ON one of the quietest News Cycle days, other than 4pm-6pm Friday, President Barack Hussein Obama launched his shameless attempt to trick “The Jew” back into voting for him in a slimy Video Message oozing of Plastic Love!


Barack Hussein OBAMA: The LIES

Barack Hussein OBAMA: The UGLY Truth

In this, an American Election Year, one of the most critical EVER OF AN ELECTION THAT WILL DECIDE IF AMERICA WILL REMAIN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OR A BANKRUPT & FAILED STATE THAT COULD DESCEND INTO CIVAL WAR – President Barack Hussein Obama has released a VIDEO to all Jews and Israelis about how, super-duper GREAT HE IS! And how much we should love him and adore him and vote for him too, because he’s Israel’s “greatest friend” and the “best ally for Jews” etc etc etc blah blah blah!

How OBVIOUS and SAD! American Jews, WAKE UP! Israel is already watching what you DO!

The Re-Election Campaign Video comes ahead of a State trip (mark my words) to Israel, since OBAMA now stands before THE AMERICAN PEOPLE & JEWS UNABLE to say he DID NOT refuse to goto Israel, DURING HIS ENTIRE Presidency, America’s biggest ally, despite having been next-door and denouncing Israel whilst at it! OBAMA IS A BUSY GUY! HE JUST NEVER got to Israel, UNTIL ALONG COMES A CONVENIENT ELECTION, after he’s fucked up on the Israel and Jewish file!

That’s how Hussein rolls!

I KNOW Jews are too smart to believe President Obama’s deception & betrayal toward Israel, A TOPIC WHICH WE AT IsraeliIDF HAVE REPORTED ON OFTEN since 2010. I KNOW because I called & continue to call Israel home!

Here is Obama’s Jewish/Israeli Love Fest for Re-Election … Get some tissues for the IDIOTS that believe in this MAN & rubbish bins, to upchuck in, for those smart enough to know the difference!

AWW, isn’t that SWEET!

Peace on earth! Peace in OUR time, for Israel, Israelis and Jews across the Diaspora!!!


The TRUTH about President Obama’s HATE for Israel & Jews across the Diaspora looks a little differentMore, um, like this

America’s most Anti-Israel PRESIDENT EVER…

Chief-Of-Disgrace; President Obama!

THE GUY WHO INSTEAD OF WARNING EGYPT against breaking its treaty with Israel, US officials chose to criticize Israel instead. Each time without fail!

With vote tallies in for Egypt’s first round of parliamentary elections, it is abundantly clear that Egypt is on the fast track to becoming a totalitarian Islamic State.

Until the US-supported the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt served as the anchor of a US alliance system in the Arab world. The Egyptian military is US-armed, US-trained and US-financed.

Now it’s going to be run by the Hitler and Nazi loving Muslim Brotherhood & yet MORE Arabs to be FRENZIED into a NEW, BLOODIER War and/or Attacks on Innocent Lives & they will work to agitate & amplify the already rising Israeli death toll &  Israel Hatred that is being ALLOWED by the Western World against Israel!

FAR TOO MANY CHILDREN, including Palestinian children are being slaughtered, especially when they target the Rehab Hospital itself, with both healing in it or dying in it!

The Suez Canal is among the most vital waterways in the world for the US Navy and the global economy.

Due to Mubarak’s commitment to stemming the tide of Jihadist & Islamic forces that threatened his regime, under his rule Egypt served as a major counter-terror hub in the US-led war against international jihad & Islamic Sharia law, threatening to take over in ONE too many places.

 Egypt was a PEACEMAKER with Israel! A Peace-broker of NOBLE STANDING, a people of Noble standing, today, we see THIS out of Egypt!

GIVEN Egypt’s singular importance to US strategic interests in the Arab world, the Obama administration’s response to the disaster that is the election results of Egypt, has been shocking.

Rather than sound the alarm bells, US President Barack Hussein Obama has celebrated the results as a victory for “democracy.”

