in peace & true freedom; Guess what gang? Only 5% of all the people that have EVER lived, actually lived in pure & authentic freedom. 

Insult # (4) – The bulldozing of homes 

Funny, you make no mention of the Israeli homes that were & continue to be “bulldozed” by the same people, only it happens to Israelis/Jews too, so therefore it’s automatically LESS important! Got it, slowly I’m catching on to this Anti-Israel thing after all!

Insult # (5) – The destruction of olive groves & farms 

COME AGAIN? Have you SEEN the farms in the West Bank or Gaza, or better still the shopping markets in these “terribly” & “horrifically” “Occupied Territories” ? Clearly the memo that the “Palestinian Territory” has enjoyed HIGHER year-over-year growth than Israel was never received. Translation those “Occupied” territories must be doing something right? Well, of course they are! Because Israel is paying for it! All tangible goods that they cannot produce themselves is provided to them by Israel, ten thousand tons a Week… In the “Real Gaza” section of video’s, you will notice a common denominator – There is virtually NO POVERTY to be seen, at ALL, ANYWHERE (Not saying there isn’t poverty, I have yet to set foot in a nation anywhere on the planet that has NO poverty, so how would the “Palestinian Territories” be any different?).

What is clearly seen in huge supply is food & goods of any kind or are the countless video’s I’ve provided you with as evidence of my claims, all conspiring independent of one another to pervert the truth? 

So PLENTY OF FOOD, yet your “activists” are being told that there is “wide-scale poverty” in Gaza or the West Bank, worse an active Genocide against them by who else, us evil Israelis (This week we are cleansing them – We haven’t yet considered what to do next week, suggestions welcomed!)

This whole “Humanitarian Crisis in Palestine” is complete nonsense & an utter farce! It would have to be my personal pick for “LIE OF THE YEAR”.

Give them their due, Hamas/Fatah & the PA “work hard” for the sympathy & blind allegiance they are handed on a Golden Plater, which is about as hard as they work to destroy Israel or just terrorize Israelis daily; They love to do both, sometimes all at once! Why is no other nation, AND THERE ARE MANY, including the United States, receiving such a huge outpouring of “Humanitarian Goods” as the Terrorist Flotilla Version 1 & now with Version 2 “claim” to be bringing to the “Poor Gazans” — who might be too busy in the malls shopping to accept your AID, did you ever consider THAT? We wouldn’t want to inconvenience anyone!

There are MILLIONS of Children in the USA that go to bed starving, every night, are they not worthy of the same aid & help? Or does the “Big Satan” effect deem all American’s “unworthy” of our love, help & human kindness, when they most need it? These young ones, the innocents of a country who’s failed foreign policy of the past (Embracing Dictators or Installing them) & now economic implosion, is affecting those who can least afford it, those already VERY vulnerable! The average American child wakes each day, the same way they went to bed & still there is no food to be had, later in the day. It used to be isolated to certain parts of the US, then it became the status quo in the whole country & unmistakably visible as you drive through the country; The USA is not what it used to be!. The middle class has been devastated & relegated to APS (Abject Poverty Status). But I guess because it’s the US, they’ll take care of it! As they have been all this time anyway, right!? What poverty in the US? 

What about Sudan & Darfour, how about Ethiopia & Somalia

Why are they not “worthy” recipients of the SAME “aid”? – They surely need it more than the “Palestinian” who’s having trouble deciding which shop to enter first, Gucci or Versace, in their luxury malls or which car to take, will it be the new BMW, or the Range Rover, only the finest will do in the “Occupied Territories” – SO I SAY SHOW ME EVIDENCE OF THE DESTRUCTION OF OLIVE GROVES & FARMS. I have never heard ANY such complaint & as an Israeli News Portal & a Leader in the War on Antisemitism & HATE, I ask you to provide me evidence of your claim, we are flexible if you are, but we need you to actually LEARN something about the REAL Israel as opposed to the “Garbage Israel” image that is ALL too common! Especially lately here in Canada!

You are, after all, supporting Terrorists, INTENTIONALLY OR UNINTENTIONALLY, EITHER WAY its an epic departure from “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” fast forward to today & …


Make NO MISTAKE, every dollar you send to the PA or its “peace loving unity” Hamas/Fatah Army of Killers goes RIGHT INTO THEIR SWISS ACCOUNTS THAT FUND WORLD TERRORISM; AND IT IS TERRORISM which IS a Humanitarian Crisis, it’s an abomination as well! 

Terrorism is a crime against humanity, which WE humans, are allowing, despite saying we “DETEST & RESENT IT” – BUT, Actions speak LOUDER than words! How can we change the present & future & make both better if we continue to collectively pick & chose our history, to what suites us, history doesn’t work that way! Despite centuries of evidence of failed actions, of all kinds, we STILL make the SAME mistakes over and over again, which is, by definition, insanity.

To BE Continued tomorrow!! http://bit.ly/JewHateInCanadaPart5

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