Kirya Military Base will be target of opportunity in the next war


Defense elements are preparing for an assault on Tel Aviv, including GPS-guided missile fire towards Kirya Military Base
“In the next potential war launched against Israel, the enemy will attempt to attack Kirya base @ Tel Aviv, via GPS-guided missiles,” defense elements said in a statement.
This analysis primarily refers to the M-300 missiles developed by Syria. These missiles possess a satellite-based guidance system & an accuracy of 500 m.
The assessments are that in the event of a conflict with Syria, or a conflict with Iran, that could result in a conflagration on other fronts, fire will be directed towards Tel Aviv – including by way of missiles with guidance systems.
With or without any connection to these assessments, for the first time an Iron Dome battery was positioned south of Tel Aviv for an exercise.
Defense elements are assessing the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area & Kirya, as BOTH will be targets of opportunity in ANY future conflict scenario.
The Head of the IDF’s Directorate of Military Intelligence recently said that the organizations & countries surrounding Israel are in possession of no less than 200,000 missiles & rockets.
 First, on the Syria file; It’s nice to know that as Syrian Patriots DIE fighting for what they believe in, by the hundreds in Homs, at the hands of a bloodthirsty regime, hellbent on the slaughter of its own people, a people quite obviously fed up & no longer willing to endure DEATH, OPPRESSION, REPRESSION nor to be controlled, manipulated & forced to HATE any longer or place arms before human life, amongst other things…

That Syria would be simultaneously developing such deadly lethal & precision guided arms, in other-words, arms meant to KILL YET MORE HUMAN LIVES, only with better accuracy, is SICKENING! Russia & China SUPPORT this & the Arab League is USELESS, apparently! Shame on all 3!
WHEN will we humans commit to STOP THIS SELF DESTRUCTION? What does it take for a global body to END DEATH, like the UN … WAIT! Forget that IDEA, the UN is WAY TOO BUSY CONDEMNING ISRAEL each time IT SITS rather than, you know “Uniting” the … “Nations”. Why do we NEVER seem to want to learn from the horrors of history, mistakes made by yours truly, mankind & endeavour instead to make our world better, as opposed to WORSE? How come it’s ok for us to watch people being slaughtered on cell phones in Syria, on the 6 o’clock News, giving the kids nightmares without ever being asleep? When does this go on & ON & ON, one too many times to warrant a bomb being dropped on Assad? 
Case in point! My brand-new iPhone4S & iPad2 track my every step, if I get robbed, I can track both, send the police to the thief, without the thief knowing he’s about to be arrested for Armed Robbery because without a gun, I won’t be giving up my tech tools! From my couch, I can delete both with a click, preventing sensitive data being stolen! I can even send endless messages to torture the bastard, drop a bomb that I’m a son of a MAFIA boss & that he’s marked for death! iPhone5 will have remote detonation of the thief, I am sure, given the before-mentioned advancements! You can’t telling me the US can’t track Assad’s EXACT whereabouts, they own the GPS Satellites & surely it’s not a matter of morals; do we drop a bomb on the worst Dictator around? Obama just secretly invaded 4 African Nations earlier today, covertly of course! Dresden & the poor war refugees the US knew were in shelters, firebombed alive AFTER the total surrender of Germany! Then there’s Hiroshima & Nagasaki or Vietnam. Not exactly morally outstanding moments in time! What then is the problem with dropping a smart bomb, on the maker of the GPS Sat Guided Bombs, you read about above, which Assad wants to use on Tel Aviv? Or is it just better we pretend its all good until everyone has slaughtered the other? I’m losing confidence in humanities care for humanity!

IsraeliIDF WANTS TO & has an obligation to acknowledge that the life-destroying missiles … which assault Sderot, Southern Israel, for example, daily (Sometimes measured in minutes or hours, between attacks) are each launched against unarmed & fully innocent human-beings, maiming or killing them; A well known fact to Hamas & Co … Missiles fired at the hands of fanatical terrorists, Hamas for example, do NOT represent average Palestinian’s, who are ripped globally & painted as terrorists! Hamas goes out of it’s way NOT to comply with ANY of the Conventions of War. Why be bothered with them when there are people to be KILLED & barely enough time in a day to KILL em all! Decisions, Decisions! The deaths at their hands are horrific & those who survive are left wishing they had been taken from us! A thought no human-being should be forced to contemplate!