Rather than warn Egypt that it will face severe consequences if it completes its Islamist transformation, the Obama administration has turned its guns on the first country that will pay a price for Egypt’s Islamic revolution: Israel.

Speaking at the annual policy conclave in Washington sponsored by the leftist Brookings Institute’s Saban Centre for Middle East Policy, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hammered Israel.

CLINTON’S ASSAULT on Israeli democracy and society, came a day after Panetta attacked Israel’s handling of its strategic challenges. Whereas Clinton attacked Israel’s moral fibre, Panetta judged Israel responsible for every negative development in the regional landscape. I have lived there, Israel is home and I BEG TO DIFFER!

Then there is Iran, and its nuclear weapons program.

Panetta argued that an Israeli military strike against Iran would lead to regional war. But he failed to mention that a nuclear armed Iran will lead to nuclear proliferation in the Arab world and exponentially increase the prospect of a global nuclear war, with rockets now able to reach the continental US and Canada.

Clinton’s and Panetta’s epically anti-Israeli messages resonated in an address about European anti-Semitism given recently by the US Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman. Speaking to a Jewish audience, Gutman effectively denied the existence of anti-Semitism in Europe. AN EPIC LIE!

There are two possible explanations for this state of affairs… It is possible that the Obama administration is an ideological echo chamber, in which only certain positions are permitted. This prospect is likely given the White House’s repeated directives prohibiting government officials from using terms like “Jihad,” “Islamic terrorism,” “Islamist,” and “Jihadist,” to describe jihad, Islamic terrorism, Islamists and Jihadists.

Restrained, by ideological thought police, that outlaw critical thought about the dominant forces in the Islamic world today, US officials have little choice but to place all the blame for everything that goes wrong, on the Land & People they are free to criticize, ready for it? Israel.

The second possible explanation for the administration’s treatment of Israel is that it is permeated by anti-Semitism.

The outsized responsibility and culpability placed on Israel by the likes of Obama, Clinton, Panetta and Gutman is certainly, a piece of classical anti-Semitic behaviour.

The ACTUAL message & feelings of the overwhelming majority of Israeli’s, including the massive American population that calls Israel home, amongst endless, over 100 nations that call Israel home HAVE purposefully been ignored, worse, have been fed to the American population in a VERY misleading fashion!

This consistent tactic of Obama’s is contra ALL statistical facts, which demonstrate, overwhelming, that the Israeli & Jewish Community, not only in the United States of America, but across the Diaspora, has NOT forgotten President Obama’s betrayal of Israel & therefore the entire Jewish Community worldwide.

Our aim is to send an unmistakably strong message to the American people that the deception and traitor-ship that has been the hallmark of Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidency is WRONG for Israel, always has been & therefore is WRONG for America.

HE is the worst President in the HISTORY of American Politics, not ONLY for US Foreign Policy reasons.

Israel DOES NOT support Obama’s FALSE ATTEMPTS to court … Actually, best said, win back … the Jewish-American Vote.

Obama & his behaviour toward Israel is on a long list of deceptions & betrayals which President Obama is now infamous for against the Jewish State.

President Obama’s Foreign Policy is FAR BEYOND a couple simple blunders, immaturity, lack of information or the mistakes of an infancy Administration, a fact which we MUST ALL realize & shout from the rooftops, in order  for those who do not understand, to comprehend the importance of putting just about ANYONE but Barack Hussein Obama in Office.

Obama’s Foreign Policy moves have been calculated, meticulously & ruthlessly executed & have resulted in the largest Arming of the Arab/Muslim/Islamic Jihadist world, in the history of weapons sales, weapons deals & weapon thefts because of deliberately putting them in the hands of the NEXT enemy for Israel!

This shows more than anything & more than any other American President in History; Barack Hussein Obama’s world view, kinda obvious these days, cause of all his actions, versus his words, or HOT AIR…Even those words are SCARY, namely because such a World View is what will set off another Cold War, which we humans barely survived, only this Cold War will be A HOT MESS, OF OUT OF CONTROL, NUKE SATURATING ALL OF HUMANITY. AND THERE WILL BE FIRE TOO!

