NO HE’S NOT! He’s a rank opportunist!

I KNOW THE REAL STEPHEN HARPER, as do over 60% of Canadians who NEVER voted for the man! Figure that one out!


Inconvenient Truth or Inconvenient Photo-Op Gone horribly wrong? Harper & well, let’s say, it’s not the most flattering picture of him!

And the above is Stephen Harper festively congratulating the ruthless tyranny of Iran, celebrating it even! Watch for yourself & hear their chants! But he LOVES US & Israel! Yup, just like Santa stops by our place every year!

How about this?

Still think he’s an ally?

THE OFFICIAL OPPOSITION OF CANADA… “Demand a halt to military aid, investment and economic trade with Israel until all the above demands are met, and that the NDP campaign for an end to the rule of apartheid laws that make Israeli Arabs and Palestinians second and third class citizens under occupation.”

Isn’t it a PITY how ignorant you all are, to have even targeted Israel, without doing a scratch of homework…No, No! Gotta Condemn Israel, its what everyone else is doing! That memo, I think you received!

All is not lost! We did take notice of some of your other positions too:

29. Solidarity with Cuba
Whereas the United States government continues to enforce its war-like economic embargo of Cuba, causing increased suffering to the population;

Whereas Cuba s socialized economy, extensive social equity achievements, and quality social services ensure that human needs are put first, in stark contrast to rapacious global capitalism;

And whereas the loss of the Cuban socialist project would constitute an historic setback for working people everywhere;

Therefore Be It Resolved That the NDP express its solidarity with Cuba, encourage party members to visit the island, demand the immediate release of the anti-terrorist Cuban Five framed and imprisoned in the U.S., demand an end to the U.S. embargo, an end to the U.S. occupation of Guantanamo, and an end to U.S.-backed efforts to destabilize and sabotage Cuba’s socialist gains and national sovereignty.

I TOTALLY back your support of Cuba, but NOT a SINGLE “Resolution” for Gilad Shalit who’s been held captive by these Terrorist animals your bringing “humanitarian aid” to & he has been kept in a cage, not fit for an animal! For FIVE years now & these are the “Palestinians” you support! 

Where are your “Resolutions” to FREE Gilad Shalit? You claim to want to help the Cuban5, which I have personally supported for YEARS, BUT what about Gilad, is his life not important enough, not worth the life of the Cuban5 members?

30. Defend Venezuela and Bolivia

Whereas the government led by Hugo Chavez has acted to expand democracy and public services, to improve access to health care, education and land for poor farmers, and to raise general employment, living standards and income levels for the majority of Venezuelans;

What DRUGS are you people on so I can warn other’s to stay away, it clearly acts to make one STUPID FOREVER! Ask an ordinary Venezuelan how much THEY like Chavez, you’ll find he’s mostly detested, for good reason. You fail to mention his brutal & deadly crackdown on dissidents…Only a Dictator does that! So clearly you LOT CANNOT BE COUNTED ON TO PROVIDE REAL facts, you just make it up as you go along!

And whereas the government of Bolivia, led by Evo Morales, has exercised its sovereign right to take control of the country’s natural gas and oil industries in order to foster development and meet human needs; 

And whereas the United States has a long, dishonourable and violent record of interference in the affairs of governments that take control of their resources in order to raise living standards and end foreign domination; 

Therefore be it resolved that the NDP actively campaign to prevent or halt economic, political, and military intervention by the United States and its allies against the people and governments of Venezuela and Bolivia, and call on the government of Canada to oppose any U.S. and allied foreign intervention which undermines the sovereignty of those countries, and further demand that Canada facilitate increased solidarity, improve bilateral relations, and positively recognize the efforts of the Venezuelan and Bolivian peoples to exercise their self-determination.


WOW, talk about ignorance!

Here are some other GEMS from the same group!

All of it yet more outrageous patent lies, slander, libel & which act with intent, to wholly re-brand the ONLY democracy in the Middle East, which is the most perfect example of Socialism; Israel – WE AREN’T BUYING WHAT YOU’RE SELLING!

