Muslims who expose the Islamofascism that is going on in the world today, and their covert means of infiltrating the West!

Muslims who expose the Islamofascism that is going on in the world today, and their covert means of infiltrating the West!

מוסלמים שמדברים נגד איסלאם קיצוני – REAL moderate Muslims that talk about against Islamofascism (be it Iranian or the Muslim Brotherhood) ! Extensive documentation of Islamofascist infiltration worldwide!,,

IsraeliIDF Wishes A Happy Hanukkah!


20 Years of Declaring “International Day of Persons with Disabilities” in HAMAS Gaza Strip, Deterioration of “Palestinian” Disabled Persons by DEATH by HAMAS & “Palestinian” Centre “for Human Rights” (PCHR) cover’s it UP & continues to lie worse than HAMAS & FATAH in UNITY!

Following, below, is the entire disgraceful press release, a “so-called” NGO, who couldn’t be trusted to count the amount of CIVILIAN ONLY deaths happened in Operation Pillar of Defense & who LIED to the world, saying vast majority of “Palestinian” deaths were Civilian & Israel is only happy when it can “kill” the “peace & love” Islamists!

HAMAS & "Palestinians" love to KILL or DIE killing others for the Virgins!

HAMAS & “Palestinians” love to KILL or DIE killing others for the Virgins!


But it's JEW blood, HAMAS loved this particular image the most, INTHE EARLY DAYS of Pillar of Defense! Boasting about the carnage & lost innocent LIVES  they cause before this photo was taken - HUMAN SUFFERING A LA HAMAS & "PALESTINIANS"

But it’s JEW blood, HAMAS loved this particular image the most, INTHE EARLY DAYS of Pillar of Defense! Boasting about the carnage & lost innocent LIVES they cause before this photo was taken – HUMAN SUFFERING A LA HAMAS & “PALESTINIANS”

Kill the "PIG & APE descendants", the JEW ... occupy THEIR lands from them & kill em off slowly, drive the rest in the sea & then kill everyone on EARTH that doesn't convert to the HORRORS of Islam

Kill the “PIG & APE descendants”, the JEW … occupy THEIR lands from them & kill em off slowly, drive the rest in the sea & then kill everyone on EARTH that doesn’t convert to the HORRORS of Islam


20 Years After Declaring the International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Deterioration of the Palestinian Disabled Persons‘ Conditions Continues

Injured baby Israeli = INTENDED TARGET

Injured baby Israeli = INTENDED TARGET

Yesterday, 03 December 2012, marked the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, while the suffering of the disabled in occupied Palestine continues. This suffering is the result of the Israeli practices against the Palestinian civilians and their property, in addition to the ongoing internal split that started in mid 2007. The International Day of Persons with Disabilities was declared to confirm the respect, promotion and protection of the rights of the disabled people worldwide. These rights are based on the general principles of human rights, including the International Bill of Human Rights, which ensures equality, and protection against all forms of discrimination.

Palestinians with disabilities, like all Palestinian civilians, have not been immune to the war crimes and grave violations perpetrated against them by the Israeli forces. Since the beginning of 2012, Israeli forces killed 3 disabled persons, the Israeli forces claimed that a disabled person (who suffers from seizures and fainting) approached the border fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel, and as a result the Israeli forces opened intensive fire at him. The disabled person was wounded by many bullets throughout his body and died immediately. The two others people (two mentally disabled persons) were killed during the latest Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip (14-21 November 2012). The first victim was killed when an Israeli warplane targeted him directly, while the second was killed when Israeli warplanes targeted farming land adjacent to his house, killing him while he was inside. A third victim, a physically disabled child, was killed as he sustained shrapnel wounds when a home-made rocket landed in front of his house in the latest offensive. The large-scale violations perpetrated against disabled persons’ right to life and security of person, especially in time of the offensive, reflect that the Israeli forces do not take the minimal measures in order to avoid harming Palestinian civilians in general and the disabled in particular. All of this happened despite Israel’s ratification of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) that came into effect 4 years ago (on 03 May 2008).

The latest Israeli offensive further increases the number of disabled persons, resulting from certain injuries caused by Israeli attacks. During the offensive, 1,286 Palestinians, including 466 children and 219 women, were wounded. A large number of them had to undergo amputation of the limbs and had problems with their hearing and vision. Others suffered from psychological problems as a result of the attacks. It should be noted that the number of disabled persons in the Gaza Strip reaches 38,000 persons (i.e. 2.4% of population). The percentage of disability among men is 2.9% compared to 2.5% among women.
According to documentation of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), the number of Palestinian disabled persons increased to 94, including 15 children and 7 women from the beginning of the Intifada in September 2000 until now. Additionally, over 110 disabled persons were shot by the Israeli forces during the Intifada.

During the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, rehabilitation institutions of the disabled were directly and indirectly attacked, as part of the attacks against civilian establishments in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli bombardment of Palestine Stadium, including the Paralympics Committee building that offers services to disabled athletes, resulted in the full destruction of both facilities. Moreover, the Israeli attacks resulted in the destruction of the al-Jazeera Sport Club, including a hall that contained a lot of sports equipment, serving the needs of many disabled athletes and young persons.

In Israeli prisons, there are currently 85 mentally and physically disabled Palestinians, who live under cruel health conditions, suffer from medical negligence and bad detention conditions. Some of these disabled persons suffer from paralysis or muscular dystrophy. Others underwent amputation operations as they sustained injuries before or during their detention. A large number of disabled persons in prisons were blackmailed while being questioned by Israeli interrogators who abused their needs for medical treatment.

At the internal level, Palestinian disabled people have been suffering due to the non-application of the law of the Palestinian Disabled Rights 4/1999, which allows them to enjoy their rights in relation to health care services, rehabilitation, education, employment, and other rights related to sports, participation in cultural life, and entertainment. The disabled have been waiting for the issuance of the disabled card, which gives them access to the main services in the fields of health, rehabilitation, training and education, for over 12 years.

The situation of the rights of disabled persons has deteriorated due the internal split that resulted in two governments in Gaza and Ramallah. This split hinders any true amendment of policies, measures, legislations and systems, which denies the disabled persons their rights, especially the rights codified in the international instruments relevant to the disabled persons’ rights in general.

The illegal closure, now ongoing for over 5 years, has impacted the economic and social conditions of disabled Palestinians. They and their families have suffered from extreme poverty as well as a lack of many necessary rehabilitation and health care services and medical devices.

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, PCHR:

1- Calls upon the international community to exert pressure on the Israeli forces to put an immediate end to all human rights violations perpetrated against disabled Palestinians, including killing and injury;

2- Calls upon the international community to exert pressure on the Israeli forces to stop all forms of targeting of rehabilitation and educational institutions designed for disabled persons, including sport clubs;

3- Calls for an immediate end to all forms of grave violations committed against Palestinian prisoners with disabilities, for the provision of immediate and appropriate medical treatment to them, and for putting an end to placing them in solitary confinement;

4- Calls upon the international community to ensure Israel’s respect for international human rights, especially those pertaining to the rights of disabled persons;

5- Calls for an immediate end to the ongoing internal division that has had a catastrophic impact on the rights of Palestinians in general and on the rights of disabled persons in particular;

6- Urges the PNA to implement the provisions of the Rights of Disabled Palestinians’ Law No. 4 of 1999, and calls upon ministries and governmental organizations to respect the law pertaining to the disabled persons’ quota of at least 5% in the number of employees in these institutions;

7- Calls upon the PNA to speed up the issuance of the “disabled” card stipulated in the Rights of Disabled Palestinians Law to reduce the suffering of disabled persons and provide decent living conditions for them and for their families.”

END OF LIES & TERROR propaganda that has been proven again and AGAIN to defend terror, by releasing “Palestinian Children” photo’s, ACTUALLY from Syria & one, a JEWISH baby, passed off as a PALLY

The REAL "Palestinians = DEATH-CULT of HAMA, Fatah & all the fractions of TERRORISTS in Gaza, one person, per family a MAJOR terrorist and/or homicidal suicide bomber, like all woman & children, when NOT human shields - With one AIM in all their "charters" - To KILL EVERY JEW, Arab Israeli, Gazan who speaks to Israel or Israelis & kill the Christians off & Islamize the Globe! NO WAY!

The REAL “Palestinians =
The DEATH-CULT of HAMA, Fatah & all the fractions of TERRORISTS in Gaza, one person, per family a MAJOR terrorist and/or homicidal suicide bomber, like all woman & children, when NOT human shields – With one AIM in all their “charters” – To KILL EVERY JEW, Arab Israeli, Gazan who speaks to Israel or Israelis & kill the Christians off & Islamize the Globe! NO WAY!

"Palestine" & "Palestinians" = GREATEST LIE EVER - It's ALL LIES in Pallywood!

“Palestine” & “Palestinians” = GREATEST LIE EVER – It’s ALL LIES in Pallywood!

Pallywood in HIGH GEAR ... ENTIRELY Staged Desperation! FAKE IT FOR HAMAS or YOU DIE!

Pallywood in HIGH GEAR … ENTIRELY Staged Desperation!


Palestinian KIDS as human shields

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Hasbara = Hebrew = 4 Explanation

Hello everyone, in the current conflict against the Islamofascist menace that is Hamas, Israel is depicted as evil and terrible. Here are some links to rectify this perception.

שלום רב לכולם – עם המלחמה העכשיווית עם האויב המוסלמי-פשיסטי, מדינת ישראל מתוארת כמדינה רשעה ומפלצתית. הנה כמה קישורים חיונים שאם נפיץ אותם לרבים נכול לתקן את המצב הזה

These links are in multiple languages-הלינקים האלו הם בשפות רבות- לא רק עברית ואנגלית

We are not alone in forecasting that if we do NOT stop the forces of Hamas & the “Palestinian Question” …

We WILL cause the freest democracy in our modern world, Israel, become DESTROYED …

Much like traitor to Jews & Israelis alike, Henry A. Kissinger is said to have predicted only a few short weeks ago!

As goes Israel, so goes the rest of the Free World & we are watching Israel, being destroyed RIGHT NOW!

