Greetings from the newest addition to the correspondent team at this truly great and Zionist/Patriotic Israeli News Portal for news regarding the homeland & of the Jewish people. 

I am going to be bringing the latest facts on the hardships and challeges faced constantly by our brave men and women serving their country in the Israeli Defense Forces.They defend our right to proudly have the only true democracy in the entire Middle East and share the thoughts of our beloved defense forces during these critical times in Israel’s history. 

Some background information on myself, I was born in Chicago, and then jumped across the pond to the leafy suburbs of London, England where a few years were spent. Afterwards, my family moved back across the Atlantic to live for periods in New York, Brooklyn, and New Jersey in the east coast of the United States of America. 

I was raised with a strong Jewish identity, however a mainly secular upbringing by Israeli parents living in the diaspora led to me always feeling a strong connection to our homeland, Zion. Throughout the many great histories involving the Land of Israel for nearly six thousand years. Israel’s current age since biblical times is 5771, however since the creation of the modern state of Israel we have had the immense pleasure in celebrating our 63rd anniversary since Ben Gurion’s Declaration (immediately following the declaration in what is now known as Kikar Rabin, all our Arab/Moslem nations, 600 times the size of our small fledgling State, joined forces to attack and destroy the newly declared Jewish State) of the State of Israel and United Nations General Assembly (with the exception of the Palestinian and their shady terrorist governments) ratification. I have had the privilege to visit and eventually serve with the great honor & pride in the defense of the rich Land of my forefathers & the protection of the Kingdom of Israel & by extension Jews born and located all around the diaspora & our supporters.

Serving as a lone soldier in Israel was not something to take lightly. At first the new found freedom was exhilarating but after a while one would like to be taken care of especially after some of the grueling weeks we had in training. The country has always succeeded in remaining close to my heart and my parents would take me at least once a year to visit our extended family living there. 

At some point in the beginning of high school I had made the decision to take some time after my studies and do something important for a cause greater than myself. Which is exactly the aspect that I relish most and which gives me the greatest sense of pride.

I had managed to see the vast majority of this country through the military including Judea and Samaria and which many controversially refer to as the West Bank. I can honestly say after all I have managed to see in this beautiful country that the view never gets old. While in Israel one cannot stop being overwhelmed by the majestic landscapes and environments constantly encountering while touring which shape the modern and beautiful Jewish State of Israel.

Anyone who feels that Jews from around the world should have a safe haven to call their own, which is free of all discrimination and ideally hatred (but one cannot police emotions)! Where one can be free to practice their religious, nonreligious, and/or secular beliefs. I believe in upholding the inherent right of every single being and their right to identify and live any type of LIFE,, without any interference from outside forces, as long as the individuals retain mutual respect and open-mindedness and a strong desire to live in peace with their neighbors. I believe this is the foundation of all relations which have any potential to improve and evolve the standard of living for EVERYONE AS THEY PLEASE in the Jewish State.

I would like to take the time to share with you my experiences from the three year strech I have done with the Northern unit known as Egoz. I served in the Egoz Anti-guerrilla warfare unit, specializing in the Ramat Hagolan/Golan Heights which Israel reclaimed many years ago and maintaining the defense of the North of Israel. Much of my actions in the army are still considered State Secrets and i would not like to find out what is done to those who like to share too much! However, I assure you dear reader that I have the pulse and still operate at the same wavelength and spirit of an Israeli soldier in the military even though my entire service was volunteered unlike most soldiers that served with me that were conscripted and received a much more generous stipend. Besides many long days and weeks spent up north I have managed to do some operations in Gaza and Judea and Samaria which I feel has given me a very broad perspective of the Israeli/Palestinian population.

I am excitedly tasked with bringing you guys the most unbiased and balanced breaking coverage and end result on our followup reports. I hope to impart upon my followers the emotional stress and sometimes backbreaking difficulty our soldiers experience securing and protecting the Jewish ancestral homeland, Eretz Yisrael our home that is essential to the construction of a patriot and professional soldier.

As Editor-in-Chief of Army affairs in this fine organization it is most important for me to understand you, our backers and supporters currently over one-hundred thousand strong and growing, each one of you guys to me is an intricate and important part of our mission to deliever the truth however unrefined, unfiltered, or uncut. However unpleasant it is important to report the absolute truth.

The team at this crossroads of this largely one way negotiation for peace between our beautiful Israel and our neighbors in the territories of Judea and Samaria and their brothers in arms in Gaza – The Yisrael Internet Defense Force. I am proud of our organizations deep commitment and resolve to  deliver the truth and I hope I can live up to these before-mentioned high standards. 

We are constantly thriving to improve our series, stories, media, and overall supply and services for you, our loyal allies. Like all families there are open and bidirectional communication and criticism primarily through talkback commentary. We have revised a new version of our interface which enables all of our supporters to submit comments directly on our site without the need to have a 3rd party account such as facebook or twitter. Until now, due to security with out founder and president we have upgraded our security protocals to allow anyone with a constructive opinion to comment exclusively on the article itself leading to more open and frank debate which we believe will stimulate more growth and each person is equally represented.

Take it upon yourelf to share your thoughts and opinions (in accordance with our organization’s policies and our revised ToS, anyone discovered partaking in any form of antisemetic, anti-Israel, and all forms of hatespeech or hateful comments directed at anything Zionist or Jewish has no position in our organization and will not be tolerated.) If you feel like you have something useful or meaningful for our organisation can reach us 24 hours a day at report@IsraeliIDF.org. We are currently seeking to expand our reach and diversity, and are constantly on the lookout for new, upcoming, and open-minded talent to help us to succeed in expanding and connecting to everyone that matters.

I am delighted to inform everyone en masse that I am very much looking forward to publishing my first article within the next few days. Anyone interested in sharing thoughts, opinions, with a challenging and (supposedly) intelligent opposition without hostility in our zen organization is encouraged to reach out. Any suggestions will be given credit and will be allowed to publish a front page fully-featured op-ed piece on your topic of choice which actively reaches over 100 thousand of your fellow comrades. So please help us help you spread the TRUTH about our beloved Am Yisrael. 

Email me at IDF-Special@IsraeliIDF.org & Noam@IsraeliIDF.org or if you are looking for a stimulating conversation I can be reached by phone at 0507478229. Also, I can be tweeted at the following URL: http://twitter.com/ToastiEgo

So please feel free to be in touch.

Noam Halpert Ex-Spec. Forces, First Sargeant


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