Extremism is one of the community’s foremost concerns, and so the Board has always robustly and vocally challenged all forms of antisemitism, racism and bigotry.

We work with our partners, such as the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) and the Community Security Trust (CST), to combat all forms of defamation or inflammatory discourse aimed at the Jewish community, whether manifested on campus, in the media, public institutions, politics or anywhere else in wider society.

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Combating antisemitism is at the core of the Board’s work, which is why we regularly make representations to Government on its strategies to combat these problems and consistently take strong positions on organisations and individuals who exacerbate them. 

The Board plays an active role on the Cross Departmental Task Force on Antisemitism, ensuring the community’s voice is heard on across government and beyond.

On campus, the Board continues to work in partnership with the CST to support the important work of UJS in combatting extremism, antisemitism and hate speech.

More recently, the Board has intervened at various university campuses, engaging with university authorities in order to address serious incidents or examples of verbal or physical attacks on Jews.

Off campus, the Board helps our community to cope with increasing antisemitism across the UK. 

We lead campaigns against the far left and far right and galvanize the community to combat the recent attempts of the BNP and EDL to obtain a greater political legitimacy.


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