This digital encyclopaedia of MUST READ material, is essential to understanding how the world we care about deeply, is changing around us …

WHY & HOW this is happening, WHO the key players are, WHAT the EPIC dangers are to us all & WHAT we can do about it.

We are in a period of time that requires FULL DISCLOSURE @ ALL LEVELS 2 as MANY OF YOU, as possible.

What you do with this knowledge, is you’re prerogative …

What you do with this information is your prerogative  Our aim has & always will remain; Providing the world, the information it is STARVED of & desperately in need of …

Decisions MUST be made based on SOUND, CREDIBLE & VETTED information from as many sources as possible.

Why there are no bomb shelters in Gaza 

Rockets fired from Gaza hours after ceasefire declared

Hamas thugs kill people for singing at a wedding

Hamas thugs drag body through streets – 2nd Source

A Palestinese Lexicon – The twisted language of phoney victimhood

Why Hamas “loves death” – and ceasefires!

Hamas denying Palestinians billions – Where is the MONEY going & 4 WHAT purpose?

How many millionaires live in the “impoverished” Gaza strip?

Hamas leader’s family treated in Israeli hospital

Hamas Covenant

Hamas Covenant – Selected Excerpts

What Gives Israel the Right to Defend Itself 

The Palestinian Wall of Lies 

The Palestinian Lie –  השקר הפלסטני 

What is truly going on in the Middle East?

Excellent source of Hasbara videos! 

Myths & Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Extensive resources on the conflict)


 Exposing both BBC & CNN lies

Middle Eastern media & extremist brainwashing translated



Fatah & Hamas media brainwashing exposed 

In depth analysis’s in Hebrew & English 

United Nations Hypocrisy & Lies Exposed




Grand Reportage – Peace and Pally Statehood – Ceasefire EPIC failure of judgement…

…That said, Israel’s hand was FORCED by Billary Clinton & Barrage Hussein O’Trauma, who have never met at SalaFIST Jihadi, they didn’t fall in love with!

HamASS is claiming victory, a position echoed by the Useless IDIOT Western Media, with the exception of Fox News & Sun News Network, who you will hear from below.

IsraeliIDF tends to agree with this position, as all this Ceasefire has been useful for, is a minor reprieve from a barrage of rockets that Israelis in the South, now over to Jerusalem & all the way north to Tel Aviv, have almost become accustomed to live with, in an ENDLESS lust for DEATH & TERROR by Hamas controlled Gaza AND it’s allowed Hamas to reload on the THOUSANDS of rockets it fired on Israel, in “retaliation” in Operation Pillar of Defense, which featured legitimate surgical strikes, conducted by the brave men & women of the IDF & IAF!

Let us walk you through, the reasons the Ceasefire is the fundamentally WORST decision Israel could have made & why on the Eve of the UN Vote, the same “Palestinians” who just attacked us relentlessly with the sole aim of KILLING Jews, could CHANGE EVERYTHING!

We are presenting the MOST COMPLETE & BEST SOURCED coverage available, from the single MOST trusted sources on the Internet; Simply put, what you have come to expect from IsraeliIDF. ALL OF IT, as CURRENT as CURRENT gets, analyzed for DAYS & delivered to YOU, in the easiest way to understand in our history; We did the searching & digging, so YOU wouldn’t have to!

WE have lost sight of what is shown in the video below & how ten’s of THOUSANDS of these rockets & mortars were fired on innocent Israelis, Arab, Jews, Christian, Palestinian & other, for YEARS, leading up to Israel finally striking back!

A GREAT analysis from Pat Condell, explaining why PEACE with Hamas Controlled Gaza & Palestinians will NEVER work!

Lest we forget that the “so-called peace” was brokered & is “guaranteed” by a man, that is being called the next “hitler” of Egypt, BY HIS OWN PEERS, IN HIS OWN LANGUAGE!

Egypt, is also home of this pint-sized bundle of HATE for Palestinians!

Just when you though Egypt couldn’t get any more MESSED up


Nor should ANYONE forget that Israel was FORCED into this “peace” only hours after THIS…

IsraeliIDF Trooper Phyllis Schultz gives us a BRILLIANTLY insightful look at Pallywood, their useless IDIOT supporters, Hamas, Global Media bias against Israel & much more!

Winston Churchill once said “A lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”. It appears that this is also the case with pro-Palestinian wartime propaganda. During Operation Pillar of Defense, messages were sent out to the global community devoid of accuracy regarding the reality on the ground. As a result, people outside of Israel were not informed properly regarding what actually happened in Gaza, for pro-Palestinian organizations were routinely dishonest and sometimes, the western media bought into such distortions of the truth.

For example, the Facebook groups “Free Palestine” and “Al Qassam Brigades” published pictures of a badly wounded Syrian child and professed that the child was Palestinian. Furthermore, a Facebook page called “Gaza City” took a picture of a dead baby beneath horrendous rubble and claimed “Children of Gaza under Israeli attack. Since when do murdered babies have the nickname self-defense?” However, the photo was actually taken inside of Syria. Unfortunately, due to such Palestinian misinformation, one BBC journalist tweeted a photo of an injured Syrian child, claiming the child was Palestinian.

Pro-Palestinian activists on twitter also had the audacity to take a picture of an Israeli baby wounded by a Hamas qassam rocket in Kiryat Malachi and asserted, “Even this young Palestinian child doesn’t seem surprised or scared, used to Israeli terrorism”. Evidently, an Arabic language pro-Palestinian group on Facebook also had the chutzpah to utilize pictures from the Café Moment suicide bombing in Jerusalem and claimed that these Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism during the Second Intifada were in fact Palestinians killed during Operation Pillar of Defense.

Yet, the distortions of the truth did not end there! The Palestinian leadership, when Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil visited Gaza, staged a photo op where the Egyptian leader kissed a dead Palestinian child. CNN referred to this child as “another victim of an Israeli airstrike”. Agence France Press and Reuters concurred with CNN. However, in reality, this child, Mahmoud Sadallah, was in fact a victim of a Hamas rocket that exploded within Gaza and didn’t reach Israel, a fact confirmed by the New York Times who actually investigated the damage done to the Sadallah family home.

However, pro-Palestinian groups didn’t stop at that. A Facebook group called “Palestine” also took a picture of a suicide bombing in Netanya in 2002 and claimed that it was a picture of the recent bombing in Tel Aviv, in order to convince their audiences that Palestinians succeeded to inflict more damage during the November 21, 2012 bus explosion than they actually did. Hamas affiliated Facebook groups also lied about targeting the Israeli Knesset, hitting a warship, and downing an Israeli plane. Al Aqsa TV even claimed incorrectly that Ben-Gurion International Airport was shut down.

Furthermore, both CNN and the BBC posted footage of a Palestinian man who was supposedly injured but then later on in the video, he is seen walking around, as if nothing happened. In other words, this Palestinian man pretended to be injured for the world media in order to make Israel look bad. CNN later had the decency to remove the video and issue an apology, but BBC did not. Yahoo News also took a picture of Israeli children running to a bomb shelter yet initially claimed that they were Gazan. But as if this were not bad enough, BBC utilized scenes of devastation following a rocket attack on Be’ersheva, yet titled the piece “Gaza Violence.”

These distortions work to undermine Israel’s global image, continue BLOOD LIBEL’S, thousands of years old & help to build FURTHER support for Israel’s enemies, who are ALSO the common enemy of Humanity & the Freedom many of us either CHERISH or TAKE ENTIRELY FOR-GRANTED.

Iran quickly rearming Hamas

No surprise here. This is what a truce is for: “If Muslims are weak, a truce may be made for ten years if necessary, for the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) made a truce with the Quraysh for that long, as is related by Abu Dawud” (‘Umdat al-Salik, o9.16).

“Satellites show Iran moving quickly to rearm Hamas” from the Jerusalem Post, November 25:

Israeli intelligence satellites have spied the loading of rockets and other material in Iran believed to be destined for the Gaza Strip, the UK-based Sunday Times reported, citing Israeli officials.

According to the report, Iran began preparing the weapons shipment around the same time Israel and Hamas negotiated a cease-fire late last week.

The shipment is said to include Iranian-made Fajr-5 medium-range rockets; The same model that was fired toward Tel Aviv and Jerusalem during Operation Pillar of Defense, the Sunday Times reported.

Last month, following an air attack on a weapons plant near Khartoum, the Defense Ministry’s director of policy and political-military affairs accused Sudan of acting as a transit point for weapons shipments to Gaza. Amos Gilad accused Khartoum of aiding and abetting terrorism, and said the Sudanese regime was “supported by Iran” and was used as a route to transfer weapons to Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip via Egypt…

The official added that Tehran would act to re-arm Hamas and other Gaza groups quickly, as it sees them as a necessary part of its response to a possible Israeli attack against Iran.

Palestinians naming new babies after new WMD from Iran “Fajr” … after murderous ex-Terrorist “Ahmed Jabari” or simply “Jihad

Moms and dads in America often consult lists like these when deciding what to name their newborns. While they might be debating between Liam, Ethan, Emma, and Olivia, parents in Gaza are finding inspiration from the conflict with Israel in choosing names for their babies.

Ynet reports some Palestinian parents in the past week have decided to name their newborns after Hamas terrorists Israel killed and long-range missiles that were aimed at Israeli civilians.

Ynet provides some anecdotes:

Muhammad al-Shafi’i Abu Nassat named his son, who was born Friday, after the Fajr missile. Naming his baby Fajr, Abu Nassat told Gaza media, was his way of expressing his gratitude to Iran, which was responsible for supplying Gaza with rockets that, according to Abu Nassat “struck the enemy for eight days.”

Amira Abu Assus, from the northern Gaza Strip, also named her child Fajr, Arabic for ‘dawn’, and says she picked out the name even before she went into labor last week.

She said she knew that the unborn baby would have “a bright future within Palestinian resistance. He would carry the rockets whose names he bears so as to free Palestine from Israeli occupation.”

Adham Murtaja of Gaza City decided to name his son, born on Friday, after Ahmed Jabari, the Hamas military chief who was assassinated by the IDF at the onset of Operation Pillar of Defense.

Murtaja said he decided to name his child Ahmed Jabari to prove to Israel that the Jabari assassination did not mean that the Palestinian nation stopped producing heroes.

