Egypt’s HUGE problem with Jews & Israel!

The Muslim Brotherhood et al & Muslims around the Middle East, in general, try to project themselves as a peaceful, tolerant, and fair people. That maybe so, but NOT all of them are & even less of them, stand up to be counted as NOT Hateful, when their voices would be most needed! If they wish to be seen as tolerant & peaceful, why won’t they let deeds speak as opposed to empty words!? Actions speak louder than words!

In this example, a video online, when the man in this video learns/thinks he’s being fooled, especially in this case, by Jews, his anger and hate towards Jews, uncontrollably boils to the top, on Egyptian national TV!

The Egyptian TV show in question, pulls pranks on fellow Egyptians, as part of it’s shows format. Initially, they had told the interviewees that they were Egyptian & interviewing them on various topics. Then, they tell the participants that they are Israeli Jews and violence erupts.

A female hostess and “producer” was physically attacked (slapped for being a Jew & later told that she brought it on herself to get slapped), furniture gets overturned, actors say “I hate the Jews to death,” and a great laugh is had by all (eventually) as the program proudly shows off what they claim is simply “Egyptian patriotism”.

So “Egyptian Patriotism” means HATING other’s?

via Egypt’s Antisemitism: Egyptian ‘Candid Camera’ Show Actors Pretend They’re Jewish & Are Attacked – YouTube.

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