WHY is THAT the best option or a rational option, which we ALLOW? Who’s got the power, who’s the bad guy & who’s the good guy anyway? It’s getting hard to tell, because watching people being killed for our news cycle is bordering on Tech Enabled War Crimes!

A lesser known fact in the Israeli-Palestinian situation, is that BOTH Palestinian’s AND Israelis WANT PEACE, yet ironically, the opinion on both sides, are rarely or never reported on, nor do the opinions of the “common citizen” get taken into consideration! The deciding difference is that Hamas is responsible for routinely ending lives in Palestine & Israel, daily, willfully & they seem to be exceedingly PROUD; Much more so than the average, run of the mill, murderer or killer is & KILLING might well be the only thing they are actually good at! SICK & SAD!

Israel’s enemies will concede, albeit begrudgingly, that Israel mostly ONLY engages, after the fact, after they have been attacked, after many lives have been taken! It is a fact that all Wars Israel has been involved in, have been declared against Israel, not the other way around. In almost each case, Arab armies, got together & once together had forces 600 times the landmass of Israel ready to destroy the Jewish State & before you could say, Shalom, Israel kicked their asses, in hours, sometimes days, if they were having a bad day! The IDF as a whole, given the circumstances & atrocities they are faced with & given every Israeli born, plus all the Jews born across the Diaspora, who come home to help defend the homeland, suffer the same, traumatizing every citizen ever born! Arab’s, Druse & Muslim’s included; Collectively, all serve with PRIDE & DISTINCTION! YET EACH life is marked by the horrors of war, witnessing the death of humanity & despite those normally insurmountable odds, the IDF & those who serve the IDF are perhaps the most collected, reserved & humane armed force, constantly faced with WAR, on the face of the planet! Oh & they train America’s so-called “most dangerous unit in the world” the Navy Seals! All of it having started long before the IDF was created; Before Israel was declared a State, in modern times! No one speaks of how Israel severely court-martials & in-prisons those who in ANYWAY disrespect human life or those who do NOT live up to the HIGH expectations placed upon everyone in the IDF! People forget that, the commitment involved, the honour & the esteem to be BETTER than the war criminals they face daily & die at the hands of!

The MISSION of this Exclusive & Extremely unusual form of Opinion-Editorial, is to challenge conventional thinking of ANY & ALL “Supporters of the Palestinian Cause” & pose a serious question, one which catches most people by surprise, as it is so simple, that it can be misinterpreted as being an arrogant/ignorant sounding question and/or attack. (Thus, I lovingly formulate the question to re-assure YOU, the reader or perhaps the skeptic, that my questioning herein is meant well) – As background, this is a question we quite often ask on the streets of Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt & Jordan to name a few spots our correspondents are located & we ask it to elicit a reply, naturally, but also to fuse a conversation & thought process which might otherwise be void. We endeavour to aggregate the news you read here at http://IsraeliIDF.Org or when we collaborate a sourced story already published & breaking, the aim is to publish & push it, if you will, further to a greater audience. As Global Editor-In-Chief, my main requirement is to source, the source & frame both sides of the debate, in a fair end result. 

THE QUESTION … Do YOU think Hamas has satellite-guided, facial recognition-like software that is capable of distinguishing between religions or people’s? Kinda like Press One for Palestinian, Two for Israeli, Three for Muslim, Four for Jew & so on? Once they fire that rocket, the deaths they cause, are celebrated by them!

Do you KNOW how many Arab lives Hamas is responsible for destroying, within Israel? Do you know or care that Hamas missiles takeout Palestinian lives, in Palestine & Israel, when Palestinian’s find themselves in Israel & become the deadly victim of rockets fired from their “brothers-in-arms” in Gaza? Do YOU think Hamas cares or sheds a tear?

