Palestinians BURN Torah Scrolls in the NAME of ALLAH in Jerusalem!

Islam is ALL about LOVE & PEACE stupid!!!

Yesterday, in the Holiest City on the face of the planet for Jews, Jerusalem, people of all beliefs & backgrounds, were reminded JUST HOW peaceful & loving Islam REALLY is & just how much Pally’s or “Palestinians” want peace!

Keeping Em’ Honest:

20% of Israel’s entire population, are Arab/Muslim and/or followers of Islam!

Israel is the home, to sweeping religious freedoms & protections, that undoubtedly, respect Islam MORE, than any other nation, in the history of humanity! These measures, were adopted & universally enforced in Israel, since it’s modern day creation! Together, they go well & truly, above & beyond, anyplace, especially Arab and/or Islamic nations! Israelis are raised to be RESPECTFUL & UNDERSTANDING, from the earliest age, onwards & that, so we are told, is key to peace & a thing called humanity!

In Israel, intolerance towards Arab’s/Muslim’s is illegal & met with anger, by ordinary Israelis, who know all too well, what it feels like, to be hunted down & slaughtered because of religious beliefs! It is this knowledge, coupled with thousands of years of experience, in being discriminated against, for religious beliefs, that today, cause Israelis to condemn, whomever steps out of line – the ethic & moral line – To target Arab’s/Muslim’s, simply out of ignorance and/or intolerance. The media would have you believe otherwise, but then, how much, can anyone of us, trust today’s media, to report on Israel, in a FAIR & TRUTHFUL fashion! That itself is rather ironic, considering “Jews own & control the worlds media”!

Israel has TWO official languages; Arabic & Hebrew. Both are EQUALLY represented, throughout Israel! Whilst Jews still live in Arab/Islamic nations, how many do you think, adopt Hebrew for any purpose, never-mind to be bilingual & inclusive!

As a former resident of Tel Aviv-Yafo, I know very well, that it often seems that there were MORE mosques, than Synagogues & that is NOT because Tel Aviv is so secular!!!

Consider this! The third most holy sight in Islam, is Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque, conveniently built upon the most holy sight to Jews, namely the ruins of not one Temple, but Two, destroyed willfully by the historical conquerers & occupiers  of Jewish lands, clearly outlined as such in the Bible! Was it a coincidence that Islam chose the most sacred land to Jews, to build their 3rd most holy sight upon? Anyone with a small level of intelligence would tell you NO!

But all that, is NOT enough!

It is NOT enough that Arab’s/Muslim’s enjoy MORE freedom & protection’s from the Jewish State of Israel, than ANY Arab or Islamic nation, COMBINED!

Islam = Fanatical Double-standards, motivated by DEEP hatred & a lust for killing, unmatched by any other “religion”, ideology or creed of people, known to man!

All hell breaks loose whenever someone decides to burn a Koran, an abomination to ANY religion, in our view & devoid of ANY humanity, but much like Arab’s/Muslim’s continually seen burning Israeli flags, worldwide, EVEN or ESPECIALLY, when Israel, has had no part in, triggering, inflaming or even contributing, in any fashion, to the problem, that generated their hate laced protest’s, in the first place! Those hate fuelled protests, almost always descend into riots, cities set alight & DEATH is nearly always assured, even against fellow Arab’s/Muslim’s!

Whenever someone is factually critical of Islam, or questions the insatiable hate, that goes hand-in-hand with the “peaceful & loving” Islam, or heaven forbid, draws a cartoon, something that is commonplace, in all western nations, designed to take the piss out of any current affair, political or otherwise, with the result being as predictable, as the sun’s rise each morning! They destroy their own surroundings & murder each other, ALL in the name of “Allah” & “Islam”.

YET, should Jews be willfully attacked, maimed, or better still, killed off, for no other reason than being born Jewish … Or … happen to become the target of disgusting antisemitism and/or brutal physical attacks, because they are “visibly Jewish” like I am & subsequently, come under attacked for wearing a Kippah … Or … criticized and/or slandered by a biased global media apparatus, known the world over, for being fully, factually incorrect & cruel in how it stokes hatred & slander, all being the hallmark of today’s new antisemitism, then THAT, all of it of course, is justified, because the target are the evil Jews!