These new additions added to the already popular name among Palestinians for boys, Jihad or holy war.

And when these babies grow a little older, they might be exposed to more glorification of terror such as seen recently on the official Facebook page of Fatah in Lebanon.

As first reported by Palestinian Media Watch, the photo showed a Palestinian mother placing a suicide belt on her young son.

Gazan’s say “Thank you Iran” after Israel conflagration … At least their grateful, right?!?!

GAZA (Reuters) – Gazan’s offered very public thanks to Iran on Tuesday for helping them in this month’s fight against Israel, when Iranian-made missiles were fired out of the Palestinian enclave towards Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

“Thank you Iran”, said large billboards on three major road junctions in the Gaza Strip – the first time there has been such public acknowledgement of Iran’s role in the arming of Islamic militants in the tiny territory.

The message was written in Arabic, English, Hebrew and Farsi. The posters also depicted the Iranian Fajr 5 rockets that were used for the first time to target Israel’s two largest population centres. No one was injured in the attacks.

The billboards were not signed, but a senior official with the militant group Islamic Jihad, Khader Habib, said it was only natural to show gratitude for Iran’s role in the conflict.

“Iranian rockets struck at Tel Aviv. They reached out to Jerusalem. Therefore it was our duty to thank those who helped our people,” he told Reuters.

“We have distinctive, good relations with Iran and such a relationship will continue as long as Iran supports the Palestinian people and backs up the resistance,” he added.

Israel launched an air offensive on November 14 with the stated aim of stopping Gaza militants from firing rockets at its southern towns and cities.

About 170 Palestinians, more than half of them civilians, died in the fighting that ended in a ceasefire last Wednesday. Six Israelis were also killed, four of them civilians.

Israel has always asserted that arch-foe Tehran supplied Gaza with weapons, but until the latest conflict both Iran and Gaza’s dominant Islamist group Hamas had side-stepped the issue, acknowledging only financial backing and warm political ties.

During the eight-day conflagration, the Iranian speaker of parliament, Ali Larijani, said Iran was “honoured” to have provided Gaza with military aid. Following the ceasefire, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal thanked Iran for arms and funding.

The public statements appeared aimed at dispelling speculation that the mainly Sunni Muslim Gaza Strip was shutting the door on Shi’ite Iran and turning instead to neighbouring Egypt for support and protection.

Israeli analyst Meir Javedanfar said he thought the Iranians would regret telling the world they supplied Hamas with arms.

“Now that such high-ranking officials openly admit to having supplied weapons to groups in Gaza, the job of isolating Iran will be even easier than before,” said Javedanfar, an Iranian expert at the Interdisciplinary Centre (IDC) in Herzliya.

Israel and many Western countries say Iran is developing nuclear weapons and have imposed increasingly stringent sanctions on the Islamic Republic to get it to halt its uranium enrichment drive. Tehran says its atomic program is peaceful.

Hamas, which has ruled Gaza since 2007, refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist and is shunned as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union.

(Editing by Crispian Balmer and Alison Williams)

Supplying the “impoverished” Gazan’s who are so grateful, they nearly kill the “Evil Zionist Jew Lorry-drivers”!!

Despite shipments of basic commodities to Gaza, we are pilloried as imposers of blockades and creators of humanitarian crises –nonexistent though they are – in the Strip.


Few are aware that just as the intense rocketing of Israel’s metropolitan areas was ramped up, the Kerem Shalom crossing to the Gaza Strip was reopened early last week.Trucks laden with foodstuffs and supplies were allowed through to those who were lobbing missiles at Israeli civilians.

Undoubtedly, these consignments didn’t only serve noncombatants but were seized by the combatants and allocated as they saw fit.

Now that a cease-fire is in place, this travesty surely should prompt a comprehensive collective rethink among Israelis.

Nowhere else in the history of armed conflict was there ever a situation in which a combatant side looked after its mortal enemy’s welfare, fed it, supplied it with essentials and powered it with electricity.

Invariably, the reverse is true. Combatants besiege enemies, seek to starve them into submission and to disable their ability to fight. That is the norm of warfare – most especially vis-à-vis aggressive antagonists who persistently stoke the furnaces of hostility and relentlessly make civilians their primary targets.

But despite a dozen years of assorted barrages from Gaza – punctuated by particularly severe episodes, as we witnessed only days ago – Israel makes sure that Gazan’s are well fed and lack nothing vital.

The bizarre outcome is that we sustain and reinforce, at the expense of Israeli taxpayers, the very terrorists who aim to wipe out these Israeli taxpayers.

This is counter-intuitive in the extreme. Moreover, the world does not acknowledge our peculiar largesse, one that forcefully grates against our fundamental interests.

Despite shipments of basic commodities to Gaza, we are pilloried as imposers of blockades and creators of humanitarian crises –nonexistent though they are – in the Strip.

As trucks laden with goods crossed from Israel into Gaza, the Hamas narrative was only underscored. Although our power plant in Ashkelon facilitates the continued manufacture, import, upkeep and deployment of more missiles, Gazan’s fired at that very power plant.

Something is wrong with this picture. It has been an acute anomaly for years, but it became all the more insufferable as the entire country from Tel Aviv south was viciously bombarded, with the undisguised aim being the premeditated mass murder of Israeli noncombatants.

Why should these attacked Israelis continue to aid and abet their implacable enemies? Our supplies to Gaza help wage war against us. Why should Israelis be expected and required to look after their enemies? Would any such demand be put to any other nation under concerted lethal fire? All this is exacerbated by the Palestinians’ consistent underlying ideology that perceives attacks on Israeli civilians as a God-given right but which denounces Israeli selfdefense – no matter how sterile and pinpointed its intention – as illegitimate and a war crime. That is the belief of Gaza’s masses, and that elementary justification of terrorism cannot be rooted out via surgical air strikes.

The population in Gaza needs to understand that there is a price for its complicity in the attacks on their Israeli counterpart.

At the very least this ought to mean – even after the cease-fire – that we cannot continue to take care of our enemies’ daily needs.

On the one hand, our air strikes were geared to take out terrorist infrastructure, yet our other hand, we buttressed that very infrastructure. Official Israel clearly dreaded the backlash of world opinion.

This fear undermines our ability to defeat or even to significantly dent Gaza’s terrorist infrastructure for the long haul.

Without a thorough revamp of mind-sets here, operation Pillar of Defense may well yield tactical short-term benefits, but it will not make a strategic difference further down the line. A multiplicity of cogent rationalizations existed against a ground invasion of Gaza, but there is nothing nearly as compelling against beginning a true and final disengagement from Gaza.

Instead of strengthening those who do their utmost to destroy us, it is high time we quit being suckers. It is also time to disconnect Gazan’s from our power grid, telephone and communication services (for which, inter alia, they never pay). Maintaining the absurd status quo heaps folly upon folly.

Let us view some examples of Hamas since the so-called, peaceful ceasefire!

Hamas has removed any doubts of its cease-fire intentions with a post-truce music video urging “Death to Israel” with “blood and fire.”

The video, translated and reported by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), was aired on Al Aqsa TV the day after the cease-fire was announced, marking the end of Operation of Pillar of Defense.

The lyrics, as reported by PMW , follow:

“Destroy the throne of Zion, the house of absolute evil

Raise the banner of victory

Be like the fire of a volcano

Repeat in the name of your Jihad: Death to Israel!

With blood and fire, resist until freedom

Defeat the soldiers of aggression the enemies of humanity”

Exhibit #1

Polls have shown that a majority of Israelis, as well as Gaza residents, opposed the cease-fire, with each side predicting it only is matter of time before violence breaks out again.

 The only question is if Hamas’s attacks will reach deeper into Israel and cause more damage, as they have in previous escalations.

 The constant message in media and in schools to kill Jews, both under Hamas in Gaza and under Fatah in the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas, leaves little doubt that Hamas will not leave its weapons silent.

Exhibit #2

Any hopes for  a change in philosophy are dispelled by other videos that Hamas aired on its TV network during Operation Pillar of Defense aimed at stopping a massive missile and rocket barrage that reached as far north as metropolitan Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

 The day the cease-fire was announced, Hamas aired this video promoting the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers.

The lyrics, in part, state:

 “We are the [Al-Qassam] Brigades;

 Brigades – we kidnap soldiers; Brigades – we kill Jews”

Exhibit #3

Now let’s listen & watch Mosab Hassan Yousef, the SON of the FOUNDER of HAMAS, speaking here in Germany about the TRUE GOALS of Hamas – He would know & we strongly encourage purchasing his book “Son of Hamas”

We are not quite done with the “nation-state” of Palestine that NEVER, EVER, existed & NEVER WILL!

  Now let’s look closer at Islam & it’s HATRED for Jews of late


Don’t be fooled by the “Muslims are Semitic” therefore CANNOT BE anti-Semitic

What a bunch of SAVAGE ANIMALS, unworthy of re-broadcasted, if it weren’t for our mission statement: Informing the WEST, of WHO they are truly supporting in Gaza!

BUT, before Mooohammad, Islam WAS the very definition of PEACE & LOVE, NOTHING like it has become & FALSELY claimed that today’s Islam IS! Check this out!

IsraeliIDF is asking ALL Muslim Readers to PLEASE comment as to WHY you insist on following a variation of your religion, that has plunged YOU, YOUR PEOPLE & the potential of Islam, down the toilet?

Meanwhile over at the BBC, in what is being billed as a “RARE MOMENT” – Israel was put in it’s place by wanker extraordinaire Owen Jones, who sounds like he wants to hookup with a Hamas member!

Owen, love, I don’t think HamASS does GAY MARRIAGE mate!

But wait, hold the phone! Topping that by MILES is Irish TV3 & Vincent Browne!

Browne referred to Israel as “the cancer in foreign affairs” & that Israel “polarises the Islamic community of the world against the rest of the world” & that with the creation of Israel, by the Jews “stole the land from the Arabs”.

Last but NEVER least, in our Video Hall of Shame, directly from my hometown, Yafo, also known as Jaffa, Israel

It’s a Leftist Protest on the streets of Israel, at the old Turkish clock-tower, a 3 minute walk to my doorstep, touted by them as a “MASS PROTEST” in the “Memory of the Gaza Dead”.

