New UNSEALED Gov’t Archives Reveal …

What Really Happened 40 Years ago in Munich…

1 … West German Gov KNEW in advance that Israelis were going to be killed @ Munich Olympics!

2 … Did NOTHING to Save Lives!

3 … Ignored the Victims & Their Families!

4 … Kept in Close Contact with the Terrorist Murderers!

Memorial to slain athletes

Memorial to slain athletes

Germans did nothing to save lives during the massacre carried out by Arab terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics, according to then-Head of Mossad, Tzvi Zamir, who was at the scene.

Zamir’s assessment was included in government documents unsealed Wednesday, 40 years after the debacle. The documents from the archives were translated into English & sent to Germany.

Mossad reported to the government on the German authorities’ handling of the event, when he returned to Israel on September 6, 1972.

“Human lives have no value for them. Neither theirs nor others” he told the cabinet. “In my opinion & I say this with full responsibility, they did not make a minimal effort to save the lives, they did not take a minimal risk to try & save the people, neither theirs nor ours”.

“I cannot avoid noting that it was the poor & faulty execution of the rescue that led to the tragic result” he added.

“My impression was that the whole thing went to their heads & they wanted to go on with the Olympics & finish it one way or another” he continued.

Germany’s police & Minister of Interior treated him with “impatience & unwillingness”.

The minister even tried to prevent Zamir from joining his helicopter flight to the airport near Munich where the final standoff took place.

Zamir said that he felt encouraged when he saw that the Germans had an operational plan, but his optimism faded soon afterward. “What can I tell you? One felt like climbing the walls” The sharpshooters used pistols instead of guns & the armoured vehicles arrived 40 minutes into the event. The Germans lacked the lighting equipment to locate the terrorists who had taken positions in the dark.

Prime Minister Golda Meir tried to present a softer position. “Look” she said. “I was not there & we need to be accurate in our assessment. When they planned … when they went into action, they wanted to do it… The intent was to save human lives”.

Zamir would have none of this. “They did not take minimal risks” he argued. “They fired Turkish-style. They lay behind cover & they fired, but none of them could be made to move from behind his cover… There are wounded people from their force & they could have driven a jeep to extricate a casualty. He was crawling on his stomach & it was clear that he would die of blood loss, but they do nothing to save him”

Palestinian terrorists

Palestinian terrorists

Zamir said that Germany made little effort to catch the terrorists or even determine how many there were, as they left the Olympic Village, after the massacre.

Germany said afterwards that it “was not possible to prevent the attack even if it had advanced information of an attempt to gun down Israeli athletes”.

Information revealed earlier this week showed that German authorities ignored advance knowledge of terrorist plots at the Games.

Three of the terrorists, were later arrested & were released in a deal following the hijacking of a Lufthansa plane.

Der Spiegel reported Tuesday that its government documents reveal that that Germany appeased terrorists, with whom there were secret contacts for years, even after the massacre.

Israeli Mossad agents killed three of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorists in a daring middle-of-the-night raid in Beirut.

However, the German ambassador to Lebanon said afterwards that the terrorists who were killed were among the most “rational & responsible” members of the PLO.  

During the six months between the massacre & the revenge attack in Beirut, German officials were conducting secret negotiations with the Munich Massacre masterminds to promote the PLO’s desire for international PLO  recognition, according to Der Spiegel.

Nevertheless, PLO terrorists continued their terror & hijacked the Lufthansa flight after the Israeli raid in Beirut, that way securing the release of three Munich Massacre Terrorists after the fact!

Germany Maintained Contact with Munich Massacre Terrorists!

The German government maintained contact with the “Black September” terrorist organization after the members of the group murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972, the German weekly Der Spiegel reported on Sunday.

The report said that the purpose of the contact with the terrorists was to prevent further attacks on German soil.

The investigative report said that a few months after the Munich Massacre, then Foreign Minister Walter Scheel held a secret meeting with representatives of the terrorist organization in order to create what was termed a “new basis of trust”.

The German government, according to classified documents obtained by Der Spiegel, did not demand that the terrorists completely stop terrorist activities, but only asked that they avoid attacking in Germany. In return, said the report, the terrorists sought to upgrade the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) political status.

German authorities also avoided prosecuting those involved in the terror attack on the Israeli athletes, the report said.

In July, Der Spiegel reported that the German government had advance warning of the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre.

German intelligence & the German foreign ministry reportedly received information indicating that a terror attack was being planned at the Olympics, but decided not to take precautions or preventive measures against the threats.

In June, the same magazine reported that the terrorists who murdered the 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics were aided by a neo-Nazi who provided them with weapons & forged documents.

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