When the holiest objects of Judaism are BURNED or desecrated, as the holy scrolls of the Torah were, yesterday, in of all places, Jerusalem, the media either ignores those events, or, the events are blamed on the victim’s themselves, Jews, who “deserve it” or “provoked it” or “had it coming”!

Let me float a simple question!

When was the last time you seen a Jew or Jews, reacting as Muslims do, EVERY-TIME, when our religion, religious beliefs, traditions or religious objects, are targeted, in the same way, they themselves, HATE to be attacked?

Furthermore, is it justifiable, for me, to want to go out, target, abuse, kill or desecrate ANYTHING to do with Islam, just because THEY have attacked us Jews, in the same way?

NO, that is NOT acceptable, nor is it tolerated!

And that my dear friends, is one of the MANY double standards, that embodies the ideology of Islam! … Yes, you read that right! Ideology, NOT religion, such as Christianity or Judaism!

Now, in other Pally news …

Palestinians cancel peace event because of Jewish participation

Palestinians cancel peace event because of Jewish participation

Organizers of an event promoting peace in the region, were forced to cancel what they dubbed the “Bethlehem Walk” after local Palestinians & Co, violently rejected the participation of Israeli-Jews, who happen to share the values of the Palestinian protesters & Co!

The event, scheduled for last Friday, was to be a quiet march through the streets of Bethlehem, with the aim of  encouraging “change” & to acknowledge “basic common grounds” whilst sowing the seeds of “understanding, acceptance & tolerance”! Sounds like a dream OR unlike anything one has come to expect from the “Palestinians”!

The public call to action & invitation to the event, by the organizers, expressed that by “walking, quietly through the streets” of the historic & biblical city, participants would “develop calm, balance & confidence when faced with the challenges of reality”. Whatever that is supposed to mean! A protest for peace, knowing that Palestinian protests, rarely EVER come with “calm & balance”!

But the Palestinian’s & their activists, quickly became violently outraged that Israeli-Jews were actually going to be part of the march & insisted that the Jewish presence would “desecrate our holy city & sites” – after-all, how dare JEWS want peace!

THAT simply does NOT fit into the drawer, that is the “Palestinian cause”! Israelis, marching with Arab’s/Muslim’s for peace, would send a message to the world, that JEWS want peace in the region & that does not go over well with THEIR message, which has been the same message since the modern-day founding of the Jewish State of Israel; Jews are the new Nazi’s, which occupy Palestinian lands, despite the same land’s always having been Jewish, since BEFORE the Romans invaded the Kingdom of Israel, massacring those who couldn’t flee, whilst stealing the holy books of Judaism, in Jerusalem, to start their own religion, based upon OURS & before leaving, renamed Jewish lands to “Palestine” to further disassociate Jewish Life, from Jewish Land!

The OUTRAGED Pally’s & their useless idiot activists, claimed that the “Bethlehem Walk” had become a vehicle, hijacked by the evil Jews, to force “normalization” with Israel & the evil Zionist, Apartheid Jews, which they, go figure; strongly oppose!

The incident is a troubling reminder, that whilst the overwhelming majority of Israelis, plus a handful of Palestinians, that truly seek peace & coexistence, are both, far out numbered, by Palestinian youth, who have been brainwashed & indoctrinated, or as Palestinians like to call it “educated” to hate Israel & to view ALL Jews, as bloodthirsty usurpers, who’s hobby is killing “innocent” Palestinians & defaming the lie-riddled religion that is, Islam . As those youth reach adulthood, they have formed a new generation, with-whom  reaching genuine peace, will remain all but impossible!

But PLEASE, don’t take our word for it, here is only one example, of thousands of so-called Children’s Program’s, care of Palestinian Television!

Is it ANY wonder that generation, after tainted generation, wants to drive all Jew’s into the sea, after annihilating us with chemical and/or atomic bombs?

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