At issue, is that no one there seemed intelligent enough to know that the Palestinian NGO tasked with counting & recording EACH death in Gaza during Operation Pillar of Defense, officially declared three quarters of the lives lost WERE linked to Hamas & to the inherent Murderous Terror – Let this video serve, for the record, that if Israel was NOT the freest nation in the ENTIRE Middle East, such protests would either be banned outright, faced with Police and/or Secret State Security Forces oppression & brutality and/or violence from Israelis, Israeli-Arabs or ANY of the constant drove of international tourists who pass that corner every second, of every day, day & night & who might ordinarily have a SERIOUS issue with Israel being disgraced with such treasonous & humiliating behaviour on the streets of the Worlds 1st Hebrew Metropolis and/or ALL of the above could be TRUE, all at once, as is custom anywhere & EVERYWHERE else in the Middle East!

Returning to sanity now & News Networks, New Anchors/Reporters & TRUE FRIENDS of Israel Speak

Extraordinary Mensch & Brother to all Jews & Israel, Congressman Allen West (Republican), a member of the Defense Committee in the U.S. Congress in Washington, expressing his support for Israel & telling viewers to re-elect Danny Danon, a HERO, for a STRONG & Unapologetic Eretz Israel!

Lets continue with some of the measures Israel is taking to taking to protect her people!

Terrorists BEWARE!

The VIDEO of the 1st interception of the “Magic Wand”

This is the first systematic experiment of the “Magic Wand”, developed for the Defense Department – by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and the American Rit’eon company. Experimental trials, which were recently held in the Negev, proved VERY successful!

The “Magic Wand” is intended to provide the State of Israel another layer of protection against short-range & medium missiles, further thickening the layer of of the “Dome” protecting the lives of ALL citizen’s & visitor’s within the State of Israel against missile and rocket threats.

Insert Curious citizens overlook Iron Dome defense system Battery outside Tel 

Now, after ALL OF THIS, we ask you, dear readers & supporters; Is it ANY, bloody wonder, that Ariel Sharon’s, brave IDF Reservist son, Gilad Sharon, said what he said about Hamas controlled Gaza?

IsraeliIDF would like to submit Sharon to be given a Nobel Peace Prize for his words ALONE!

A TRUE Israeli and/or Jew, is a PATRIOT who DEFENDS Israel, no matter the COST!

An exceptional Op-Ed by Charles Krauthammer

Why was there war in Gaza?

Israel has once again succeeded in defending itself. But, yet again, only until the next round, which, as the night follows the day, will come.


WASHINGTON – Why was there an Israel-Gaza war in the first place?

Resistance to the “occupation” say Hamas & many in the international media.

What “occupation”?

Seven years ago, in front of the world, Israel pulled out of Gaza. It dismantled every settlement, withdrew every soldier, evacuated every Jew, leaving nothing and no one behind. Except for the greenhouses in which the settlers had grown fruit and flowers for export. These were left intact to help Gaza’s economy – only to be trashed when the Palestinians took over.

Israel then declared its border with Gaza to be an international frontier, meaning that it renounced any claim to the territory and considered it an independent entity.

In effect, Israel had created the first Palestinian state ever, something never granted by fellow Muslims – neither the Ottoman Turks nor the Egyptians who brutally occupied Gaza for two decades before being driven out by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War.

Israel wanted nothing more than to live in peace with this independent Palestinian entity.

After all, the world had incessantly demanded that Israel give up land for peace.

It gave the land. It got no peace.

The Gaza Palestinians did not reciprocate.

They voted in Hamas, who then took over in a military putsch and turned their newly freed Palestine into an armed camp from which to war against Israel. It has been war ever since.

Interrupted by the occasional truce, to be sure. But for Hamas a truce – hudnais simply a tactic for building strength for the next round. It is never meant to be enduring, never meant to offer peace.

But why, given that there is no occupation of Gaza anymore?

Because Hamas considers all of Israel occupied, illegitimate, a cancer, a crime against humanity, to quote the leaders of Iran, Hamas’ chief patron and arms supplier.

Hamas’ objective, openly declared, is to “liberate” – i.e. destroy – Tel Aviv and the rest of pre-1967 Israel. Indeed, it is Hamas’ raison d’être.

Hamas first killed Jews with campaigns of suicide bombings. After Israel built a nearly impenetrable fence, it went to rockets fired indiscriminately at civilians in populated areas.

What did Hamas hope to gain from this latest round of fighting, which it started with a barrage of about 150 rockets into Israel? To formally translate Hamas’ recent strategic gains into a new, more favourable status quo with Israel.

It works like this: Hamas’ new strength comes from two sources.

First, its new rocketry, especially the Fajr-5, smuggled in from Iran, that can now reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, putting 50 percent of Israel’s population under its guns.

Second, Hamas has gained strategic strength from changes in the regional environment.

It has acquired the patronage and protection of important Middle Eastern states as a result of the Arab Spring and the Islamist reversal in Turkey.

For 60 years, non-Arab Turkey had been a reliable ally of Israel. The vicious turnaround instituted by its Islamist prime minister, Recep Erdogan, reached its apogee on Monday when he called Israel a terrorist state.

Egypt is now run by Hamas’ own mother organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is simply the Palestinian wing.

And the emir of Qatar recently visited Gaza, leaving behind a promise of a cool $400 million.

Hamas’ objective was to guarantee no further attacks on its leaders or on its weaponry, launch sites and other terror and rocket infrastructure. And the lifting of Israel’s military blockade, which would allow a flood of new and even more deadly weapons. In other words, immunity and inviolability during which time Hamas could build unmolested its arsenal of missiles – until it is ready to restart the war on more favourable terms.

Yet another hudna, this one brokered and guaranteed by Egypt and Turkey, regional powers Israel has to be careful not to offend.

A respite for rebuilding, until Hamas’ Gaza becomes Hezbollah South, counterpart to the terror group to Israel’s north, with 50,000 Iranian- and Syrian-supplied rockets that effectively deter any Israeli pre-emptive attack.

With the declaration of a cease-fire on November 21, Israel seems to have successfully resisted these demands, although there may be some cosmetic changes to the embargo. Which means that in any future fighting, Israel will retain the upper hand.

Israel has once again succeeded in defending itself.

But, yet again, only until the next round, which, as the night follows the day, will come.

Hamas will see to that.

And now a laugh, otherwise, we’ll leave you in TEARS & we’ll retire a basket-case!

The Miracle of ISRAEL – THIS IS THE REAL Zionist Israeli Spirit – Thank G_D for Israel!

When we are asked what makes us significantly different from our distant relatives that ARE Palestinians, my answer is:

We Jews, love LIFE MORE than they LOVE DEATH & we ALWAYS HAVE for thousands of years & we ALWAYS WILL!

VOTE NO on ANYTHING Palestinian related at the United Nations, otherwise, you are endorsing PURE TERRORISM! 

France, England & other SHAMEFUL EU States, we will be WATCHING how you VOTE tomorrow! 

What kind of message would a YES vote on Palestine send to lawful UN member States, who do EVERYTHING within their power, to TRY & STOP the ongoing assault against ALL of humanity, by combatting the homicidal, global, human genocide, that is TERROR of ANY KIND!

Sadly, the UN itself, is the SINGLE greatest slanderer & offender of Israel, besides the Arab nations hellbent on destroying Israel, in it’s modern history – So we are once again, fearing the WORST, like we do each YEAR!

Keeping Em’ Honest – When you hear Israel & UN in the same sentence, come speak to US for clarification on the TRUTH

How will YOU explain to the WORLDS children, generations to come, that YOU voted in favour of jeopardizing each & every one of us, by condoning TERROR & MAYHEM?

Yesterday & Today, almost EVERY nation in the world said “We do NOT negotiate with terrorists” but Tomorrow, we hand them Statehood on a Silverplatter?

Palestine: JustVOTE NO!

We would like to thank, in no particular order,, JihadWatch.Org & PLUS all the providers of our source videos

You ALLOW to broadcast the TRUTH to the people that need it most!

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Leave us your comments below, we greatly appreciate hearing from each & every one of you!

Don’t forget; Knowledge is POWER! So Share, Share & Share some more!

Hasbara = Hebrew 4 Explanation

Hello everyone, in the current conflict against the Islamofascist menace that is Hamas, Israel is depicted as evil and terrible. Here are some links to rectify this perception.

שלום רב לכולם – עם המלחמה העכשיווית עם האויב המוסלמי-פשיסטי, מדינת ישראל מתוארת כמדינה רשעה ומפלצתית. הנה כמה קישורים חיונים שאם נפיץ אותם לרבים נכול לתקן את המצב הזה 

These links are in multiple languages-הלינקים האלו הם בשפות רבות- לא רק עברית ואנגלית

We are not alone in forecasting that if we do NOT stop the forces of Hamas & the “Palestinian Question” …

We WILL cause the freest democracy in our modern world, Israel, become DESTROYED …

Much like traitor to Jews & Israelis alike, Henry A. Kissinger is said to have predicted only a few short weeks ago!

As goes Israel, so goes the rest of the Free World & we are watching Israel, being destroyed RIGHT NOW! 

This digital encyclopaedia of MUST READ material, is essential to understanding how the world we care about deeply, is changing around us …

WHY & HOW this is happening, WHO the key players are, WHAT the EPIC dangers are to us all & WHAT we can do about it.

We are in a period of time that requires FULL DISCLOSURE @ ALL LEVELS 2 as MANY OF YOU, as possible. 

What you do with this knowledge, is you’re prerogative … 

What you do with this information is your prerogative  Our aim has & always will remain; Providing the world, the information it is STARVED of & desperately in need of …

Decisions MUST be made based on SOUND, CREDIBLE & VETTED information from as many sources as possible.

Why there are no bomb shelters in Gaza

Rockets fired from Gaza hours after ceasefire declared

Hamas thugs kill people for singing at a wedding

Hamas thugs drag body through streets – 2nd Source

A Palestinese Lexicon – The twisted language of phoney victimhood

Why Hamas “loves death” – and ceasefires!

