Psychologist & Patient examine the motives of Freedom Flotillas, Flytillas & other such ploys to “Free Gaza”! 

All of it is becoming rather fashionable among the mentally retarded, kool-aid drinking, fundamentalists, who buy & sell in lies & arms. They demonize the ONLY Democracy in the Middle East by perverting the truth. They actively conspire & execute the wholesale re-writing of history to suite their Terrorist ends; They embolden & even power nearly non-stop, brutal, violent & deadly Crimes Against Humanity, especially since they just love to target schools or the buses that try to securely bring, innocent young lives, into class rooms, not to indoctrinate horrific hatred into their impressionable minds, but rather to empower them to be a force of knowledge to be reckoned with; Apparently all these “Activists” for “Palestine” seem to have NO PROBLEM endorsing acts of PURE Terrorism, Bin Laden style, only his excuse of a life, has met a fitting end!

The same activists seem completely OK with they’re “Starving Palestinians” leading by example, not in tech, or medicine, such as Israel has for 63 years now in its modern day existence but deal preferably in the more lucrative fields of faking a none existent “genocide” & “ethnic cleansing” – When not that, they are hijacking identities created by the Roman Empire to Re-Brand the Jews & Jewish History, who along with everyone and their brother, have invaded the Kingdom of Israel for thousands of years, OVER & OVER AGAIN, either destroying Religious Holy Sites, or entire cities along with their inhabitants, the one’s who weren’t killed off in cold blood, where forced from their lands, which were always Jewish lands! Anyone with half a braincell & that genuinely studies authentic geography maps of the world, concedes that the MAPS prove this claim to be the REAL TRUTH! Just make sure Ur Geography Pro is not on the payroll of Iran, or their fanboys Hezbollah, Hamas or Fatah AND INSURE they aren’t also COMPLETE sociopaths and/or pathological liars, like the “Palestinians”!

Never-mind that they are committing gross violations against their own people, who are brutally repressed, butchered, stoned to death, should they dare not submit entirely to their Murderous War Crimes. 

How can ANY sane individual want to bring “Humanitarian AID” which is NOT even needed, again today they declared that in Gaza, the only shortage they have is SUV’s & 4X4’s, to match their red sports cars & their latest “Impoverished” addition to Gaza, yet ANOTHER ultra luxury hotel, this one made almost entirely of Marble! Must be nice! I bet REAL victims, say the one’s starving to death in Africa, as I write this would be mortified that their precious lives must end in a REAL humanitarian crisis, whilst PallyWood produces yet MORE outright lies!

The “Palestinians” are good at a few other things too…dehumanizing, trying to delegitimize a sovereign nation & humiliating the innocent, when not killing them of course!

These Pro-“Palestinian” activists are NOTHING MORE than Anti-Israel, Anti-Zionist & Jew Hating…But their “peace activists” – Of the armed, DANGEROUS & even LETHAL variety! God has Humanitarian Work ever changed in 12 short months! Now we just ARM the Terrorists, who celebrate their worst murders of Israelis? Lives snuffed out for nothing, yet Israel imprisons them for their brutal crimes, she does NOT put them to death in an “eye for an eye” as is done in how many Arab & Islamic nations? Some of these “Poor Palestinians” are instead serving 20+ life sentences, whilst in the US the death penalty is still considered “humane” & “just punishment” for a single 1st Degree Murder conviction.

 Are these idiot enablers really THIS stupid? Can their IQ of 1 not compute that ALL the “Palestinians” REALLY lust after, is yet MORE publicity, ARMS & anything they can use, including “AID” which is converted into funding for YET MORE Terror against Humanity!

Funny how Turkey, who lead the Mavi Marmara flotilla last year, chose NOT to participate in the Freedom Flotilla this year! Why the change of heart? After all the “Palestinians” are STARVING!!! 

Could it be that the violent flotilla of last year, a year later SUDDENLY doesn’t serve Turkeys interests OR have they arrived at the realization that the Mavi Marmara was a clear Provocation & which would be treated as an Act of War by any other nation? Turkey would have responded in exactly the same fashion, had they been in Israel’s position!

What the Activists don’t realize is that by provoking Israel to Stop the LEGAL Gaza blockade, they are in fact severely undermining Israel’s ability to defend itself against a self-declared sworn enemy, the Hamas government. Let’s not forget that Hamas is a recognized Terror Organization AND that Hamas refuses to accept Israel’s right to exist!

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