This the REAL “Palestine”!
Besides Terror, they are also good actors for the wrolds press that are fooled time & time again, because of their insessant urge to get only the “sexiest” or most “action packed” scenes, as opposed the the WHOLE story, in context, as once WAS the job of the “free press”

This is the REAL Israel!

Just below 31 images YOU WILL NEVER FORGET – Viewer Discretion IS ADVISED – The first picture is of the poor girl I told you about earlier who was beheaded for being a Christian!
Please NOTE – These pictures ARE an accurate depiction of what is “normal” in these so-called “Occupied Territories” – I have tried to maintain the dignity of the dead & try as much as possible NOT to show a human-being dead, but THAT IS THE NATURE & REALITY OF “PALESTINA” – The name the Roman Crusaders gave the Kingdom of Israel, in a failed attempt to destroy ANY & ALL Jewish history that remained & in doing so the Jews were renamed to “Palestinians” long before the impostor “Palestinians” made their way into modern day Israel seeking refuge, which we granted them, saving their lives!

Do a little research and you too will discover that the only thing close to “Palestinian” or “Palestine” were the Philistine Tribe, as seen below in another MAP, hope you “Socialists” don’t get too confused! BTW, check the size of the Kingdom of Israel – A TRIBE, not a State, not a Nation, not even a Province! The Philistine Tribe was incredibly small, at its PEAK it had only 30,000 people, which was nothing next to the other Tribes of the Region & the Kingdoms AND had NOTHING DO WITH “Palestine” or “Palestinians” – Don’t believe me? Go read for yourself! — – The people that would be the “so-called Palestinians” were & remain living where they always have lived…In what is today’s Jordan, only that doesn’t “amuse” the King so much, the current or the previous! The late King once famously said “They’re your problem now” when Israel attempted to give the West Bank, also known as Jordan-land back to Jordan following they’re humiliating defeat, as a gesture of good will.
Ask a Jordanian OR Egyptian WHY they don’t take in their people, the people claiming to be “Palestinians”…

How do you like this “Normality” of “Palestine” & their implanted people, the Roman named “Palestinians” NOW?

The End!

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