Continuation of Insults against Israel

Insult # (6) – The assassination of political leaders & activists by the Zionist State


Do you even understand the magnitude of the accusations you are levelling & passing on to your followers as the Bible, TRUE about ISRAEL, YET if you go though this ENTIRE Organization, you will find an article that addresses the various slanderous lies you claim to be true. If you went through our Organization, we could actually point you to the area’s of most importance to you & your flawed position statements. If something isn’t covered I always engage our reader, our Brothers & Sisters in arms (As in arms locked in arms) walking in PEACE & QUIET, for PEACE & QUIET.

The Israeli Government has NEVER assassinated legitimate political leaders, to claim otherwise is OUTRIGHT slanderous & SHOWS US, AT WHAT A RAPID RATE, ANTISEMITISM IS GROWING & WITH IT THE HATE THAT IS ITS HALLMARK! Below are the documents that prove disturbing Antisemitism in Canada! But Canada is only ONE place that is seeing a LARGE uptick in Hate Crimes, this is a Global Pandemic – All aimed at the beautiful people of Israel, to delegitimize the State of Israel & as if the Israelis & Jews have not been made to suffer enough these last 5,000 years! 

Insult # (7) The removal of the apartheid wall, still under construction across the West Bank

OH silly me! They must mean that Suicide Bomber Prevention Wall? How many lives has that wall saved AGAIN? Well, I’m no good in Maths, but I can tell you the number includes so called “Palestinian” Arabs & other people who live in the territories that occupy Israeli LAND, not the other way around! Wanna know how many lives it’s saved? HOW ABOUT EVERY LIFE THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN, HAD THE ISRAELIS NOT BEEN FORCED, TO PUT THE WALL UP IN THE FIRST PLACE & ONLY AFTER WITHSTANDING YEARS OF BRUTAL SUICIDE BOMBER ATTACKS, ROCKET ATTACKS & THE EASY TRANSPORTATION OF ARMS THAT EXISTED, BEFORE THE WALL GREATLY MINIMIZED OR STOPPED ALL SUCH ACTIVITIES! But let us speak in exact numbers – Between 2002 & 2008 suicide attacks against Israel by “Palestinians” dropped 451 to 7 – That’s a 98.5% improvement on saving lives!  ARAB, ISRAELI, JEW, MUSLIM OR TOURIST LIVES! Any life saved, is a life to be cherished!

Insult # (8) – Therefore Be it Further Resolved that the NDP call for the full restoration of financial aid to the Palestine Authority 

Excellent idea! Why not also work to get funding restored to Arm Hamas & Fatah with NEWER ARMS so they can further enslave, brutalize & kill their own people?! Restoring financial aid to them would be a BIG MISTAKE, especially now, since the Palestinian Authority is being run/ruled via a ruthless & brutal dictatorship brought to you by the world recognized Terrorist Group Hamas & their evil twin Fatah, who used to hate each other, kill each other, but now they are a “unity” so instead they KILL TOGETHER now! Both are directly responsible for ho torture, beat & kill anyone who disagrees with their ideas & plans for terror. If you dare say NO to Hamas, that you won’t allow them to use YOU as Human Shield, as they cowardly fire their Rockets into Israel daily, they simply kill you. If you’re lucky it’s a bullet, if your unlucky they will savagely behead you or worse, there is a picture of a young girl that was beheaded by Hamas below – Her Crime? Being a Christian in “Palestine”. The rockets fired by these terrorists, multiple times per day, end up killing mostly school children, BUT Israeli School children, WHO CLEARLY HAVE NO VALUE TO YOU, NEXT TO A “PALESTINIAN” CHILD which is clear discrimination & is reprehensible. Every human life is worth saving!

Here is what is most prevalent in the so-called “Occupied Territories which you support! As like with our other evidence, some of it is in English, other parts in Dutch, some French & of course Hebrew & Arabic!

We hope with such a large selection of languages covered, that you might be able to understand!

These “resolutions” amount to nothing MORE than a manifesto of Antisemitism & a Dummies Guide to helping Terror become GREATER still! 

Are you “people” even aware that Hamas, the very “people” you want to bring “humanitarian goods” to, acts as a proxy of Iran, which is preparing for, willing & able to launch a “Nuclear Holocaust” against us in Israel! Should we assume that your caucus is supportive of this also? Perhaps we can do your caucus a favour & pick a day for “National Suicide Day”!

Not only does Iran support the notion that the “Holocaust Never Happened” but worse, that sick, vicious message is passed down to their foot soldiers, who blindly follow & dare NOT ask questions for fearing death! The foot soldiers being the people “charged with” brutally killing or sending strong warnings of impending death to their own people! Hizbellah in Lebanon, to Israel’s north, which moved in to take siege of Lebanon when Israel moved out, again imprisoning the poor citizens of Lebanon & holding them hostage ever since. On goes the message to Hamas & Fatah Occupied & Controlled “Palestinian” territories & of course al-Qa’ida itself. They all subscribe to the same hate & theory that “no matter what means it takes” to get the “job done”. To Hamas/Fatah or Hizbellah, a human life, including of their own people, is worthless. To Israel’s south is the resurgent Muslim Brotherhood & even worse still, an official Nazi Party for Egypt, because that’s what the Jewish State of Israel deserves after giving the Sinai Peninsula, full of oil, to Egypt for the hope of peace. A rude as hell slap in the face, following the ouster of what the people called a Dictator, but who maintained peace with Israel, to be replaced with WORSE?

That’s not “democracy” – Its stupidity! 

But here’s the WAKEUP call, Iran’s newest Nuclear Warhead, or as I like to call it, an “actual” WMD showed off a few days ago can reach the USA & Canada…Which makes Iran a WORLDWIDE epic problem, ONE WHICH WE HAVE PRECIOUS LITTLE TIME TO ACT TO STOP!  


To BE Continued tomorrow!!

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