Hamas has NOT been shy, in fact, they have been very public about their murderous ideas, threats & threats turned murderous & the needless blood-spilling! BUT… Only if you know where to look! Hamas is “smart” you see! That or their supporters of the “cause” are stupid!

Hamas says their “campaign” is one to “slaughter Israelis & all people in Israel” once & for all! … That in mind, do you know that WOULD include 10% of Israel’s population, which is Arab? What about them? Are they meant to die as well? Does ANYONE care?

It is essential to understand how Hamas ticks; Such statements by them are carefully controlled & filtered; They are constant against Israel, released by us, as we become notified, with evidence to back each word! US, being an ARMY of dedicated people who aim for, live for & ALL work for Peace in the WHOLE Middle East; For all people! Each one of us, a unique & different story to share! 
My story is one example of unique; I was born into a German, Catholic mainly, family & have been learning ALL there is to know about being Jewish, the Culture, the Land, the Obligations, as I quasi convert myself, at least mentally to Judaism, as I have now for 3 years; BY CHOICE, LOVE & DEDICATION! But that’s not all! In my 31st year, of 32 years lived, I found out, by accident, as I was researching my book at Yad Vashem, on Neo-Nazism & my own ex-families role in founding & funding the WORST & BIGGEST Neo-Nazi Group in the history of Canada, my country of birth; I was incredibly born Jewish, but besides a feeling in my heart all along, a rotten to the core & hate filled family, which couldn’t be more Anti-Jewish if you tried, I could never understand the magnetic pull to Israel & to being Jewish; A deep feeling in my heart! Today, I can’t understand, my ex-families NEED & LUST to hide ALL Jewish roots, our identity, which makes ME proud as hell! They left Germany AFTER WW2, they started a new life, in the relative safety of Canada; No need to go the EXTREME of being responsible for The Heritage Front & Ernst Zundel! But they continued!

Today, I am not WILLING to hide my Magen David or Star of David! Regardless of the risks! I’d rather DIE proud of WHO I am, than hide who I am & reject what makes me, me! I walk the streets of Berlin, the former home of mass murderer Adolf Hitler! I pass buildings that he had built that are ONLY missing the Swastika from the facade, the Eagle that held the Swastika in its claws, is STILL visible & if that’s not a reminder of HORRIFIC TRAGEDY & THE FAILURE OF HUMANITY TO SAVE OVER 6 MILLION INNOCENT HUMAN-BEINGS from a death that is, to me, so troubling to think of, I could weep & lost no one! I think of those left with only the memories of a whole family, eliminated, as if they never deserved to exist to begin with! Treated worse than animals, NOT Only in Nazi Germany, but right across what is today the EU, the USA & the UK willfully contributed to the certain death of Jews trying to escape DEATH IN EUROPE!

Therefore I would NOT consider going out in public without my Star of David, it protects me & it’s on my backpack, jacket, around my neck, my wrist & I’m not even “paper converted” YET & the irony is, by Jewish Law & Right, I always was a Jew, a JACOB no less, my ex-mother’s, MOTHER was a Jacob until all roots were destroyed!

It is such stories that would bridge ANY divide; If we would invested the time in one another INSTEAD of hating or living with stereotypes, which only serve to cause MORE HATE or DEATH, instead demonstrate the courage humanity is capable of & we ALL have a story, we aren’t simply “on the Zionist bandwagon” as I get accused of in the dozens of hate mails & death threats received daily because I expose the truth about Israel! Fact is, I was a “Zionist” by ideology, long before I EVER HEARD THE WORD OR WHAT “Zionism” was! NOW, it all makes sense; I feel at home & I know my heart is interlocked with my spiritual & religious HOME, Eretz Yisrael!

No one has the right to conclude that a Palestinian life is not EXACTLY as valuable as a Jewish life or any other life? If all considered this fundamental, yet basic common fact, we would be discussing how wonderful it is to be integrated with one another, learning from our rich cultural, religious & various other differences, instead of causing endless pain for all concerned!