Hamas denying Palestinians billions – Where is the MONEY going & 4 WHAT purpose?

How many millionaires live in the “impoverished” Gaza strip?

Hamas leader’s family treated in Israeli hospital

Hamas Covenant

Hamas Covenant – Selected Excerpts

What Gives Israel the Right to Defend Itself 

The Palestinian Wall of Lies 

The Palestinian Lie –  השקר הפלסטני 

What is truly going on in the Middle East?

Excellent source of Hasbara videos! 

Myths & Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Extensive resources on the conflict)


 Exposing both BBC & CNN lies

Middle Eastern media & extremist brainwashing translated



Fatah & Hamas media brainwashing exposed 

In depth analysis’s in Hebrew & English 

United Nations Hypocrisy & Lies Exposed




What I Saw During Operation Pillar of Defense

Four years ago, watching the coverage of Operation Cast Lead from the comfort of my dorm, I was a conflicted college student. As supportive as I was of Israel, I still found it painful any time I heard about civilian casualties in Gaza. What I saw portrayed in the media didn’t add up: on the one hand I knew that the IDF was engaged in careful efforts to prevent civilian casualties, despite Hamas‘s strategy of fighting from amongst its own civilian population. Yet the media made it seem like the IDF was actively targeting civilians.

Back then, I understood Israel’s efforts at protecting civilians as a something akin to a talking point — I had no personal involvement in the conflict. Yet I had no idea how true it isuntil I myself participated in last week’s Operation “Pillar of Defense” as an officer in the IDF.

When I moved to Israel and enlisted, I joined a unit called the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), which is devoted to civilian and humanitarian issues. 

As an International Liaison Officer in the Gaza office, my job primarily entails coordinating transfers of goods, aid, and delegations into Gaza. I work closely with representatives of the international community, and although our perspectives may differ, we maintain relationships of mutual respect born of a common goal; I am here to help them succeed in their work improving the quality of life in Gaza.

While the day-to-day work is challenging in Gaza, I learned over the past ten days that the true test comes with crisis. At exactly the point where most militaries would use the heat of war to throw out the rulebook, we worked harder than ever to provide assistance wherever and whenever possible. 

The eight days of Operation “Pillar of Defense” have been some of the hardest I have ever known physically and emotionally. The college student from Arizona would never have thought it possible to work 20 hours a day, fueled only by adrenaline and longing for just an hour of sleep on a shelter floor — wearing the same filthy uniform because changing, much less showering, wouldn’t allow me to get to a shelter in time when the next rocket barrage hit. And no, wearing the green uniform does not mean that you aren’t afraid when the sirens sound.

Had you told me four years ago that there were IDF officers who stayed up all night under a hail of rockets, brainstorming ways to import medical supplies and food to the people of Gaza, I am not sure I would have believed you. But I can tell you it is true because I did it every night. 

What amazed me the most was the singular sense of purpose that drove everyone from the base commander to the lowest ranking soldier. We were all focused completely on our mission: to help our forces accomplish their goals without causing unnecessary harm to civilian lives or infrastructure. 

It is harder to explain the emotional roller-coaster — how proud and relieved I felt every time a truck I coordinated entered Gaza, and how enraging it was when we had to shut down the crossing into Gaza after Hamas repeatedly targeted it. Or how invigorating it was help evacuate two injured Palestinians from the border area, only to be informed minutes later that a terrorist had detonated a bomb on a bus near my apartment in Tel Aviv.

So after all that I see and do, nothing frustrates me more than the numbers game that is played in the media. The world talks about “disproportionate” numbers of casualties as the measure of what is right and wrong — as if not enough Israelis were killed by Hamas for the IDF to have the right to protect its own civilians from endless rocket attacks.

In my position, I see the surgical airstrikes, and spend many hours with the UN, ICRC, and NGO officers reviewing maps to help identify, and avoid, striking civilian sites. One of our pilots who saw a rocket aimed at Israel aborted his mission when he saw children nearby — putting his own civilians at risk to save Gazans. At the end of the day, what these “disproportionate numbers” show is how we in Israel protect our children with elaborate shelters and missile defense systems, whereas the terror groups in Gaza hide behind theirs, using them as human shields in order to win a cynical media war.

What’s really behind the headlines and that picture on the front page? Every day, I coordinate goods with a young Gazan woman who works for an international aid organization. Last month we forged a bond when we had to run for cover together when Hamas targeted Kerem Shalom Crossing — attacking the very aid provided to its own people. During the eight days of Operation “Pillar of Defense”, not one passed without a phone call, just to check in. “Are you ok?” I would ask. “I heard they fired at your base. Please stay safe”, she would reply. And every night I made her promise to call me if she needed anything. These are the things that the media fails to show the world, just as they underplay how Hamas deliberately endangers civilians on both sides of the border — by firing indiscriminately at Israel from Gaza neighborhoods.

Maybe stories such as these make for less exciting headlines, but if they received more attention there would perhaps be more moral clarity, and thus more peace in the Middle East.

2nd Lt. Nira Lee is an Arizona native. She moved to Israel in 2010 and has been serving in the IDF for the past two years. She works as a liaison officer to international organizations out of the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration

via Articles: What I Saw During Operation Pillar of Defense.

SPECIAL Exposé – Operation Amud Annan contra Homicidal Hamas Gaza Strip – What U MUST know about Operation Pillar of Defense!

Everyone’s FAVOURITE terrorists have proven, this time like no OTHER…


What did Israel do to try & end the barrage of rockets & terror raining down on Israel?

This was the view from the ground, after the top terrorist of Hamas was eliminated

Why was he killed? For his love of spilling Jewish blood, as seen in the picture below

Hamas does MISERY & DEATH real well, especially when their sights are set on their own Gazan Palestinians, as you will discover IF you WATCH & READ this Exposé in its entirety!

We have been capturing the Left, Center & Right political views, from across the Globe for this special report.

After days, weeks, months, YEARS … full-on psychopaths Hamas & its equally homicidal Islamic Jihadi have been bombarding Southern Israel, with the intent to “KILL AS MANY JEWS AS POSSIBLE” (The more innocent, the more Hamas gets its rocks off). When not killing the JEW, Hamas is busy playing Judge, Jury AND EXECUTIONER in one, taking the lives of Palestinians, at will, in a Justice System, Human Rights Watch said “smacks of injustice”.

Why is Hamas playing all 3 roles at once? Because it saves on COSTS they tell us!

So that leaves us wondering how such actions, could help us here in the West! Consider the cost advantages … imagine if we, the infidels, in the NON- Sharia, NON-Ummah, REAL WORLD  could catch, interrogate & pass judgment upon our local infidels & have them neatly slaughtered to bits within about 45 Minutes, 60 minutes TOPS (if pesky NGO’s such as Human Rights Watch) are not holding Hamas up with DISTURBING TRUTHY questions! Hamas hates being asked questions of any kind, when like 40 infidel arm’s, leg’s & finger’s could have been chopped off, in the same time period, for picking your nose! After that, you are mercifully put out of your misery, because being Disabled is a Capital Offense in Hamas-Land too!

As Bibi said, a MESSAGE was sent, but was it received?!

Not really, because since BiBi’s words, even more rockets have rained down on Israel, for the first time in decades onto Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

And this is a video of a rocket smashing into my brother’s city of residence, Ashdod

Then there is Kiryat Malachi, where 3 Israelis were brutally murdered by Hamas rockets!

IsraeliIDF says ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Enough have paid with their lives for this day to arrive!

Pallywood is back in action, working closely with the BBC (Biased Broadcasting Corporation) as seen below

So what kicked all this off?

Well, Finally … in our humble view … following YEARS of Israeli patience, with rockets showering down on them DAILY, Israel has finally had enough! And who can blame them? No other nation on the face of the planet has stood by idol as rockets smashing into their nation! That is an Act of War everywhere & Israel is NO exception!

So what is Hamas doing?

The usual! Lying through their TEETH!

How does Hamas get it’s weapons?

What’s the GREATEST threat from Hamas right now?

Iranian made Fajr 5 rockets that have slipped in DESPITE the Blockade on Gaza, setup to PREVENT just this sort of thing!

Let’s let Hamas & radical extremist Palestinians speak for themselves in their OWN videos!

Isn’t Israel slaughtering innocent civilians?

NO! Israel is going OUT of her way to spare the lives of innocent Palestinian lives & here is the EVIDENCE!

Furthermore EACH strike has been surgical & the 500+ hits have ALL been to target HAMAS, not Palestinians

Fair warning to Gazans, who ELSE is this HUMANE, when FORCED to become inhumane, because of war?

These leaflets warn the residents of the Gaza Strip to stay away from Hamas, and other terror organizations’, operatives and facilities that pose a risk to their safety.

The leaflets stress that Hamas is dragging the region toward violence, and that the IDF is prepared to defend the residents of the State of Israel until quiet is restored to the region.

VIDEO of Warning leaflet dispersion over the Gaza Strip

The contents of the leaflet:

“Important announcement for the residents of the Gaza Strip:

For your own safety, take responsibility for yourselves and avoid being present in the vicinity of Hamas operatives and facilities and those of other terror organizations that pose a risk to your safety.

Hamas is once again dragging the region to violence and bloodshed. The IDF is determined to defend the residents of the State of Israel. This announcement is valid until quiet is restored to the region. Israel Defense Forces Command.”

What is it like living under Hamas Rockets for YEARS in Israel’s South? 

I know of NOT one Israeli, who is cheering Gazan’s being killed, by Hamas or as collateral DAMAGE, because of HAMAS!

This is how Iron Dome Works

BIG Briefing “Pillar of Defense”


For the third time in a month, the civilians of southern Israel are under rocket attack from the Gaza Strip. 

The current attacks began on Saturday night (Nov.10) when an anti-tank missile was fired at an army jeep traveling on the Israeli side of the border fence. Four IDF soldiers were injured. Since then, over 120 rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians.

The lives of 1million Israeli civilians are being threatened and daily life in southern Israel has been totally disrupted. 

The residents of communities near the Gaza border suffer constantly from rocket and mortar shell attacks. These attacks occur almost on a routine basis, as do escalations of other types of terrorist activities carried out by Hamas and the other terrorist organizations that operate under Hamas’ protection. 

