Turkey carries out retaliatory strike’s against Syria, after 5 Turkish Nationals killed, willfully

IsraeliIDF can confirm that Turkish armed forces, have launched artillery attacks, in retaliation against the border town of Idlib, Syria. This comes after a Syrian mortar strike, killed five members of the same family, in the Southeastern town.

In a statement issued this evening, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Turkish Prime Minister, said the attacks, carried out & followed by radar tracking, were within the “rules of engagement” against a “terrorist state”.

“There has been an attack on Turkey’s mainland & its citizens lost their lives. There is definitely a response to it, in international law”.

“We are not blinded by rage, but we will protect our rights, to the end, in the face of such an attack, on our soil, that killed our people” said Bülent Arınç, the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey this evening.

IsraeliIDF has confirmed that the Deputy PM’s explicit mention of “certain responsibilities” – contained within NATO treaty articles –  DOES in fact mean, that Ankara responded WITHOUT consulting international bodies first!

The “usual, lame & idiotic” statement’s, from the “usual, lame & idiot suspects” were delivered by Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, when she, along with many other Western Leaders, condemned the attack, that struck the house in the border town of Akcakale.

Clinton said the White House was “outraged” by the “very dangerous situation” created by the attack.

SOOOOO outraged, that the United States will continue to allow Syria’s suffering, in Syria, whilst having an EPIC, military footprint, in the Middle East! 

Ankara agreed to, convened & ended an “urgent meeting” of NATO Members, in Brussels, to discuss the shelling, which, as usual, ended with NO immediate efforts by NATO Member States. The meeting of NATO Ambassadors, falls under Article 4 of the NATO charter, which provides for consultations, when a Member State feels its Territorial Integrity, Political Independence or Homeland Security is under threat.

In that “Emergency Session” Turkey arguing, that it was “fully entitled to respond” in the manner, in which it did.

IsraeliIDF shares this view, as this attack, is NOT the first, unprovoked, strike against Turkey, by Syria; It’s not the SECOND either, it’s the THIRD! In the last attack against Turkey’s Sovereignty, Syrian Forces shot down a Turkish Warplane in June! Today’s attack, claimed 5 innocent lives; 4 of the 5 lives taken, were children!

While we’re on about children; It’s no secret, nor surprise, just how MUCH, Syrian Forces, under War Criminal & Muslim Slaughterer, Bashar Hafez al-Assad, LOVE killing and/or torturing CHILDREN! Assad has NOW shown, that he & THEY, are as willing to escalate & cause death, destruction & mayhem, to Syria’s neighbours children, as they are their own, of which we have FAR TOO MUCH, heart-wrenching evidence & the testimony & accounts of those lucky enough to have survived!

Turkey’s FM, Ahmet Davutoğlu, has been briefing, UN Chief, Ban Ki-Moon, who stated that this attack shows how “neighbours of Syria are now being impacted” by Assad’s wretched & horrific attacks, against human live’s, within the own despots borders & outside of them, clearly, going forward!

Ya think?

Ban Ki-Moon DID NOT mention that the first nation to see an escalation & spillage of the Syrian Civil War, a war against it’s own people, over the border of Syria & into a neighbouring nation, was Lebanon, not Turkey & that extreme & dangerous escalation, was as good as ignored, by the UN. Ignoring the plight of the people it is meant to represent, is an ideology the UN has become experts at!

These most recent acts of war, completely unprovoked by Turkey, forced the hand of Turkish Forces, to retaliate for the first time & in doing so, making Turkey, the 1st foreign power & indeed, regional nation & leader in the Middle East, to have the courage & heart to intervene, to help Syrians, STILL being slaughtered, worse than animals, every minute, of EVERY hour, for close to 20 months, uninterrupted, resulting in over 30,000+ dead, so far & rising, at a terrifying & dizzy rate!  

All this, as the UN watches, unwilling to help in ANY fashion, besides reacting to Middle East nations BEGGING them for help, absorbing & caring for the displaced & terrorized Syrian Refugee’s! Even the LITTLE work the UN has done for the Refugee’s lucky enough to have been able to flee their home, their friends & family, is a shambles!

It’s ALL OUTRAGEOUS & sometimes it seems the only DECENT & INTELLIGENT politicians  on this matter, such as Deputy Prime Minister of Canada & close friend, John Baird, are the ONLY one’s trying to remind the UN, that it has allowed, on their own “Swiss Watch’s” for Syrian Refugee’s to be given refuge in IRAQ, of all places, a nation many still regard, as in a state of war, for democracy, well over a decade after the attacks of September 11th.

The United Nations, is exposing to the whole world, more so in the case of Syria, than any other case or nation before Syria, that it is a despicable organization, devoid of ANY of the credibility, of it’s well intentioned founders. The UN, is putting on display, it’s “best face”, as the world watches children & innocent lives, taken for the thrill of the SICK Syrian Forces!

The UN is hammering home how FULLY incapable & incompetent it truly is, and has been for months & years!

They say “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” … Well, in the actions the UN have shown, from the very get go, it’s bloody obvious that they believe, that Syrian lives lost, MEAN NOTHING & that allowing the continuation of the status quo (also known as brutal butchering; the hallmarks of the blood thirsty Syrian Regime) is perfectly legitimate, to ALL UN Member States & that this human tragedy is NOT worthy of pro-active United Nations “efforts”!

Must be the LACK of OIL in Syria!

Keepin’ Them Honest: Egypt’s new President, the radical leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, has been MILES MORE VOCAL, in outright calling for the toppling of Assad & Co’s, Regime of Terror, as the ENTIRE United Nations has been, during this ordeal, combined, and then multiplied by ALL Member States, who, have raised the subject of Syria, ONLY when forced (Each time, using their time, to instead condemn Israel, as Syrian’s bleed out on the streets – Streets that ordinary Israeli’s, have been risking their own lives on, trying to save, even ONE Syrian life or provide a little comfort, food & support, a touching story we brought you exclusively in August)!

There is only so much protesting, a Member States such as Israel, can do, if constantly either ignored,  slandered or forced to endure blood libel, after blood libel, as a thank you, for being outspoken & VOCAL in calling for the toppling of Assad, by any means possible!

According to the early reports compiled by IsraeliIDFTurkish policemen were also injured in the shelling, that originated only kilometres away from the Syrian/Turkish border.

As previously stated, this mortar attack marks the THIRD act of WAR by Syrian gunfire or artillery, intentionally reaching Turkish territory, but IT IS the “first time Turkey has actively become involved” in the situation.

IsraeliIDF says: 3 CHEERS 4 TURKEY! They are proving with ACTIONS that they are more worthy of being a FULL EU Member State, than ALL the current Member States combined!

A source close to IsraeliIDF revealed that “Israel & the IDF, WOULD defend Turkey” if regional Arab/Islamic dictatorship’s/regime’s OR “anyone else” should strike Turkey, in retaliation, to the retaliation! Other sources seem to confirm the same, by saying, off the record, that Israel “has been forming & planning a Turkish-Israeli, strategic alliance, which would defend the Turkish homeland” from “ANY” hostilities.

In a final, late night conversion, a source in Jerusalem admitted to IsraeliIDF HQ in Berlin, that Israel & Turkey “have been working very closely, these past months, to plan ways for meaningful intervention, with the aim of ending Assad’s WAR AGAINST VULNERABLE SYRIANS” – All statements that make me VERY PROUD to be Jewish!


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