In the UK, young people supporting the “Palestinian Cause for freedom from the evil terror that is the Apartheid State of Israel” come complete with the cool neck scarf; It’s a fashion statement you see & then they are kept as far from the truth & real motives that drive & keep Hamas in power! These “Palestinian” supporters are CLUELESS to the true facts on the ground, how ruthless & deadly their “cause” & boogiemen behind the “cause” are! Hamas killing the “Palestinian’s” they are so protective & supportive of? … How is that acceptable?
Let’s compare life in Israel & Palestine. Israel, a place where a Jew can choose to goto Catholic Church, in Jerusalem! There are Jews who convert to Catholicism, heaven knows why, but it happens all the time! What about our 10% Arab-Israelis? They can & DO goto their Mosques in Israel, with just as many protections from the State of Israel, as a Jew has, up the side street at the Synagogue! The Call To Prayer is broadcasted outside each Mosque, at all hours, SO LOUD you can hear it for miles! It’s BEAUTIFUL to hear! I hope to be able to speak & understand what I hear from them, Arabic, just as soon as I learn Hebrew! In the mean time, I needn’t wonder if an Arab in Israel feels freer going to a Mosque in Israel versus going to a Mosque in the West Bank, because I know the definitive answer because I was told by the countless Arab’s I was privileged to get to know & remain friends with, BECAUSE OF BOTH OF US HAVING & BEING IN ISRAEL!
Here is another paradox; Orthodox Jews are often accused of NOT being so crazy about the Gays! EPIC HUGE LIE! I goto Liberal/Reform Bet Knesset in Germany, YET whilst I lived in Israel, I was a STRICT Orthodox Jew, in a city like Tel Aviv, the so-called “Gay Mecca of the Middle East”! My Bet Knesset in Yafo was Orthodox, I was Gay before, during & remain Gay NOW, it was NEVER a problem, in fact, it was NEVER a matter of discomfort FOR ANYONE! I was family like everyone else in my Religious Temple every Friday & Shabbat! Israel is FAR MORE advanced in Gay Rights than ANY other nation on the planet, they are just NEVER given credit for it, but the good news about Israel is NEVER reported on! Forget tolerance as that term implies FORCED TO TOLERATE! In Israel, people are encouraged to BE WHO THEY WERE BORN TO BE, NOT who they are NOT!!! In Palestine, Gays are hunted down if they DARE show it & they are STILL killed for no other reason! Most people I speak to, know nothing of the hundreds of thousands of Gay Palestinians who have fled certain death in Palestine, into Israel, who were integrated without question, then & always will be! Odds are that someone is going through that roller-coaster of FEAR, RIGHT NOW & odds are another Gay Palestinian is currently being tortured to death in a Hamas prisons of hell, where you go to die! Once in Israel, the Gay Palestinian, used to persecution or fear of it, are NOW learning they are suddenly respected, welcomed as any other person is in Israel! Israel MAKES IT KEY TO INTEGRATION & the law of protection applies to all, NOT the privileged! Christians who call Israel home are ALL given the freedom to stay & have had that freedom since Israel was declared!
I reckon Israel is doing SOMETHING right!
Dear friends, these are the actions, not the words & failed promises, common in other nations on the planet! Actions that set Israel apart, a shining example of WHAT IS RIGHT about the Middle East, NOT what is WRONG about the Middle East as so many brainwash others to believe! GIVE CREDIT, WHERE & WHEN CREDIT IS DUE, that is not asking too much! WE ARE ONLY ASKING YOU TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT ISRAEL … No more, no less! Best thing to do, is come to Israel & LIVE it, as ALL VISITORS say, almost upon arrival! Same happened to me! My illness, the worst pain condition of all, worse than MS, but called FMS, suddenly disappeared in Israel, I was able to slowly, take myself off 12 narcotic pain medications to ZERO!
Anyone who’s actually been to Israel KNOWS this for a fact! You simply cannot escape the omnipresent, almost potent, exceptional feeling, that all people I know have never felt anywhere else, along with never felt as safe & secure! Even more radical is that I have heard the same from MANY who had nothing but contempt & hate for Israel and/or Jews, misplaced & misunderstood! The feeling of losing all that HATE with the warmth & love that is so common; The Israeli Way of Life, is liberating!