The pauses between the waves of rocket attacks are shortening. In the past month, Israel has been subjected to three separate periods of escalation. Since the beginning of the year, more than 800 rockets and mortar shells have been fired at Israel, a record amount since the end of Operation Cast Lead (January 2009). This peak is similar to the attacks that occurred in 2007-8.

Main Messages:

• The goal of Israel’s operation is clearly defined and is aimed at removing a strategic threat to Israeli citizens. Israel is not interested in a deterioration of the situation.

• Israel has demonstrated great restrain for a long period but cannot stand for the recurring attacks on its citizens. No other state would accept a similar reality.

• Israel is acting in self-defense and out of its duty to protect its civilians from terrorist attacks.

• Hamas rules the Gaza Strip and is responsible for all that occurs in Gaza and all that is launched from there.

• It must be noted that Israel disengaged completely from the Gaza Strip in 2005. The result of Israel’s disengagement is that Gaza has become a giant ammunition dump. In addition, it provides a breeding ground for terrorist groups to organize and to operate, including groups associated with al-Qaeda and Global Jihad. All this under the rule, responsibility and sponsorship of Hamas. 

• Weapons smuggled from Libya, Iran and Sudan accelerated the process of Gaza turning into a terror base. These weapons also increased the danger posed to the Israeli population.

• Hamas and the other terrorist organizations hide among the civilian population of Gaza. They also deliberately direct their fire at the civilian population of Israel. These acts constitute a double war crime.

• The targets of the Israeli operation are all military. Israel will make every effort to prevent harm to the civilian population of Gaza, and regrets any injury to civilians.

• The border crossings from Israel to the Gaza Strip remain open, allowing for the routine passage of goods and humanitarian aid.

• The international community must act to stop the attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip and should not wait for an Israeli reaction to act. Time and again, Israel has warned that it would not tolerate these attacks.

What has happened today November 14th? 

• Following several days of Palestinian rocket fire from Gaza at Israeli towns, on 14 November Israel launched a military operation called ‘Pillar of Cloud,’ beginning with a series of targeted airstrikes against senior militant leaders and weapons facilities in the Gaza Strip. The first targeted was a top Hamas commander Ahmed al-Jabari.

• Other key Hamas militant leaders have also been targeted, reportedly including al-Jabari’s number two, Raed al-Atar, as well as Hamas’s longer range Fajr rockets.

• Key stats for November 10-13: 

o Rockets and mortars fired at Israel: 112 (causing 8 injuries)

o Israeli airstrikes into Gaza: 14 (causing 7 deaths and 26 injuries according to Palestinian reports)

o Iron Dome rocket interceptions: 6

International reaction

Canada Condemns Hamas and Stands with Israel

Close friend & Foreign Minister of Canada John Baird

November 14, 2012 – Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today issued the following statement:

“We fundamentally believe that Israel has the right to defend itself and its citizens from terrorist threats.

“Far too often, the Jewish people find themselves on the front lines in the struggle against terrorism, the great struggle of our generation. Just last weekend, more than 100 rockets rained down on civilians in southern Israel from positions in the Gaza Strip.

“Canada condemns the terrorist group Hamas and stands with Israel as it deals with regional threats to peace and security.”

US Congressman West Statement on Terrorist Attacks in Israel

(WASHINGTON) —- Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement concerning the ever increasing radical Islamist threat in Israel:

 “Yesterday’s bomb attack in Israel, and other recent attacks on the Israeli people, are a constant reminder of the radical Islamic terrorist organizations that pose an ever increasing threat to the State of Israel.

These terrorists have one sole objective; to destroy America’s key ally, Israel.  Americans must realize these terrorists also want the ultimate destruction of the United States. The United States needs to strengthen the security of Israel, because as we do, we strengthen our own security.

However, President Barack Obama and his administration have not focused on this series of recent incidents, which form a very concerning pattern for the future stability of the Middle East. The incidents include: two Iranian warships traversing the Suez Canal, the terrorist group that controls the Gaza Strip firing dozens of mortar shells into Israel, the Fogel family massacre-with the Islamic terrorist group the Al Quds Martyrs Brigade taking responsiblity, the confirmation of a high-ranking Egyptian military official visiting Syria, and now this devastating bus bombing in the heart of Jerusalem.

America must take a stand in showing these dangerous terrorists, as well as the rest of the world, that the United States will do whatever it takes to protect its most loyal and steadfast ally in the Middle East,  the democratic nation of Israel.

Unfortunately, the Obama Doctrine seems to be one in which we abandon our allies while emboldening our enemies. The United States cannot show weakness or expect that these organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah are willing to negotiate or compromise. President Obama must commit to providing Israel with the necessary resources to protect its borders and its sovereignty today, tomorrow, and in the future.”

US President Obama backs Israel

Obama speaks to Netanyahu, Morsi and reiterates US support for Israel’s right to self-defense; Ban Ki-moon discusses need to prevent further deterioration with two leaders

Leaders around the world are closely monitoring the conflictbetween the IDF and Gaza’s terrorist groups. While the US is standing by Israel‘s side, the majority of the world’s leaders called both sides to exercise restraint.

Leaders in the Arab world strongly condemned Israel for killing top Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari.

On Wednesday, US President Barack Obama spoke to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and reiterated US support for Israel’s right to self-defense in light of rocket attacks from Gaza, the White House said.

“The President urged Prime Minister Netanyahu to make every effort to avoid civilian casualties. The two agreed that Hamas needs to stop its attacks on Israel to allow the situation to de-escalate,” the statement said.

“The two leaders agreed to stay in close touch in the coming days. Earlier today, Vice President Biden received a briefing from Prime Minister Netanyahu on the events in Gaza,” the statement noted.

“The President also spoke with President Morsi given Egypt’s central role in preserving regional security. In their conversation, President Obama condemned the rocket fire from Gaza into Israel and reiterated Israel’s right to self-defense,” it said.

Germany condemns Hamas & supports Israel

Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday called on Cairo to use its influence on Hamas to ease tensions in the Gaza Strip as Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil visited the violence-wracked area.

“The federal chancellor calls on the Egyptian government to use its influence on Hamas to push it towards a moderation of the violence,” Merkel’s deputy spokesman Georg Streiter told a regular government news conference.

Streiter added that Merkel was following the escalation of the unrest in the Middle East “with great concern” and stressed: “It is Hamas in Gaza that is responsible for the outbreak of the violence.”

“There is no justification for firing rockets on Israel which are causing massive suffering to the Israeli population,” Streiter added.

Merkel wants an “immediate” stop to the rocket fire, the official said.

“The Israeli government has the right and the duty to protect its population in an appropriate way.”

Timeline that lead to Gaza escalation

October 23
An IDF officer is critically wounded by an explosive device while on patrol near the Gaza border fence. PFLP takes responsibility.

November 6
An explosion along the Gaza border fence injures three IDF soldiers. Palestinians later fire a Kassam rocket into southern Israel. The same day, Palestinians detonate a massive tunnelalong the border, causing no injuries but knocking an IDF jeep sideways.

November 8
In a firefight with Palestinians, apparent IDF fire kills a 13-year-old Palestinian boy. Palestinian mortar shells lightly injure an IDF soldier along the border later in the day.

November 9
Palestinians fire an anti-tank missile at an IDF jeep on patrol along the Gaza border, wounding four soldiers. Immediately afterwards, IDF tanks return fire into Gaza, killing five Palestinians and wounding at least 25. Palestinians later fire a number of Kassam rockets into southern Israel.

November 10-12

Palestinian terror groups fire upwards of 100 rockets and mortars into southern Israel. Islamic Jihad and a Salafi Jihadist group claim responsibility for a majority of the rockets. At least eight in the attacks.

November 13

An apparent cease-fire is mediated between Israel and Hamas, with both sides conditioning their silence on the other side’s halting attacks. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warns of future strikes, saying “I am responsible for choosing the right time to exact the highest possible price – and so it will be.”

November 14

Four rockets hit southern Israel in the morning; the IDF says it is looking into the possibility the rockets were fired from Sinai.

Late Wednesday, the IAF assassinates Ahmed Jabari, head of Hamas’s armed wing, the Izzadin Kassam Brigades in the central strip. The IAF hits an additional 20 targets throughout Gaza, mostly targeting long-range rocket storage sites and reportedly assassinating a regional Hamas commander.

Profile of a terrorist: Ahmed Jabari

Ahmed Said Khalil Jabari was the most-senior Hamas official to be killed by Israel since Operation Cast Lead four years ago. 

Jabari, officially the second in command of Hamas’s Izzadin Kassam Brigades, but its de facto leader, has long been at the top of Israel’s most wanted list.He has been credited with making the terrorist group’s military wing increasingly more professional.

It was Jabari who personally oversaw the kidnapping and imprisonment of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Schalit.

A shadowy figure who deliberately kept a low profile and rarely made public appearances, such was his involvement in the Schalit kidnapping that he allowed himself to be photographed last October as he escorted the IDF soldier to Gaza’s Rafah Crossing on the day of his release last year.

After Schalit’s release, Jabari said Hamas planned to kidnap more Israeli soldiers and officers, to use them as bargaining chips for the release of Palestinian prisoners.

The Hamas military-wing leader even boasted to the Al- Hayat al-Ayoun newspaper that most of the terrorists released in the first wave of the deal to free Schalit had been collectively responsible for murdering 569 Israeli civilians.

The senior Hamas member, who was born in 1960 in Gaza City’s Shujaiyya district, started out as a member of rival movement Fatah.

In 1982, sometime after Jabari graduated from university, the Israeli authorities arrested him and sentenced him to a 13-year jail term for planning terrorist attacks.

While in prison, Jabari met several Hamas members, including the terror group’s cofounder Abdel Aziz Rantissi.

By the time he left prison in 1995, Jabari had abandoned Fatah to join Hamas, becoming involved in the terror group’s military activities in the Gaza Strip.

Three years later, in 1998, the Palestinian Authority arrested Jabari for his involvement in Hamas’s military activities in Gaza. When Jabari was released in 1999, he resumed those activities.

