Keeping Them HONEST … Here, The FACTS:

US President Barack Hussein Obama & traitor of Israel’s has condemned Israel, time and time again, while giving our Muslim/Arab/Islamic Jihadist neighbours a free pass to KILL innocent Israeli’s, commit genocide against the Jewish State, keep Israel terrorized & Israeli’s even MORE traumatized than the Shoa itself & worried for their very future existence, ALWAYS, at ALL TIMES, especially when the Air Raid Sirens go off & Israelis run for Bunkers to HOPE to stay ALIVE!

US President Barack Hussein Obama & traitor to Israel DEMANDS Israel retreat to suicidal 1967 borders. Is anyone in the White House capable of LOOKING AT A MAP OR STUDYING A MAP? A WEE LOOK & STUDY OF The Kingdom of Israel, stolen from the Jews WOULD CLEAR UP A LOT! READING IS A CLEAR ADVANTAGE!

Does Barack Hussein Obama know that GOD gave that land to Jews and Israelis!!!??? You DO NOT FUCK WITH GOD!

US President Barack Hussein Obama & traitor of Israel, proves he is such with continued, sustained, whatever you fancy calling them … Orgy’s of Weapon Sales to Egypt after the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood!

US President Barack Hussein Obama & traitor of Israel DEMANDS Israel halt ALL building in Jerusalem & the West Bank. Jewish lands of the Tribe of 12, more than 5,000 years ago!

US President Barack Hussein Obama & traitor of Israel is responsible for the Largest Weapons Sale in the History of the United States of America! To the repressive, brutal to woman, its own citizens, fellow Arabs, Homosexuals, the terror heaven, magnate that is  “The Kingdom” of Saudi Arabia!

US President Barack Hussein Obama’s & Israel’s BIGGEST TRAITOR’s role-model; the Anti-White, Anti-Jewish, Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

US President Barack Hussein Obama & HATER OFFICIAL of Israel, Jews & the Jewish Community, HAS NOT ONCE, since taking office, visited Israel!


The REAL Obama BEFORE his Election! Already WELL against Israel!


WHY NOT show the REAL Israel & Israeli Defense Force?

The Best for Last!

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