Could it be that something magical, miraculous, spiritual, divine OR unique is found at only one place on earth, in the Land of Israel? Something powerful is at work, no doubt, because it is an unmistakable feeling you feel in the heart, that is when you KNOW it’s genuine & RIGHT. 

ALL people alive, are Children of God; We were ALL created in the eye & perfection of ALL our Chosen creators, an authority no one has the right to challenge, for he makes NO MISTAKES, the people who interpret him do! NOR, does anyone have the right to force views onto the other, who wants to simply live without ANY belief or association! In Israel, you can be & do ANYTHING you want! Non-Believers or Secular Israelis are NO LESS a product of God’s almighty perfection, because they do not practise!

FACT! … Israel IS HOLY to ALL religions, which form the cornerstones of our human civilization! 

Yet Hamas wants & needs DEATH, DESTRUCTION & SUFFERING! 

Let’s consider that Hamas is well-know for & has had many years practise in clever, but deadly, manipulation & calculated murderous intent, followed with acts of murder & suppression of such facts, at all costs; the REAL situation is KEPT from those, who the terrorists need MOST, to keep support for their “cause” & even to grow it, alive & strong! The “supporters” unintentionally further HAMAS! Otherwise, if you’re a supporter of Hamas, chances are you cannot be saved unless you RELEASE that hatred that is unnatural & LEARNED; As in, mankind makes mankind THINK & BELIEVE that HATE is a state, rational or logical! It is NOT!

It is profoundly urgent & fundamentally important to Hamas & terror organizations like Hamas, which surround Israel at every border, to continue to build support for the “Palestinian cause” via a SLICK, SICK & two-faced, FALSE GAME of lust, for blood & victims; The “cause” itself was fully hijacked long ago, before the world’s eye’s, yet who really cares to look deeper? Never-mind the courage to standup to a terrorist, right? I agree, they’re scary! Being a “Palestinian” supporter in London makes you a “Che” like Revolutionary & that’s “cool!” … Apparently!
NOT cool; The body-bags, these dirtbags are amounting on the backs of their people & their misled “supporters”.
The “cause” has long been outside the control & wishes of ordinary Palestinian’s, who are put to death, should they dare challenge Hamas, with say, a question!
This is the opinion of ALL Palestinians we know & are blessed to call friends & family; Inside Gaza, in Israel, in Europe & across the world, it doesn’t matter WHERE! We routinely make new Palestinian connections; They are just as human as anyone else & I will QUOTE a Palestinian in Berlin, who 2 weeks ago said to me, as he reached his hand to me in friendship … “We are cousins, Jews & Palestinian’s” – Too right & it is ONLY the brainwashed & fanatic fringes who REFUSE this fact & KILL those, given the chance, who wish nothing more, than PEACE for US ALL! 
God knows, no two people deserve peace MORE!
Finally, YOU need to know that Palestinian’s lucky enough to have escaped Palestine with their lives because they do NOT conform to the radical ideology that oppresses the rest & causes an endless cycle, of needless & horrifically traumatic suffering that benefits Hamas which is, THE HALLMARK of HAMAS & it is THAT radical wickedness that prevents Palestine from flourishing, NOT Israel, Israelis or Jews!
Isn’t it time YOU looked a little closer & considered the Palestinian’s condemned to a life consumed with hate, manipulation, brainwashing & COMPLETE CONTROL of their lives, the only life they have, railroaded by terrorists that kill in their NAME who do NOT BLINK when they slaughter their own & rob them of a life FREE of horrors that have been passed down from one generation to the other, endlessly! 
It’s NO WONDER hatred continues today!
WE CAN OVERCOME IT! I am a living example that IT IS POSSIBLE.
Maybe I was able to reach just ONE person! 
 1 person CAN change this world & those crazy enough to think they CAN change the world, like me, are the one’s who go on to do just that!


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