Jabari’s rise through the ranks of Hamas is evident from the fact that by 2002, when the leader of Hamas’s military wing, Muhammad Deif, was injured in an air strike, it was Jabari who was chosen to take over as operational leader.

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The REAL Barack Hussein Obama


Obama: Failure are thy!

Complete List of Obama’s Scandals, Blunders, Flip Flops & Misdeeds

barack obama list failure

It’s hard to think of a president that has been more of an Epic Failure than President Obama. Even Carter is glad this guy came along, so at least he knows he is no longer the worst president ever.

Here is just a short list of Obama’s Failures:

  1. Hawaii is in Asia

  2. Passing on the keystone pipeline.

  3. Touts a Green Energy Company as exemplary that fails a year later.

  4. Using the Gulf Oil Spill to promote Green Energy – instead of cleaning it up.

  5. Thinking the Tea Party is a passing fad – or that they are racists.

  6. Pulling out of Iraq with no clear victory over insurgent forces.

  7. Trying to re-write history through speeches – with inaccurate information (i.e. Statue of Liberty)

  8. Getting a Nobel Prize for being the most ineffective President in the history of the United States, though some say it was for his pigment.

  9. Putting all legislation on the Internet for five days before it comes to a vote.

  10. Returning the bust of Churchill to the Brits.

  11. Giving a collection of DVDs to the British PM.

  12. Denying the notion of American Exceptionalism.

  13. Promising to close Gitmo — failing to do so.

  14. Securing the Olympics for Chicago in 2016.

  15. Naming numerous Communists/Socialists/Progressives to his various Czar positions & then watching them scurry for cover when Beck begins to call them out, forcing them to resign.

  16. Government races for NJ, VA & the Senate Seat in Mass.

  17. The midterm elections, which Obama himself called a shellacking.

  18. Prediction that stimulus would ensure that unemployment doesn’t exceed 8%.

  19. Bowing to just about everybody.

  20. Proposing amnesty for illegal aliens to increase the population of voters for Democrat elections.

  21. He said, I have visited 57 states. Now there is just 1 left to visit.

  22. Obama to Medvedev…give me space I will have more flexibility after my election.

But why stop there! Let’s continue on the Osama Road 2 Destruction!

• $6 trillion in new national debt under Obama…after he promised to decrease the deficit.

• Obamacare — A massive & incredibly convoluted bill which exponentially increases the federal government’s control over our personal lives…which neither Obama nor a single Democrat even read before passing & which will likely bankrupt the nation.

• In both the 2008 & 2012 presidential elections, the Obama campaign purposely disabled the credit card verification system for its Web site donations, allowing anyone from any foreign country to donate with no limit & no proof of identity; in both elections it was demonstrated that people overseas & people with obviously false identities were able to donate to Obama campaign, in direct violation of several laws. To this day it is not known what percentage of Obama’s campaign funds are illegally obtained, since there is no documentation.

• Billions of taxpayer dollars gambled on “green” companies like Solyndra, NextEra, Ener1, Solar Trust & many others — all of which went bankrupt.

• An intentional refusal to enforce federal immigration laws.

• Unemployment at or above 8% for almost his entire term in office (which was actually closer to 15% actual unemployment).

• Operation Fast & Furious — a government-sponsored illegal gun-running scheme designed to purposely go awry so as to induce public outcry for gun control.

• Spent 20 years listening to a racist anti-American pastor (Rev. Jeremiah Wright), whom Obama desribed as a mentor. On March 18, 2008, Obama gave a speech in which he said “I could no more disown Jeremiah Wright than I could disown my own grandmother” & “[Wright’s church, Trinity United] embodies the black community in its entirety”. Now Obama tries to pretend that Jeremiah Wright doesn’t exist & that his extremist anti-white philosophy didn’t influence Obama’s worldview.

• Increased the percentage of Americans dependent on food stamps to unprecedented levels (now over 15% of the nation’s population).

• Before he entered politics, Obama worked as a lawyer suing banks in landmark cases, forcing them to give home loans to unqualified minority borrowers — a practice now understood as one of the primary initial causes of the eventual housing bubble & market collapse.

• Handed out over 1,200 waivers to politically connected donors exempting them from the onerous requirements of Obamacare.

• Greatly expanding the number of unaccountable “czars” which essentially amounts to unilaterally adding new federal departments with no congressional oversight — leading to a true “bureaucracy” in the original sense (rule by unelected bureaucrats).

• Using taxpayer dollars to bail out the private pension funds of autoworkers’ unions at GM & Chrysler.

• Illegally ending the welfare-to-work requirements passed by Congress.

• Doling out $800 billion in stimulus cash for “shovel-ready” jobs that didn’t exist — the money just evaporated with no measurable economic benefit.

• Alienating & isolating Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East.

• Apologizing to Islamists & terrorists for offending them.

• Under Obama’s watch, for the first time in history America’s credit rating was downgraded, due to his poor economic policies.

• Stopped American oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, allowing other nations with worse environmental records to drill instead — thereby managing to both weaken our economy & damage the environment simultaneously.

• Proposed in 2008 to intentionally bankrupt the coal industry — now he lies to voters & workers in coal-producing regions about his true intent.

• Pretends to be concerned about skyrocketing energy prices, when in fact he vowed to increase them on purpose (so as to make alternative energy schemes more competitive).

• In a primary debate against Hillary Clinton in 2008, Obama said he would never force people to buy health insurance, since those without it couldn’t afford to buy it. Less than two years later, he rammed through Obamacare, which does indeed force people to buy health insurance.

• During the 2008 campaign, Obama repeatedly promised that if he was elected “No family making less than $250,000 will see any form of tax increase”. This promise was broken over & over again once he was elected.

• In 2008 Obama vowed if elected to increase security along the U.S.-Mexican border — then in 2010 stopped construction of a “virtual fence” on the border & re-routed money earmarked for border security to other projects.

• Cash for Clunkers, which doled out taxpayer money to anyone who wanted to replace their old cars, but which mostly only ended up subsidizing the puchase of foreign-made cars by people who could have afforded them on their own anyway; meanwhile, the traded-in cars were all destroyed, creating a shortage & thereby increasing the cost of used cars, hurting the pocketbooks of poor people.

• Violated the U.S. Constitution by authorizing assassinations & drone strikes to kill American citizens abroad — without due process.

• Was caught on a “hot mike” promising the President of Russia that he would cave in to their demands for a weaker missile shield — after he was re-elected & no longer had to keep up the pretense that he sought to defend America.

• Soon after taking office, Obama rescinded the “Mexico City Policy” which previously had banned NGOs which are supported by American taxpayer funds from using those funds to perform abortions in foreign countries.

• Appointed Van Jones, a former avowed communist who supported a “9/11 Truth” petition, to be “Green Jobs Czar”.

• Appointed Anita Dunn, who said Chairman Mao was her “favorite philosopher” to be White House Communications Director.

• Appointed John Holdren, who perviously entertained the notion of forced mass sterilization to stop overpopulation, to be Science Czar.

• Appointed Steven Chu, who openly advocated an artificial increase in gasoline prices to $10/gallon (and similar increases in other energy prices) to be Secretary of Energy.

• Appointed Kevin Jennings, who led a group that promoted X-rated “sex-positive” textbooks for 13-year-olds, instructed teenagers at a conference how to perform “fisting” (anal penetration by fists), who refused to report instances of statutory rape & who expressed admiration for a member of NAMBLA, to be America’s “Safe School’s Czar”.

• When states voted to enforce the federal immigration laws which the federal government refused to enforced, Obama sued to stop them.

• Blocked continued construction of the Keystone Pipeline, thereby intentionally reducing energy resources for the US & forcing Canada to sell more of its oil to China.

• Repeatedly changed his position on gay marriage over the years, depending on what was politically expedient at the moment & which intended audience he was addressing.

• Before he was president, Obama staunchly opposed raising the national debt limit — but once elected, he insisted that it be raised.

• When giving a 2009 speech in France that he hoped & assumed Americans would never hear, he described the United States as “arrogant” and “dismissive”.

• When states tied to stop election fraud with voter ID laws, Obama sued to prevent them from doing so.

• Instructed Attorney General Eric Holder to stonewall any investigation into the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers.

• Promised in 2008 that once elected he would officially recognize the Armenian Genocide; but to this date he has still failed to do so, caving in to threats & pressure from Turkey.

• Vowed to end the influence of lobbyists in Washington, but under Obama’s watch their influence has only increased.

• When he was first running for President, Obama promised, “I will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days”. Needless to say, he has broken that promise with almost every bill he has signed since.

• Aided & abetted the “Arab Spring” which deposed existing secular governments across North Africa, leading to a regional power vacuum which was filled by Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood & other hardline Islamists.

• Refused to provide assistance or support the the earlier secular Iranian democracy uprising, allowing them to be crushed by the Islamic fundamentalist Iranian regime.

• In his first months in office, Obama bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, the president of China, the Emperor of Japan & President of Mexico, among others.

• Ordered NASA to make one of its top priorities not space exploration or scientific research but “Muslim outreach”.

• Used Obamacare as a pretext to greatly increase the size & power of the IRS (which was given 16,000 new agents & additional mandates to penalize taxpayers for noncompliance).

• Used the IRS to harass conservative businesses.

• In the GM bailout, he illegally shortchanged investors who according to bankruptcy laws were first in line to be recompensed; instead, he gave their share to the unions.

• Shut down oil drilling in the US, but then turned around & lent $2 billion to Brazil to support their government-controlled oil-drilling effort — then promised the US would become one of Brazil’s biggest oil customers.

• Sued Boeing in an effort to control where businesses could locate, kowtow to the unions & block the creation of 1,000 jobs in South Carolina, a right-to-work (i.e. no forced unionization) state.

• Adopted a longstanding Socialist political slogan “Forward!” as his 2012 campaign motto.

• Sent insulting form letters to the familes of dead SEALs.

• Neither disavowed nor distanced himself from anti-Romney campaign ads which threatened or implied vilence against Republicans.

• Shortly after the recent eruption of anti-American violence in North Africa, Obama went to Las Vegas to do his debate preparation in a hotel…with a romanticized North Africa theme.