Obama supports the world view & actions of the worst person since Hitler, the “New Hitler” Mahmud Ahmadinedschad, the same guy President Obama has allowed without regard, backbone or hinderance, the unobstructed continuation of construction of bases for Nuclear Arms & Rockets, LOCATIONS OF TERROR, which IRANIAN HITLER has not only threatened to USE against Israel!

Thanks President Obama! Israel LOVES NUKES!

According to recent reports, Iranian long range missile tests prove, coupled with advancements in their program of New Nuclear Holocaust, against the Jews & Israelis, with the help of Russia and China to name only TWO of the BIG PLAYERS FUNDING, SUPPORTING & PROVIDING THE MATERIALS Iranian Terror, even against its own people ISRAEL IS AN EASY TARGET!  It’s out of control.

The Iranian totalitarian & tyrannical regime, are being enabled, not only from the before mentioned countries, but with President Obama’s LACK OF BALLS to neutralize, replace the terror state AMERICA is responsible for (MANY THANKS JIMMY CARTER, you and Obama have TOO MUCH in common) & STOPPING IRAN from developing Nuclear ANYTHING, whilst certifiable lunatics are at the controls!

Soon, the long range missiles & rockets will reach the Continental United States & Canada, like Hitler & NASA’s Nazi, Werner Von Braun who built the V1 & V2 to destroy the UK and Europe for Hitler .

What is Obama doing about ANY OF IT? FUCK ALL!

No, President Obama is TOO BUSY ARMING the enemies of the United States of America in ways that our planet has never seen before, ya see, he doesn’t have time to use “tough words” on Iran ANNIHILATING Israel & creating a 21st Century Shoa!

That attitude & work WITH AND FOR for the devil, PLUS A CERTAIN STAB IN THE Americans, back AGAIN, LIKE at every turn & will TRAGICALLY LEAD, eventually, to another September 11th, or another Shoa/Holocaust, only this time, the NEW Shoa/Holocaust is a lot easier to get done, so close to Iran, versus Hitler’s, then technologically advanced for its time, IBM created, Hollerith Machine, which ruthlessly tracked down the Jews of Europe, to lead them, worse than cattle, on a one way train ticket (with German Train timing guarantees) to certain death & the largest genocide against a people, religion & belief system in the history of the world.

As a PROUD German-Jew, there is NO GREATER cause I can think of, which comes close to being as important as defending Israel & I will work to the end of my days to avoid at all costs, another Shoa happening ANYWHERE in the world & history therefore repeating itself again, as history does.

It is BRUTALLY important that Obama, his bloodsucking, gang-of DemONS & the intelligent people of the United States & American’s abroad, understand that ISRAEL does NOT SUPPORT Barack Hussein Obama & nor should you!

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, pay attention to IsraeliIDF for further details to come … Spread the Word, Facts & Tell others…LETS MAKE SURE Obama is NOT re-elected! Just ignore or as Michelle Bachmann says about the Gays “pray away OBAMA” …SAVE A GAY!

FORGET the pandering & BULLSHIT, you’ve heard it ALL before & ESPECIALLY ignore the Israeli politicians FORCED, because of Diplomacy & Obama pressuring them and Israel to end funding AID to Israel, which Israel gives back to the USA ten fold, in Technology, People, Brilliance & Brain-power, that NO OTHER NATION or PEOPLE can lay claim to! Israel cannot be matched for what it GIVES to the world, next to what it GETS FROM THE WORLD…INSULTED & HUMILIATED, KILLED & SLAUGHTERED. EPIC. NON-STOP. MINDLESS. VIA LIES!

Israel, receives from US AID, the EXACT same dollar amount Egypt is sent  & has been for decades (Now, these Billions in US Taxpayer dollars are going to the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihadists and the brutality of Islam) to Destroy Israel, Finish Hitlers Work, Killing Israeli’s & Jew’s & anyone else that calls Israel Home!

And here I thought we said NEVER AGAIN!!!???

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