Gaza! The ULTIMATE holidaymakers DREAM!

IsraeliIDF has been reporting for YEARS that things in Gaza are NOT as they are made out to be, by the worlds media (All controlled by the Jews, of course)

FACT … Gaza has NICER beaches & beach resorts than their “oppressive” & “tyrannical” neighbour, Israel … Responsible for turning Gaza into the “WORLDS largest Prison”!

FACT … Gaza has everything for your next vacation – beaches, attractions for the children, fine dining, shopping malls, open markets & MUCH, MUCH more!

FACT … The Pro-Palestinian groups in EVERY country, on the planet, WON’T be sharing such evidence with YOU …

Because such TRUTH, captured in video & still images, are profoundly inconvenient for the Pro-Palestinian “cause”!

Gaza! The ULTIMATE nightmare of ANY peace loving person, ANYWHERE!

When I moved to Israel in 2011, I knew that in order to continue our long standing tradition of unbiased & truthful reporting on the Middle East, that I would have to overcome my fears of being in the middle of a “war zone”, death & travel to both Palestinian Territories! To be brutally frank; My first 3 months of calling the Middle East home, I was scared stiff, at the very notion, that I needed to travel to the Territories, if for no other reason, than to witness the truth, on the ground, in Palestine, with my own eye’s!

I strongly believed then, that if I didn’t go, I would be one of the many Middle East News Portals out there, reporting on the political & geographical story, YET doing so, rather hypocritically, since I had NEVER actually set foot inside the Territories myself! I rightfully asked myself; how could I go on, being regarded as an expert on the Israeli-Palestinian situation, whilst NEVER actually having set foot, in the area’s we report on, so heavily! That was not sustainable to me, in my mind.

Also weighing heavily on my mind, was the fact that I owed nothing less, than coming in person, to meet our exceptional, dedicated & cherished staff of Palestinian co-workers, brother’s & sister’s, without who’s help, IsraeliIDF would be NOTHING today! Their loyal work, has enable us, to report on the TRUTH, on the ground, in both Territories, instead of the Western Media’s traditional approach, of relying solely on source of information that can never truly be verified as factually sound, in 100% of the cases & which no one can truly say are 100% prejudice free.

Without the help of our Palestinian Editor-In-Chief & his crew in both Territories, we would be a mirror-image of what other news services bring the average reader across the globe.

It is an epic privilege to have THEM & it was inspiring how we gained even more Palestinian collaborators & supporters, of our news service’s, which wouldn’t be the case, had I not travelled to Palestine, myself. When I asked each person for their individual reason to work with us, the answer was almost identical, every-time … “to provide our readers facts on our home”!

That said, I was equally SHOCKED & STUNNED upon my arrival, to see for myself, the economic “boom” Gaza was enjoying, thanks in large part, to the AID Israel sends across the border, each & every week; Another fact which is RARELY admitted to, in the Western Media! The Gaza in the media, is NOT the Gaza I seen with my own eye’s!

On-route to Gaza, I stopped in Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod & Beersheba, all of which, are small Israeli towns close to the Gaza Strip; All four, are only the MAIN targets of daily rockets, missiles & general TERROR against the Jewish State, from Hamas and/or Islamic Jihad within Gaza and/or the Sinai! I met many woman, men & innocent children who have lost legs, arms, hands, fingers etc etc … due to this ongoing assault on them, from Terrorists & their enablers. A large number of those victims are Arab; Just as 20% of all Israelis ARE Arab.

To provide you a final picture of the devastation this terror causes & the human tragedy it brings with it … In the 24 hour period, ending 3 days ago, 5 rockets slammed into Southern Israel. This year alone, an estimated 349 Grad, Qassam, Al-Quds & Katyusha Rockets have been aimed & fired at Israel PLUS 30 Mortar Shells. The rocket & mortar attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip started in 2001. Between 2001 & 2009, over 8,600 rockets were launched, leading to 28 deaths & several hundred injuries, as well as the widespread psychological trauma & disruption of daily life (Air-raid Sirens whaling to warn people to head for bunkers immediately to preserve human life). An estimated 15,000 people from Sderot alone, suffer PTSD & 1,000 more are treated within the mental health services community!

Make no mistake … These victims are RARELY considered by the misinformed, Western Media, which in turn, does a GREAT JOB, misinforming its audience & tipping the scales of justice in favour of Terrorists & Terror Organizations which USE & ABUSE innocent Palestinians in order to take lives in Israel. These terrorists are not even remotely concerned with the Palestinian lives that have been taken in these attacks! Why? Because if they were “in Israel to begin with, they deserved to die” … as per one of the more famous Terrorists, who today, enjoys life, with more money, than an average Palestinian family will earn in a lifetime of hard-work … Combined!

via Gaza 2011 – your next travel destination – YouTube.

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