• Said in an interview that the Muslim call to prayer was “the most beautiful sound in the world”.

• Union boss & far-left activist Andy Stern has visitied Obama in the White House at least 53 times, at last count — greater access than any other private citizen.

• Hosted at the White House many Islamist members of groups associated with Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.

• Sponsored performances by & attended fundraisers with radical rappers like Michael Franti & Common, both of whose lyrics have in some cases been anti-police, anti-white & anti-America.

• Hired Timothy Geithner, who is documented as cheating on his own personal taxes, to be Secretary of the Treasury.

• Told Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher that it was good to “spread the wealth around”.

• Told small business owners nationwide in a 2012 speech that “you didn’t build that” — implying that they should not claim credit for their own success, since taxpayers (i.e. themselves & other business owners) had funded the national infrastructure.

• Insulted the British people by rudely returning to them a bust of Churchill which previously had been a ceremonial gift on display at the White House; when later confronted on this inexplicable action, he lied about it.

• Canceled plans to complete a missile defense shield in Poland, a move which was highly praised by Russia & Iran — the very nations whose missile threats would have been neutralized if the shield had been completed.

• By loudly publicizing (for personal political gain) the identity of exact SEAL teams who had killed Osama bin Laden, Obama made them a target for reprisals by Islamists; a short time later 22 SEALS were shot down and killed in Afghanistan, their worst loss of life ever.

• Established an extra-Constitutional top secret “kill list” of people (including Americans) Obama claims the right to kill on sight & then bragged about it publicly.

• Set up a special email account “” to which Americans were supposed to inform the government of anyone they heard spreading “disinformation” about Obama’s health care overhaul. (This was the first of three different “spy on your friends & neighbors” programs.)

• “Attack Watch” was Obama’s second Big Brother attempt, a Web site on which you would report “attacks” on Obama’s proposals & ideology; it was quickly shut down due to outrage & mockery.

• Finally, Obama set up the “Truth Team” program which encouraged citizens to report to the government any friends or relatives they hear repeating “lies” about Obama. The Truth Team site still exists. (To be SURE IsraeliIDF googled the Truth Team to REPORT OURSELVES for speaking the TRUTH on Barack Hussein Osama!)

• Twisted the arms of defense contractors to not issue layoff notices in early November, so as to avoid causing bad news for Obama right before the election — even though federal law (the “WARN Act”) requires such notices.

• After the attacks on American interests in North Africa on September 11, 2012, Obama gave a speech to the U.N. & declared “The future must not belong to those who slander The Prophet of Islam” — transferring the blame from the attackers onto the makers of a film trailer that supposedly “offended” the Islamists.

• Repeatedly snubbed & got into public tiffs with Benjamin Netanyahu, who as the leader of Israel is supposed to be Obama’s closest colleague in international affairs.

• On May 19, 2011, Obama told Israel they must return to the 1967 borders as a pre-condition for continuing talks with the Palestinians — even though the status of the borders was the main issue the talks were supposed to address.

• Encouraged politically biased hiring practices in the Justice Department.

• Attempted to force returning veterans to pay huge increases for their health coverage…as a way to generate more funding for his Obamacare provisions.

• In June of 2011, he annointed his own underage daughters as “senior staff members” so that their vacation to Africa would be paid for with taxpayer money.

• Interviews with high school classmates revealed that Obama was a heavy & frequent user of marijuana in his teenage years (not to mention his self-admitted cocaine use in college).

• Played over 100 rounds of golf during his first three years in office, meaning that he was on the links close to 10% of the days he has been president.

• Voted to allow partial-birth abortions not just once but three times in a row as an Illinois state senator.

• The pastor whom Obama selected to give the national benediction at his 2009 inauguration recently declared that “all white people are going to Hell”.

• Sided with Hugo Chavez & the Castro regime regarding the Honduran Constitutional Crisis of 2009, the first time ever that the U.S. formed a political alliance with socialist governments in Latin America.

• Obama Administration OKed the nomination of Chas Freeman to chair the National Intelligence Council (which coordinates intelligence reports from all government agencies) despite the fact that he was openly hostile to Israel & strongly favored Arabist goals. (He later withdrew under pressure.)

• Chinese pianist Lang Lang played an offensively anti-American song at a 2011 White House dinner where Obama hosted Chinese president Hu Jintau, to the delight and amazement of the communist Chinese visitors, while Obama just sat there & smiled (the song’s Chinese lyrics describe Americans as “warmongering jackals”).

• There was a great deal of (still unverified) suspicion that the company LightSquared received favorable treatment from the Obama administration for approval of its broadband technology which interfered with the GPS system; an Air Force general claimed he was pressured by the Obama administration to downplay his criticism of LightSquared’s technology in sworn testimony.

• Obama’s Department of Energy awarded $529 million to Fisker Automotive to build their Karma hybrid electric cars — even though they are manufactured in Finland, cost over $100,000 each & tend to explode.

• When Inspector General Gerald Walpin discovered during a 2009 investigation that one of Obama’s political allies (the mayor of Sacramento) was misusing government funds for personal gain, Obama unceremoniously fired Walpin — even though rooting out fraud was the job description of the Inspector General.

• More than once Obama made so-called “recess appointments” when the Senate was not actually in recess, which directly violates Constitutional rules about how appointments must be made; in each case it was his way of getting his political allies into certain key positions without them being vetted or approved by the Senate, as required.

• After Nidal Malik Hasan massacred 13 people at Fort Hood while shouting “Allahu Ackbar” so as to become a martyr for Islam, the Obama administration refused to classify his action as “terrorism” & instead deemed it merely “workplace violence”.

• Despite the fact that the Falklands Islands have been part of Great Britain since 1833 & that Great Britain is supposed to be our strongest ally, Obama essentially sided with Argentina in its new claim on the Falklands, not only by adopting the Argentine position that their status is open to negotiation, but even by (attempting to) refer to the islands by their Spanish name (Malvinas).

• Convened the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility & Reform (a.k.a. the Simpson-Boyles commission) in order to address a major economic crisis…and then summarily dismissed & ignored their recommendations.

• Criticized the Supreme Court’s legal reasoning (about the Citizen’s United decision) during a State of the Union address, which many considered a dangerous precedent as it appeared to place political pressure on the court, violating the Constitution’s separation of powers; but his bullying seems to have later paid off, when the Supreme Court apparently altered its Obamacare decision to as to not ruffle any political feathers.

• On April 27, 2009, Obama’s staff (possibly at his direction) ordered Air Force One to make an unnecessary very low flight over part of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, which many residents mistakenly assumed must be a second 9/11 attack in process; turned out that it was just a stunt to get a photo op of Obama’s plane next to the Statue of Liberty.

• Obama somehow managed to insert mentions of himself into the official biographies of earlier presidents on the White House Web site — even presidents from the 19th century. After public outcry, the narcissistic Obama mentions were quietly removed without comment.

• Invariably & intentionally misquotes the Declaration of Independence in speeches, leaving out the words “by our Creator” in the famous passage “…are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” which Obama always recites as “…are endowed with certain unalienable rights”.

Obama’s Flip Flops or as KimberleyA. Strassel from WSJ puts it…Obamnesia:

“I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer universal health care program”—Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama, June 2003.

“I have not said that I was a single-payer supporter”—President Obama, August 2009.

“Leadership means that the buck stops here. . . . I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit”—Sen. Barack Obama, March 2006.

“It is not acceptable for us not to raise the debt ceiling & to allow the U.S. government to default”—President Obama, July 2011.

“I favor legalizing same-sex marriages & would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages”—Obama questionnaire response, 1996, while running for Illinois state Senate.

“I believe marriage is between a man & a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage”—Sen. Obama, November 2008, while running for president.

“It is important for me to go ahead & affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married”—President Obama, May 2012.

“We have an idea for the trigger. . . . Sequestration”—Obama Office of Management & Budget Director Jack Lew in 2011, as reported in Bob Woodward’s “The Price of Politics.”

“First of all, the sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed”—President Obama, October 2012.

“If I am the Democratic nominee, I will aggressively pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve a publicly financed general election”—Sen. Obama, 2007.

“We’ve made the decision not to participate in the public financing system for the general election”—Sen. Obama, June 2008.

“I will never question the patriotism of others in this campaign”—Sen. Obama, June 2008.

“The way Bush has done it over the last eight years is . . . [he] added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. . . . That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic”—Sen. Obama, July 2008.

“I don’t remember what the number was precisely. . . . We don’t have to worry about it short term”—President Obama, September 2012, on the debt figure when he took office ($10 trillion) & whether to worry about today’s $16 trillion figure.

“[Sen. Hillary Clinton believes] that . . . if the government does not force taxpayers to buy health care, that we will penalize them in some fashion. I disagree with that”—Sen. Obama, Jan 2008, opposing the individual mandate for health insurance.

“I’m open to a system where every American bears responsibility for owning health insurance”—President Obama, June 2009, supporting the individual mandate.

“Instead of celebrating your dynamic union & seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times when America has shown arrogance & been dismissive, even derisive”—President Obama, April 2009, in France.

“We have at times been disengaged & at times we sought to dictate our terms”—President Obama, April 2009, in Trinidad & Tobago.

“Nothing Governor Romney just said is true, starting with this notion of me apologizing”—Barack Obama, October 2012, on whether he went on a global apology tour.

“The problem with a spending freeze is you’re using a hatchet where you need a scalpel”—Sen. Obama, September 2008.

“Starting in 2011, we are prepared to freeze government spending for three years”—President Obama, January 2010.

“So if somebody wants to build a coal-fired plant, they can, it’s just that it will bankrupt them”—Sen. Obama, January 2008, on his plans to financially penalize coal plants.

“Now is the time to end this addiction & to understand that drilling is a stop-gap measure, not a long-term solution”—Sen. Obama, August 2008.

“Here’s what I’ve done since I’ve been president. We have increased oil production to the highest levels in 16 years. Natural gas production is the highest it’s been in decades. We have seen increases in coal production & coal employment”—President Obama, October 2012.

“If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition”—President Obama, 2009.

“We’ve got a long way to go but . . . we’ve come too far to turn back now. . . . And that’s why I’m running for a second term”—President Obama, October 2012.