Syrians slaughtered, but U.N. too busy condemning Israel 3 times

As Syrians continue to be slaughtered, the U.N. is once again too busy condemning Israel to respond to those pleading for help in Aleppo and elsewhere.

The world body’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the principal organ under the U.N. Charter tasked with addressing human rights and fundamental freedoms, has just concluded its annual session by turning a blind eye to the ongoing massacres by the Assad regime. Instead, a list of all its resolutions for the entire world shows that ECOSOC condemned only one single country: Israel. Two resolutions were adopted against Israel, and one report.

Sponsored by Algeria for the Third World grouping known as G-77, and by Turkey, a one-sided and politicized resolution was adopted on July 26 with the following title: “Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation on the living conditions of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan.”

It passed by an automatic and massive majority of 45 to 2, with only Canada and the United States having the courage to say no. Australia, Cameroon and El Salvador abstained.

Without any sense of shame, the resolution urges Israel to “facilitate visits of the Syrian citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan whose family members reside in their mother homeland, the Syrian Arab Republic” (par. 13).

In other words, the U.N. human rights session had the gall to actually address Syria without mentioning a word about the Syrians now being bombed, gunned down and mutilated. Instead, Syria was mentioned only for the purpose of demonizing Israel.

The hypocrisy gets worse. At a time when millions of Syrians are desperately seeking to flee Assad’s terror, a massive U.N. majority, acting through the only country resolution of the session, has just urged Israel to enable people — the Druze of the Golan Heights – to travel to Syria. No joke.

Meanwhile, outside the U.N., in real life, 100 students of the community in question who happen to find themselves in Syria are, for reasons obvious to everyone on the planet except ECOSOC, begging the Red Cross for help to leave Syria and return to Israel.

In addition, acting under ECOSOC’s permanent agenda item targeting Israel, the session also adopted its annual report targeting Israel.  This latest one lists Palestinians killed by Israel without making any distinction  between civilians and combatants or terrorists, and fails to say a word about Palestinian violence, including the murder of 17 Israelis by Palestinians in the same period.

(Even the U.N. note-takers are on board: the U.S. and Israeli criticisms of bias were placed in what seem to be ironic quotes, while none of the words of the anti-Israel speakers were treated that way.)

If that weren’t enough, the next day, on July 27, ECOSOC adopted another anti-Israel resolution, as proposed by the recent annual session of the Commission on the Status of Women, a subordinate body that suffers from the same single-country pathology when it comes to moral outrage.

Entitled Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women,” the text asserts that all ills of Palestinian women stem not from Hamas subjugation of women’s rights, or from other the well-known social and cultural obstacles common to Middle East societies, but rather from “the severe impact of the ongoing illegal Israeli occupation and all of its manifestations.”

This was adopted 30 to 2 — Canada and the United States again being the only nations to act with moral clarity — with 17 abstentions.

As for Syrian women, and those suffering in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen and elsewhere: nothing.

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