“Turn Left, Summer 2009 Issue”:

Socialist Caucus Resolutions for the 2009 NDP Federal Convention

3. Justice for Palestinians, Boycott apartheid Israel

Whereas there can be no lasting peace in Palestine/Israel, or the surrounding region, without social justice;

Therefore Be it Resolved that the following be added to Section 4.5 of the policy booklet: “The NDP will actively campaign for the Right of Return for all refugees, an end to the Israeli settlements and Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, a halt to the armed aggression, the bulldozing of homes, the destruction of olive groves and farms, the assassination of political leaders and activists by the Zionist State, and the removal of the apartheid wall, still under construction across the West Bank; And the NDP will call for restoration of aid to the Palestine Authority, demand a halt to military aid, investment and trade with Israel until all the above demands are met, and that the NDP campaign for an end to the rule of apartheid laws that make Israeli Arabs and Palestinians second and third class citizens under occupation.”

“Protests push NDP forward”

Can I interrupt for a second, sorry, I’m Israel & people call us pesky because we like to ask a lot of questions, reason through those questions to arrive at an answer, which is then debated further by us! That would be why Israel is wonder it is today, BTW! But, besides that your whole rationale is frying my braincells, as its not normal intake, its the words of “people” who I bet a Dollar to a Timmies Donut have never so much as FLOWN OVER Israel, much less been there OR to these “Occupied Lands”… So to my Question … How did you like those “protests” – How did they work out for ya’s, cause I never seen ANY protests that were supported or driven by the NDP against Israel, as you so claim??!!

The impact of social protest movements on the NDP was also apparent in terms of Middle East policy.  Two emergency resolutions, one on Lebanon and one on Palestine, were debated and adopted overwhelmingly, despite objections from Winnipeg MPs Judy Wasylycia-Leis and Pat Martin (reflecting another crack in leadership unity), and a handful of pro-Zionist delegates.

The Lebanon motion calls for an “immediate and complete withdrawal of Israeli troops” from the country, “from the Syrian Golan Heights and Lebanese Shebaa Farms” and states “Hezbollah is a recognized political party with democratically elected members in Lebanon’s cabinet and parliament”.

The Palestine resolution “oppose(s) Israel’s occupation of and unilateral plans for the West Bank and East Jerusalem, including settlement expansions and ongoing control of Gaza’s borders”.  It proposes “a comprehensive peace process which includes addressing the Palestinians’ right of return issue”, and it calls for “financial support” to Gaza and the West Bank through “non-governmental organizations, and through the Palestine Authority as appropriate”.

To be sure, those resolutions are seriously flawed.  

They fail to support the Lebanese and Palestinian popular resistance to the aggressor Israeli colonial settler state, to its Apartheid practices, and to its imperial master in Washington.  

They foster illusions in the Canadian state’s supposed past “support of justice and international law”.  

They “offer Canadian troops to the UN mission in south Lebanon if approved by all parties” (an expedition aimed at disarming Hezbollah, not the agents of imperialism).  They make the Palestinian Right of Return contingent on a global settlement, and uphold the discredited “two state solution”, a Bantustan-type arrangement designed to subordinate Palestinians, as the strategic goal.

Nonetheless, for the NDP to officially and publicly criticize Israeli aggression, to demand the release of prisoners on both sides, to condemn the 685 km “barrier wall” and “settler-only bypass roads”, and to call for a resumption of aid to the (Hammas-led) Palestinian Authority, represents an important differentiation from the historically pro-Zionist policies of the party leadership and a partial victory for solidarity movements.

Supporters of Marxist publications who participate in the NDP, including Socialist Action and Fightback, were very visible too.  The positive response of delegates to radical literature was reflected in the sale of over 55 copies of SA newspaper — indeed more would have been sold, but the supply on hand was depleted due to high demand on Labour Day and at earlier protests against the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

To BE Continued tomorrow!!

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