Hamas FINALLY speaks some truth!

States Gaza is NOT under occupation!!! 

Hamas: Gaza is not under occupation

Gaza’s NEVER been better!


“Gaza has been freed from occupation. Gaza is not under siege & her connection with the outside world has become a lot easier with visitors from around the world coming to Gaza beaches“!

So WHO is being EPIC honest for a change, up in the HQ for Pally Terror & Terrorists & Terrorism?

It’s none other than Mahmoud Al-Zahar, one of the most important founders & TOP Gaza-based leader of Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza, when not slaughtering “Palestinians” & when not launching 10’s of thousands of Rockets, Missiles & Mortars into Israel, from Palestinian residential areas, with the intent of slaughtering Israelis & the JEW!

They need to keep things fresh, killing only “Palestinians” get’s boring if you’re a Hamas Jihadi, which ALL of them ARE!

Al-Zahar made the candid remarks, in an interview with Bethlehem-based “Palestinian news agency” Ma’an.

What is truly remarkable about this admission, is the fact that, IsraeliIDF has been shouting exactly that, from the rooftops, since it was founded!

The day I never thought I would see has come to pass, thanks to Al-Zahar’s very accurate portrayal of facts, proving without doubt to the world, what Israeli spokesmen & woman, plus the Foreign Ministry has been saying, since Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005!

The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, are frantically working to upload Al-Zahar’s quote to Israeli embassy staff, across the planet & is encouraging embassy staff to produce the Hamas leader’s own words, to counter any further accusations, that Israel has Gaza under siege or occupied!

Another bombshell statement, made in the same interview, shows just how SICK Hamas really is! Al-Zahar said that “Gaza’s economic situation has never been better, thanks primarily to new agricultural crops grown on the farms & settlements of the Jews, who were forcibly removed”.

Al-Zahar also said that the real reason Judea & Samaria (the so-called “West Bank” – which is ruled by rival Palestinian Authority) is down to “poor economic conditions, as a result of reliance on American & Israeli aid, economic support & cooperation”.

He went on to boost that “We (Gaza) are self-sustaining in many areas, except for oil & electricity”!

Funny that, because they tell their USELESS IDIOT ACTIVIST’S across the planet, a completely different story!

Also HILARIOUS; he makes no mention of the 10’s of thousands of TONS of supplies, covering EVERY human need, including Fuel but EXCLUDING the TOOLS of TERROR, including Weapons of Mass Destruction! These supplies are transported weekly from Israel, into Gaza & paid for by Israelis Taxpayers! Israel is NOT planning to be reimbursed, EVER!!!

The other irony, in his statements is, that he’s CONDEMNING the “Palestinian Authority”, in the equally NOT occupied “West-Bank” FOR taking Foreign AID from America & Israel & in a level of ungratefulness THAT ONLY HAMAS CAN PULL OFF, blasting their rivals for doing the SAME THING he is! AND to boot, it’s the FAULT OF THE AID that the economy is doing so “poorly” in the “West-Bank” & apparently doing the opposite in Gaza, by turning their beaches into you’re next All INCLUSIVE caught between the splendour of those beaches & suicide bombers, rocket, missile & mortar attacks!

Where do I sign up?

And finally to put a nail in the coffin called the “peace process” Al-Zahar said “Hamas knew from day one, the outcome of the peace process with Israel & that it has been entirely negative for Israel. The two state solution is dead” – He went on to clarify to IsraeliIDF that the “only solution is to destroy Israel & retake the lands as the Romans did, this time, killing every Jew!”.

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