Farewell to the devil!

@ IsraeliIDF, we were no strangers to condemning the outgoing Pope‘s Nazi past & broadcasting his Anti-Israel ideology, which dominated his time at the Vatican & how it handled the Holy Land of Israel, Jews & Judaism, around the globe! At times, embarrassing Israel & Jews alike, seemed like it could be one of the Pope’s favourite past times! Except of late, when we began to hear, more & much louder accusations/rumours swirling, that the Pope’s number one hobby, was far from what we thought it was!

We only seen it as fair that we bid the Pope farewell & we figured we would do so in the best way we know how; Controversially providing inconvenient truths.

The idea to screen this documentary came to us from our loyal readers, who knew that we had covered ALL of the Pope’s actions against the Jewish State of Israel or contra Judaism since our founding, at a substantial risk to us all, as we were reminded after each piece. In truth, we hadn’t even heard of this documentary, much-less seen it, when we began to receive requests, asking if we had heard of it, if we could possibly show it to the millions not in America, who can’t see it & pressing us on the importance of making sure our audience has the chance to know the truth.

To the best of our knowledge, this documentary has only been seen in the USA, until today.

What you are about to see, is an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look into the secretive Vatican, that uncovers the truth behind the most profitable business in the world; It is a tragic & stunning view into what the Pope PERSONALLY allowed to happen, within the walls of the Vatican & even worse, across the globe, leaving lives destroyed & misery in it’s wake, everywhere the church has reach.

It IS telling that after this documentary was made public, the Pope resigned!



Viewer discretion is advised – Subject Matter is for Mature Audiences ONLY

We would like to credit & thank HBO, their director, producers & staff for not only looking into these matters & reporting on them, but for having the courage & conviction to make sure that the victims of abuse, by the Catholic Church are NEVER forgotten!

HBO should be awarded the Nobel Prize for this work.

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